Troubleshooting MariaDB Installs on Red Hat/CentOS

The following article is about different issues people have encountered when installing MariaDB on Red Hat / CentOS.

It is highly recommended to install with yum where possible.

In Red Hat / CentOS it is also possible to install a RPM or a tar ball. The RPM is the preferred version, except if you want to install many versions of MariaDB or install MariaDB in a non standard location.

Replacing MySQL

If you removed an MySQL RPM to install MariaDB, note that the MySQL RPM on uninstall renames /etc/my.cnf to /etc/my.cnf.rpmsave.

After installing MariaDB you should do the following to restore your configuration options:

mv /etc/my.cnf.rpmsave /etc/my.cnf

Unsupported configuration options

If you are using any of the following options in your /etc/my.cnf or other my.cnf file you should remove them. This is also true for MySQL 5.1 or newer:


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