Unknown storage engine 'S3'

I am pretty new to mariaDB, I try to use s3 storage engine and backup my tables. I got this messages, I have all id keys and bucket set up.

s3=ON s3-bucket=frank-ro0 s3-access-key=AKIARD5FMCLIHFQJIA5F s3-secret-key=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

MariaDB [PRODUCTS]> ALTER TABLE products_tbl ENGINE=s3; ERROR 1286 (42000): Unknown storage engine 's3'

when I show engines, there is no s3 storage engine, how can enable or load s3 storage engine? MariaDB [PRODUCTS]> show engines; +--------------------+---------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+--------------+------+------------+



CSVYESStores tables as CSV filesNONONO
MRG_MyISAMYESCollection of identical MyISAM tablesNONONO
MEMORYYESHash based, stored in memory, useful for temporary tablesNONONO
AriaYESCrash-safe tables with MyISAM heritage. Used for internal temporary tables and privilege tablesNONONO
MyISAMYESNon-transactional engine with good performance and small data footprintNONONO
SEQUENCEYESGenerated tables filled with sequential valuesYESNOYES
InnoDBDEFAULTSupports transactions, row-level locking, foreign keys and encryption for tablesYESYESYES


Answer Answered by Geoff Montee in this comment.


The S3 storage engine is not currently provided in any of our MariaDB Server 10.5 binary packages. Please see the following task in MariaDB's Jira: MDEV-22606.


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