statement_performance_analyzer(in_action,in_table, in_views)

# in_action ENUM('snapshot', 'overall', 'delta', 'create_tmp', 
                 'create_table', 'save', 'cleanup')
# in_table VARCHAR(129)
# in_views SET ('with_runtimes_in_95th_percentile', 'analysis', 
                'with_errors_or_warnings', 'with_full_table_scans', 
                'with_sorting', 'with_temp_tables', 'custom')


statement_performance_analyzer is a stored procedure available with the Sys Schema which returns a report on running statements.

The following options from the sys_config table impact the output:

  • statement_performance_analyzer.limit - maximum number of rows (default 100) returned for views that have no built-in limit.
  • statement_performance_analyzer.view - custom query/view to be used (default NULL). If the statement_performance_analyzer.limit configuration option is greater than 0, there can't be a LIMIT clause in the query/view definition

If the debug option is set (default OFF), the procedure will also produce debugging output.


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