Installing MinIO for Usage With mariadb-test-run

When testing the S3 storage engine with the s3 test suite, mariadb-test-run needs access to Amazon S3 compatible storage.

The easiest way to achieve this is to install MinIO, an open source S3 compatible storage.

Here is a shell script that you can use to install MinIO with the right credentials for mariadb-test-run. This should work on most Linux systems as the binaries are statically linked. You can alternatively download MinIO binaries directly from here.

# Where to install the MinIO binaries and where to store the data

# Get the MinIO binaries. You can skip this test if you already have MinIO installed.
mkdir -p $install
wget -O $install/minio
wget -O $install/mc
chmod a+x $install/minio $install/mc

# Setup MinIO for usage with mariadb-test-run
MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=minio MINIO_SECRET_KEY=minioadmin $install/minio server $data 2>&1 &
$install/mc config host add local minio minioadmin
$install/mc mb --ignore-existing local/storage-engine

Now you can run the S3 test suite:

cd "mysql-source-dir"/mariadb-test
./mariadb-test-run --suite=s3

If there is an issue while running the test suite, you can see the files created by MinIO with:

$install/mc ls -r local/storage-engine


ls $data/storage-engine

If you want to use MinIO with different credentials or you want to run the test against another S3 storage you ave to update the update the following files:



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