Creating a System DSN for MariaDB on Windows


I'd like to use MariaDB to back-end a system that expects an ODBC interface.

Is there a way to create a system DSN for MariaDB in Windows 7? It's not showing up as a connection type in the Data Sources panel.


Updated answer 27th Dec 2018: MariaDB has its own ODBC connector/driver nowadays. Read about it here:

Rasmus / MariaDB

Original answer (before MariaDB had its own ODBC driver: Quoting the mailing list:

You will need to install an ODBC driver for MySQL. The .msi installer for MariaDB is not bundled with an ODBC-driver. The driver from Oracle should work with MariaDB as well ( Monty AB+SkySQL have a C-connector and a JAVA-connector of their own breed - but not ODBC drivers or .NET connectors currently. But *all* drivers/connectors from Oracle should work with MariaDB.

Note that if your application is 64 bit you will need the 64 bit ODBC driver - a 64 bit application on Windows cannot use a 32 bit driver. If your application is 32 bit you can use both the 32 bit and 64 bit driver (the latter only on 64 bit systems obviously). However on a 64 bit system a 32 bit driver will not show up in Control Panel .. Administration .. Data Sources. However there is a 32 bit version of the ODBC manager ('odbcad32.exe') in the SysWOW64 folder on 64 bit Windows systems where the 32 bit driver will show up after being installed (refer for instance:

Peter Webyog


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