Sometimes you need to work when your computer is busy running The script allows you to stop it temporarily so you can use your computer and then restart the tests when you're ready.

There are two ways to enable this:

  1. Command-line: The --stop-file and --stop-keep-alive options.
  2. Environment Variables: If you are calling indirectly (i.e from a script or program such as buildbot) you can set MTR_STOP_FILE and MTR_STOP_KEEP_ALIVE.

Keep Alive

If you plan on using this feature with other programs, such as buildbot, you should set the <code>MTR_STOP_KEEP_ALIVE</code> environment variable or the <code>--stop-keep-alive</code> command-line option with a value in seconds. This will make the script print messages to whatever program is calling at the interval you set to prevent timeouts.

If you are calling directly, you do not need to specify a timeout.

The mariadb-test-run Stop File

The stop file is a temporary file that you create on your system when you want to pause the execution of mariadb-test-run. When enabled via the command-line or environment variable options, mariadb-test-run will periodically check for the existence of the file and if it exists it will stop until the file is no longer present.


Command-line: --stop-file="/path/to/stop/file" --stop-keep-alive=120

Environment Variables:

export MTR_STOP_FILE="/path/to/stop/file"


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