TokuDB Resources

TokuDB has been deprecated by its upstream maintainer. It is disabled from MariaDB 10.5 and has been been removed in MariaDB 10.6 - MDEV-19780. We recommend MyRocks as a long-term migration path.

This page contains links to various online resources for TokuDB.


Tokutek was the primary developer of TokuDB before being acquired by Percona. Their website.

Percona's TokuDB Documentation

Mailing Lists

There were two TokuDB specific mailing lists run by Tokutek:

These were discontinued and redirected to Percona's MySQL and MariaDB forum.


Tokutek has a #tokutek IRC channel on Freenode.

The following link will take you to the #tokutek channel using Freenode's web IRC client:

See Also

The Where to find other MariaDB users and developers page has many great MariaDB resources listed.


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