Compatible with maxscale2.2.21 and mysql8 version

Hello, I am using maxscale version 2.2.21 and mysql 5.7, but I am planning to use mysql8 version with ec2 installation type. However, an error occurred and the error message was Unable to write to backend 'service' due to authentication failure. This is an error about the read node. It seems to be an authentication error depending on the mysql8 version. Is there a way to solve this problem with the maxscale setting?

Additionally, at first I thought it was a caching_sha2_password error due to an existing user account error due to the upgrade to version 8, but the authentication method previously used in was was mysql_native_password. Our guess is that the error occurs because the mysql server's authentication method is caching_sha2_password, but we are wondering if there is a solution.

Answer Answered by Markus Mäkelä in this comment.

You need to change the default authentication mechanism in MySQL 8 to use mysql_native_password.


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