Building OQGRAPH Under Windows

OQGRAPH v3 can be built on Windows.

MariaDB starting with 10.0.11

This has been tested using Windows 7, Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 64-bit Platform SDK 7.1 (64-bit), the Boost library >= 1.55 and Judy 1.0.5. Probably other recent versions of Boost, Judy or MSVC may work but these combinations have not been tested.

  • Download the source package for Boost 1.55 from the Boost project website,
  • Download the source package for Judy 1.05 via
  • Follow the documented instructions for building under Windows from the command line: Building_MariaDB_on_Windows
    • Ensure that the following variable is set to CMAKE: JUDY_ROOT=path\to\judy\unzipped
    • See also comments in storage/oqgraph/cmake/FindJudy.cmake


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