Unable to migrate one Db from MySql to Maria 10


I'm wanting to copy a database from a MySql 5.6 server to a MariaDb 10.0 server.

On both server, the cnf don't set character-set-server and collation-server to anything, so the default is latin1, and I can't change this.

On the Mysql server, the source database has default and tables charsets set to Utf8. Tables contain actually Utf8 text, as expected by the application.

I export by :

mysqldump --databases --events --flush-privileges --default-character-set=utf8 --user="uuu" --password="xxx" dbname >export.sql

The produced file looks UT8 coded. It is a valid script which creates the database with default to UTF8, every table in UTF8 charset. It have "SET NAMES UTF8" at the beginning and several "SET character_set_client = utf8" before each INSERT INTO.

Up to this point, everything is like expected...

Then I execute the script export.sql on the MariaDb 10.0 server :

mysql -h theotherserver -u uuu -p <export.sql

After successful creation, the selected strings are in 8-bytes charset, probably latin1 !

Why ? What can I check or change to obtain the UTF8 I have by default in MySql and needed by the application ?

NB : I check the charset of selected data on both databases with a small php script, independent of any application, and not changing the connection charset or anything related.

Thanks for your help !


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