buf_pool_mutex, SERVICE_THREAD_CONTROL::COND_control & other wait events seen during perf test

Did a performance test; & collected events_waits_current on regular intervals. the top events based on wait time is as follows :

  • wait/synch/mutex/innodb/buf_pool_mutex (less frequent)
  • wait/io/file/innodb/innodb_data_file (less requent)
  • wait/synch/cond/aria/SERVICE_THREAD_CONTROL::COND_control ( many times, wait time averaging 1500 ms)
  • wait/io/table/sql/handler (many times, wait time averaging from 90 ms to 1000 ms)
  • wait/synch/sxlock/innodb/index_tree_rw_lock (less frequent, wait time averaging at 200 ms)
  • wait/synch/cond/mysys/COND_timer (many times, wait time averaging 300 ms)

I could not find any documentation which explains these wait events. Appreciate it if you could shed some light on these and how these may affect performance.


PS : performance test consists on 100 inserts per batch, with updates and selects


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