dpkg error code 1 with MariaDB 5.3.2

I have been getting the following error message after updates or installing from the repositories in Ubuntu/Pinguy 11.04 E: mariadb-server-5.3: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1.

I have no problems using MariaDB and Synaptic shows the installed version as 5.3.2 for both client and server.

Answer Answered by Daniel Bartholomew in this comment.

There is a known problem with Apparmor. See http://askmonty.org/blog/ornery-oneiric/ for a work-around (the workaround will work on both natty and oneiric).

Current MariaDB packages have incorporated a fix for the issue. So be sure to submit a bug report if you run into the error in the future.


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