How do I setup a Buildbot build slave?

These build instructions should in general be platform agnostic. It is based on a post by Adam M. Dutko on maria-discuss. See the list archive.

To setup a build slave, the basic outline is:

  1. Install Python (2.4 or later)
  2. Install Twisted ( 8.0.x or later) - need Core, Mail, Web and Words (possibly Conch too)
  3. Install ZopeInterface (
  4. Install all the necessary compiler/build components.
  5. Install Buildbot
  6. Install Git and make sure you can clone from the main project
  7. Get a username/login and password from the buildmaster (dbart on Libera.Chat)
  8. Verify your buildbot can talk to the buildbot master instance and can run builds.

The following links will also help:

  2. buildbot-setup-buildbot-setup-notes
  3. about-buildbot


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