Percona pt-table-checksum output is in infinite loop "Waiting for the --replicate table to replicate"

We have following Multi master replication scenario. We are using Mariadb 10.1.34 and percona 3.0.11

Master: Name: db-master1-centralus-stg-vm (

Slave: Name: db-slave2-centralus-stg-vm ( Replica Connection name: label-db-master1-centralus-stg-vm (

SHOW SLAVE 'label-db-master1-centralus-stg-vm' STATUS\G on slave server is working fine.

On execution of following pt-table-checksum command on DB Master (db-master1-centralus-stg-vm)

pt-table-checksum --replicate=percona.checksums -uroot -pxxxxxxxx --ignore-databases mysql,percona --recursion-method=dsn=D=percona,t=dsns --no-check-binlog-format

Checking if all tables can be checksummed ... Starting checksum ... Waiting for the --replicate table to replicate to db-slave2-centralus-stg-vm... Waiting for the --replicate table to replicate to db-slave2-centralus-stg-vm

In percona.dsns table have entry for db-slave2-centralus-stg-vm

The Above Waiting information is continue in infinite loop.

Look forward any support


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