HowTo actually make gssapi logins work from WIndows clients against an Ubuntu16 MariaDb 10.3 server.

I am slightly confused here. Regarding paragraph: :

We have a Linux MariaDB 10.3, configured with gssapi, at least it starts up complaining nothing in the logs. I have followed guides to enable gssapi, installed the soname gssapi with no problems. I have created users like this: create user 'domainID'@'DOMAIN.NAME' identified via gssapi using 'domainID@DOMAIN.NAME' GRANT select on databaseName.*.* to 'domainID'@'%' So server seems set up to accept Domain logins, authenticated through gssapi/ActiveDirectory

Clients connect from WIndows computers.

However, clients trying to connect, only receive error: ERROR2059 HY000: Authentication plugin 'auth_gssapi_client' cannot be loaded: /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/ cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

I can't read from this description, if this "client" library is missing on Windows client or on the MariaDB server?

If missing on WIndows, how is that installed? If missing on server, is there a way to just install the missing package(s), in stead of the described "mariadb-plugin-gssapi-server". (I am reluctant to running this on the next (production) server, where the database IS already present, but just needs whatever's needed to use gssapi for client authentication.

This i s the closest I come to a semingly incomplete guide (? - incomplete to me ;) )

I hope someone have made this work and willing to shed light in my direction :D ??

Thanks /Brian

Answer Answered by Vladislav Vaintroub in this comment.

Windows client never returns Linux plugin paths in error messages. You mixed something up


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