Specifying Permissions for Schema (Data) Directories and Tables

Default File Permissions

By default MariaDB uses the following permissions for files and directories:

Object TypeDefault ModeDefault Permissions

Configuring File Permissions with Environment Variables

You can configure MariaDB to use different permissions for files and directories by setting the following environment variables before you start the server:

Object TypeEnvironment Variable

In other words, if you would run the following in a shell:

export UMASK=0027
export UMASK_DIR=0027

Then any mysqld processes started by that shell will use 0027 as both UMASK and UMASK_DIR, which will result in a 0640 mode for files and a 0750 mode for directories.

Configuring File Permissions with systemd

If your server is started by systemd, then there is a specific way to configure the umask. See Systemd: Configuring the umask for more information.


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