Uninstall or delete MariaDB completely for re-installation

I am new to this forum so pse forgive me if I am asking a question which already has been answered. But I have searched extensively whithout finding an answer. So here goes: I am installing WordPress on a Synology Server and have installed Maria DB in the process. But somehow I have messed the installation up. If I try to login I get a screen where I can reset my password or delete the database, but none of the options give any result. I have tried to delete the database with phpMyAdmin byt may only delete the test DB. An uninstall will be preferred, but I am prepared to delete via Linux (Ubuntu), but I am not sure where the files are to be found. Obviously I have no data to lose. Your help will be much appreciated. Best regards Eigil Winkel

Answer Answered by Faustin Lammler in this comment.

Hi, I am not sure what platform you are working on (ubuntu or synology or both)?

If you are using ubuntu, I suggest you to use the apt-get command to remove the database package, for instance:

 $ sudo apt-get purge mariadb-server 

You may check which mariadb packages are installed with:

 $ sudo dpkg -l | grep mariadb 

Ubuntu documentation for apt-get: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto

Regards, Faustin


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