Sample storagemanager.cnf

# Sample storagemanager.cnf

service = S3
object_size = 5M
metadata_path = /var/lib/columnstore/storagemanager/metadata
journal_path = /var/lib/columnstore/storagemanager/journal
max_concurrent_downloads = 21
max_concurrent_uploads = 21
common_prefix_depth = 3

region = us-west-1
bucket = my_columnstore_bucket
endpoint =
aws_access_key_id = AKIAR6P77BUKULIDIL55
aws_secret_access_key = F38aR4eLrgNSWPAKFDJLDAcax0gZ3kYblU79

path = /var/lib/columnstore/storagemanager/fake-cloud
fake_latency = n
max_latency = 50000

cache_size = 2g
path = /var/lib/columnstore/storagemanager/cache

Note: A region is required even when using an on-prem solution like ActiveScale due to header expectations within the API.


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