Galera Load Balancer

Galera Load Balancer is a simple Load Balancer specifically designed for Galera Cluster. Like Galera, it only runs on Linux. Galera Load Balancer is developed and mantained by Codership. Documentation is available on

Galera Load Balancer is inspired by pen, which is a generic TCP load balancer. However, since pen is a generic TCP connections load balancer, the techniques it uses are not well-suited to the particular use case of database servers. Galera Load Balancer is optimized for this type of workload.

Several balancing policies are supported. Each node can be assigned a different weight. Nodes with a higher weight are preferred. Depending on the selected policy, other nodes can even be ignored, until the preferred nodes crash.

A lightweight daemon called glbd receives the connections from clients and it redirects them to nodes. No specific client exists for this demo: a generic TCP client, like nc, can be used to send administrative commands and read the usage statistics.


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