Timing discrepancy between connector's logging and application logging

I have enabled `slowQueryThresholdNanos` logging and am seeing a log like:

o.m.j.i.l.ProtocolLoggingProxy - conn=1589509(M) - 13.341 ms - Query: ...

In my application (which is in Scala) I also have a timer around the call to `executeQuery()` like so:

val startTime = System.nanoTime
val result = statement.executeQuery()
val elapsedSec = (System.nanoTime - startTime) / 1000000000.0

And the application's timer for the same query is reporting that it took 160 msec. Where is the discrepancy between what MariaDB Connector/J is reporting in its log and the application's timer around `executeQuery()` of that same query?

Thank you


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