This page is part of the book SQL-99 Complete, Really, by Peter Gulutzan & Trudy Pelzer. The authors have graciously allowed us to reproduce the contents of the book here. Because the book is about the SQL-99 standard, the contents of this and other pages in the book may not directly apply to MariaDB. Use the navigation bar to navigate the book.

SQL-99 (more commonly still called, "SQL3", the term we'll use throughout this book) will soon be the current internationally accepted standard for the database programming language called SQL. The SQL Standard a complicated monster consisting of over 2,100 pages of definitions, syntax and usage rules describes the required syntax and the rules that must be followed to generate the required result when the syntax is executed by a Standard-conforming DBMS. (This compares to less than 150 pages required to describe the Standard's earlier version, SQL-89.)

This book was written to describe Standard-conforming SQL.