Trying to insert if not exist in a recursive statement

Hi MariaDB users,

I'm from Chile and i need to make a question.

I'm trying to make an insert if not exist or an insert on duplicate key update. i'm using 10.3.16 Version allocating a Bitnami Testlink DB.

well, my problem is:

i'm making a insert using a recursive statement into a not temporal table, so i need to run this query a few times in a day but when re run i've got a duplicate error on primary key.

How can i make an insert with these recursive query?.

so my query is like this

  1. Inserto los datos que genera la consulta recursividad. INSERT id_casos(id, name) WITH RECURSIVE CTE_TESTLINK (Id, parent_id, name, node_type_id) AS( SELECT Id, parent_id, 'Beneficios Adicionales', node_type_id FROM nodes_hierarchy WHERE name = 'Beneficios Adicionales' UNION ALL SELECT nh.Id, nh.parent_id, 'Beneficios Adicionales', nh.node_type_id FROM nodes_hierarchy nh INNER JOIN CTE_TESTLINK cte ON nh.parent_id = cte.Id ) SELECT id, name FROM CTE_TESTLINK WHERE node_type_id = X

thanks in advance!!


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