Upgrading MariaDB 10.0.20 to 10.1.11 with bi-directional master-slave replication

I have two Maria DB instances running 10.0.20 on RHEL. Each is database is a slave with the other database as a master. Is there a procedure documented to upgrade these to 10.1.11? I just need to know the steps associated with the replication. I've already tested the upgrade of a single instance without replication.

Answer Answered by Stephane Varoqui in this comment.


1 Install Maxscale 2 Change your application to connect to Maxscale Route all traffic to Master 3 Start the replication in mode GTID 4 Upgrade your Slaves 4 Install replication-manager https://github.com/mariadb-corporation/replication-manager 5 Do Master Election aka switchover 6 Upgrade the old master

You should be done with 0 downtime


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