debezium cannot connect to maxscale from other host than localhost

I want use debezium for following changes of data in MariaDB. But debezium uses for connection to binary log something as connection via socket. And there is iussue. When debezium is running form same server as maxscale all is OK, but when I run debezium from other server, after than maxscale doesn't reply.

Issue is on row There I get no answer.(full source is on:

channel = openChannel();

AuthenticateCommand authenticateCommand = new AuthenticateCommand(schema, username, password, greetingPacket.getScramble()); authenticateCommand.setCollation(collation); channel.write(authenticateCommand, packetNumber); byte[] authenticationResult =;

private PacketChannel openChannel() throws IOException { Socket socket = socketFactory != null ? socketFactory.createSocket() : new Socket(); socket.connect(new InetSocketAddress(hostname, port), (int) connectTimeout); return new PacketChannel(socket); }

Can you help me. Maybe exists some configuration for that


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