CentOS build instructions

You will need a copy of the source code using git or source archive

To build MariaDB of a version 5.5 and above you need to install cmake. If you want to build .rpm packages, you need at least cmake 2.8.7. Otherwise cmake 2.6 will do.

Note that you will not need any packaging scripts and the build process will never need root access.

.rpm build steps

First setup your build environment. Ignore the part about packaging scripts.

If you want to build .rpm's:

cmake -DRPM=centos .
make package

Instead of "centos" you may want to specify "centos6" or "centos7". This affects the name of the generated rpm packages. You may also specify any other cmake arguments to configure the binaries any way you want. For example, to build our releases on CentOS 7 we use

cmake .  -DBUILD_CONFIG=mysql_release -DRPM=centos7
make package

The above commands will also create a spec file for the RPM.


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