Books on MariaDB Code

Below is a list of books on coding in MariaDB, listed in order by date of publicationthe most recent first. We've provided links to or the publisher for convenience, but they can be found at many bookstores.

Understanding MySQL Internals by Sasha Pachev, former MySQL developer at MySQL AB, April 2007
This is the only book we know about that describes the internals of MariaDB / MySQL. A must have for anyone who wants to understand and develop on MariaDB!
Not all topics are covered and some parts are slightly outdated, but still the best book on this topic.

MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development by Sergei Golubchik and Andrew Hutching, August 2010
A must read for anyone wanting to write a plugin for MariaDB, written by the Sergei who designed the plugin interface for MySQL and MariaDB!


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