Information Schema PROFILING Table

The Information Schema PROFILING table contains information about statement resource usage. Profiling information is only recorded if the profiling session variable is set to 1.

It contains the following columns:

Column NameDescription
SEQSequence number showing the display order for rows with the same QUERY_ID.
STATEProfiling state.
DURATIONTime in seconds that the statement has been in the current state.
CPU_USERUser CPU usage in seconds.
CPU_SYSTEMSystem CPU usage in seconds.
CONTEXT_VOLUNTARYNumber of voluntary context switches.
CONTEXT_INVOLUNTARYNumber of involuntary context switches.
BLOCK_OPS_INNumber of block input operations.
BLOCK_OPS_OUTNumber of block output operations.
MESSAGES_SENTNumber of communications sent.
MESSAGES_RECEIVEDNumber of communications received.
PAGE_FAULTS_MAJORNumber of major page faults.
PAGE_FAULTS_MINORNumber of minor page faults.
SWAPSNumber of swaps.
SOURCE_FUNCTIONFunction in the source code executed by the profiled state.
SOURCE_FILEFile in the source code executed by the profiled state.
SOURCE_LINELine in the source code executed by the profiled state.

It contains similar information to the SHOW PROFILE and SHOW PROFILES statements.

Profiling is enabled per session. When a session ends, its profiling information is lost.


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