Stuff in MySQL 5.6

This is SergeyP's list of patches in MySQL 5.6 that he has found interesting. It is not a full list of interesting features or anything like that

WL#6071: Inline tmp tables into the nested loops algorithm. (Evgen, 2012-05-31)

WL#4443 - Prune partition locks (public WL) (April 2012)


  • EXPLAIN EXTENDED UPDATE doesn't print warnings...

WL#5906 read before write removal (RBWR) (2012-04)

  • used by NDB only. (Bug#37153 NDB Cluster reports affected rows incorrectly, etc)
  • but the SQL layer still does reads before doing writes. This code is not suitable for update-without-reads.
  • The main idea is that we do [deleted|updated]= table->file->end_read_removal(); at the end. This only counts #of affected rows.


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