MariaDB 10.3开始,设置系统变量sql_modeOracle可以打开对Oracle的PL/SQL的语法支持。这个支持包含了以下的新的功能,这个工作还在开发过程中. 参考MDEV-10142MDEV-10764发现现在的状态和子任务.

  • Providing compatibility for basic PL/SQL constructs - MDEV-10411
  • %TYPE in variable declarations - MDEV-10577
  • cursor%ROWTYPE in variable declarations - MDEV-12011
  • table%ROWTYPE in variable declarations - MDEV-12133
  • FOR loop statement - MDEV-10580
  • Implicit cursor FOR loop - MDEV-12098
  • Explicit cursor FOR LOOP - MDEV-10581
  • Cursors with parameters - MDEV-10597
  • Implicit cursor FOR LOOP for cursors with parameters - MDEV-12314
  • Explicit cursor attributes %ISOPEN, %ROWCOUNT, %FOUND, %NOTFOUND - MDEV-10582
  • Variable declarations can go after cursor declarations - MDEV-10598
  • Predefined exceptions: TOO_MANY_ROWS, NO_DATA_FOUND, DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX - MDEV-10839
  • RAISE statement for predefined exceptions - MDEV-10840
  • User defined exceptions - MDEV-10587
  • SP control functions SQLCODE, SQLERRM - MDEV-10578
  • Triggers: Understand :NEW.c1 and :OLD.c1 instead of NEW.c1 and OLD.c1 - MDEV-10579
  • Dynamic SQL placeholders - MDEV-10801
  • Allow VARCHAR and VARCHAR2 without length as a data type of routine parameters and in RETURN clause - MDEV-10596
  • CAST(..AS VARCHAR(N)) - MDEV-11275
  • Anonymous blocks - MDEV-10655
  • GOTO statement - MDEV-10697
  • Allow SELECT UNIQUE as a synonym for SELECT DISTINCT - MDEV-12086
  • Do not require BEGIN..END in multi-statement exception handlers in THEN clause - MDEV-12088
  • Understand optional routine name after the END keyword - MDEV-12089
  • Inside routines the CALL keywoard is optional - MDEV-12107
  • Make the concatenation operator ignore NULL arguments - MDEV-11880
  • make the CONCAT function ignore NULL arguments - MDEV-12143
  • Providing compatibility for basic SQL data types - MDEV-10343



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