Storage engine support and compatibility constraints


1- As the storage engine are plugins:

- Are there any compatibility constraints between them when they are implemented in the same instance ? - Is there a constraint compatibility with those plugins and the MariaDb core?

(any kind of compatibility matrix is appreciated)

2-Who support the MariaDb plugins (storage engines, UDF libraries...)?

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  1. So, compatibility:
    • There is a certain API that plugins should use. If they do — they don't interfere with each other. If a plugin goes beyond the declared API and directly accesses undocumented server internals — anything can happen. But practically, storage engines are independent and there are no compatibility issues between then (besides the documented fact that you cannot load both Federated and FederatedX or both InnoDB and XtraDB at the same time).
    • Yes. Plugin APIs are versioned, and every plugin stores API versions that it was compiled for. If you try to load a plugin into an incompatible server version, it will not load, you get an error message. Practically, for storage engines, they only work in the same server version that they were compiled for.
  2. Depends. Some plugins are supported by MariaDB developers, others are developed externally and MariaDB only packages them. See the knowledge base pages for individual plugins.


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