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When a slave server connects to a MariaDB 10 master server, the first binlog event sent is Fake ROTATE_EVENT.
This event is similar to ROTATE_EVENT but it's artificial and its purpose is to tell the slave server which is the binlog file name of the master.
This matters of course when the slave connects with the GTID option (no filename is given) or when using file and pos with empty file name (usually file='' and pos = 4).

The Event Type is set ROTATE_EVENT (0x4)

Note: the fake ROTATE_EVENT event is not written in the binlog file.
It's created by the master and sent to new connected slave before FORMAT_DESCRIPTION_EVENT

  • Timestamp set to 0
  • Event Tye is ROTATE_EVENT
  • Next Pos is set to 0
  • Flags are set to LOG_ARTIFICIAL_F (0x20)


The content is the same as ROTATE_EVENT.

  • pos = the requested pos from slave, usually 4
  • filename = the master binlog filename

If it is the first fake rotate event and global server variable @@binlog_checksum was set to CRC32:

  • crc32_checksum (4 Bytes)


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