What is the maximum number of columns in any engine?


This is not a duplicate as much as a recap. This question was asked more than 7 years ago and at the time the answer was inconclusive and non-committal. MariaDB has a wide range of engines and I can't try them all.

Online questions similar to this are constantly referred to MySQL documentation, which often proves insufficient. For instance, a max of 4096 is constantly put forward, BUT <list of excuses not to get there>.

I am not looking for StackOverflow typical "why would you..." answers. I tried InnoDB (default), Aria and MyISAM, always hitting on "ERROR 1117 (HY000): Table definition is too large".

I have a pandas DataFrame with almost 2200 columns (and growing). The type summary is the following:

     91  BIGINT,
      1  BOOL,
   2045  FLOAT(53),
     16  TEXT,

and the size is as follows:

>>> df.iloc[0].memory_usage(index=False)

What are my options?


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