How do I keep the graph table and data table in sync?

So I added some rows to the data table before I created the graph table that then showed up just fine. I then added some more rows to the data table and did a select * on the graph table and the new rows weren't there. I did a shortest route query and they showed up. A subsequent select * query to the graph table and they were there. What triggered them to appear? I then added a few more and no matter what I do they won't show up. The last one that won't show up was a two way link ( insert into oq_backing (origid,destid) values (9,10),(10,9) ). That's not a problem is it?

And lastly, is there any good documentation/literature around for how oqgraph works and how to use it?

Thanks, Preston


This seems to be a bug in OQGraph. See MDEV-5744.

As a workaround, you can disable query cache until this bug is fixed.


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