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MariaDB Enterprise X6


MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.9-5


MariaDB Xpand 6.0.5


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 22.08.2


MariaDB MaxScale 22.08.1


About MariaDB Enterprise X6

MariaDB Enterprise X6 is available on-premises and on the MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS (cloud database platform). MariaDB Enterprise X6 includes:



MariaDB Enterprise Server

A modern SQL RDBMS with high availability, pluggable storage engines, hot online backups, and audit logging.

MariaDB Xpand

A distributed SQL RDBMS with high availability, fault tolerance, and write scaling.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore

A columnar data store backed by object storage for analytical workloads.

MariaDB MaxScale

An advanced proxy, router, and load balancer.

MariaDB Connectors

Reliable database connections from your enterprise application.

Documentation Topics




Procedures to download, install, set-up, configure, and test MariaDB products.

Service Management

Operating instructions, including:

  • Administrative tools

  • Logs

  • Upgrades

Connect and Query

Connect quickly and securely with instructions for:

  • C

  • C++

  • Java

  • Java R2DBC

  • Node.js


  • Python

  • Business Intelligence platforms

Data Operations

Data operations ensure the availability and integrity of data. Detailed information and instructions explain:

  • Backups

  • Restoring from backups

  • Importing data

  • Replication

Storage Engines

MariaDB Enterprise Server features pluggable storage engines to allow per-table workload optimization:

  • Aria storage engine

  • ColumnStore storage engine

  • InnoDB storage engine

  • MyISAM storage engine

  • MyRocks storage engine

  • S3 storage engine

  • Spider storage engine


MariaDB products incorporate features focused on enterprise governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and information security (infosec) requirements. Here we detail:

  • Audit trails

  • Authentication

  • Data-at-Rest Encryption

  • Data-in-Transit Encryption

  • Hardening

  • Privileges

  • User accounts

SQL Reference

Detailed reference and examples


Architectural information for:

  • MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server

  • MariaDB MaxScale

  • MariaDB Xpand


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