Subquery Optimizations Map

Below is a map showing all types of subqueries allowed in the SQL language, and the optimizer strategies available to handle them.

  • Uncolored areas represent different kinds of subqueries, for example:
    • Subqueries that have form x IN (SELECT ...)
    • Subqueries that are in the FROM clause
    • .. and so forth
  • The size of each uncolored area roughly corresponds to how important (i.e. frequently used) that kind of subquery is. For example, x IN (SELECT ...) queries are the most important, and EXISTS (SELECT ...) are relatively unimportant.
  • Colored areas represent optimizations/execution strategies that are applied to handle various kinds of subqueries.
  • The color of optimization indicates which version of MySQL/MariaDB it was available in (see legend below)


Some things are not on the map:

  • MariaDB doesn't evaluate expensive subqueries when doing optimization (this means, EXPLAIN is always fast). MySQL 5.6 has made a progress in this regard but its optimizer will still evaluate certain kinds of subqueries (for example, scalar-context subqueries used in range predicates)

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