Information Schema WSREP_MEMBERSHIP Table

The WSREP_STATUS table makes Galera node cluster membership information available through the Information Schema. The same information can be returned using the SHOW WSREP_MEMBERSHIP statement. Only users with the SUPER can access information from this table.

The WSREP_MEMBERSHIP table is part of the WSREP_INFO plugin.


SELECT * FROM information_schema.WSREP_MEMBERSHIP;
| INDEX | UUID                                 | NAME  | ADDRESS         |
|     0 | 46da96e3-6e9e-11e4-95a2-f609aa5444b3 | node1 | |
|     1 | 5f6bc72a-6e9e-11e4-84ed-57ec6780a3d3 | node2 | |
|     2 | 7473fd75-6e9e-11e4-91de-0b541ad91bd0 | node3 | |


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