Cannot change socket location in 10.0.21

I'm trying to change the socket file location to anything other than /var/lib/mysql on Red Hat 6.6 x64. Using the socket variable in server.cnf or even in my.cnf does not appear to honor the varable.

I've tried placing the variable setting in various locations in the server.cnf file, but nothing seems to work. The socket file is always created in /var/lib/mysql, or the database has problems starting up. Where else do I search for this? Could it have been compiled in by accident?

If I try this with MySQL 5.6 Community version it works without issue - I placed the variable in /etc/my.cnf file under [mysqld]

Again, I'm using the non enterprise version of MariaDB 10.0.21 with RHEL 6.6.

I downloaded MariaDB from the yum repositories via


Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

There may be other locations overwriting it in your setup. Try run mysqld --help --verbose - this will show you all the locations that are being read.


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