The master server writes the event to the binary log when it shuts down or when resuming after a mysqld process crash.

A new binary log file is always created but there is no ROTATE_EVENT.

STOP_EVENT is then the last written event after clean shutdown or resuming a crash.

this event is never sent to slave servers.

  • Event header with EventType set to STOP_EVENT (0x03).
  • Event header NextPos set to EOF
  • No special flags added.


  • The event has no data

Example With CRC32 (Last 4 Bytes)

Event size = header[19] + 0 bytes data + 4 CRC32 = 23

3a b8 15 5a 03 01 00 00  00 17 00 00 00 09 0c 00  ..Z............
00 00 00 4e 99 ee 2c                              ...N..,


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