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About SkySQL

MariaDB SkySQL is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) enabling you to deploy and manage MariaDB Enterprise Server, Xpand Distributed SQL, Serverless Analytics, or ColumnStore analytical databases with only a few clicks. SkySQL combines automation with human expertise to support and manage mission-critical deployments.

A new SkySQL release is now available to explore.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB SkySQL new release documentation.


For previous release, see MariaDB SkySQL previous release documentation.

About Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is built on MariaDB Community Server and, with the aid of MariaDB MaxScale database proxy, delivers best-in-class performance, data security, replication, clustering and high availability. MariaDB Enterprise Server can scale from a single node to global scale, for any workload – from systems of record (OLTP) to analytics (OLAP), in any cloud: private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB Server (SQL Database Server) documentation.

About Xpand

MariaDB Xpand is chosen by developers when creating large, mission-critical, read/write scale applications which require ACID-level consistency and enterprise-grade reliability. Xpand combines the scalability of a NoSQL database with the robustness of a SQL database. As with MariaDB Enterprise Server and ColumnStore, Xpand is front-ended by MaxScale database proxy for high availability, disaster recovery and enhanced security. Xpand can be deployed in the cloud as a SkySQL database service on AWS or Google Cloud and runs across multiple public cloud regional centers and on-premise for multi-cloud and hybrid operations.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB Xpand (Distributed SQL) documentation.

About ColumnStore

MariaDB ColumnStore extends MariaDB Enterprise Server with distributed, columnar storage and a massively parallel processing (MPP) shared nothing architecture, transforming it into a standalone or distributed data warehouse for ad hoc SQL queries and advanced analytics without the need to create indexes. With MariaDB ColumnStore running in SkySQL you get a cloud data warehouse and DBaaS in one service.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB ColumnStore (Analytics) documentation.