MariaDB Documentation

About Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a premium version of MariaDB Community Server that runs in any cloud and includes additional enterprise features like:

  • enhancements for commercial production deployment such as advanced audit capabilities and the MaxScale database proxy

  • long-term maintenance and support

  • backports to bring popular new features to customers running on older MariaDB Enterprise Server releases

Companies who switch to MariaDB Enterprise Server from legacy databases save up to 90% of total database costs.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB Server (SQL Database Server) documentation.

About ColumnStore

MariaDB ColumnStore extends MariaDB Enterprise Server with distributed, columnar storage and a massively parallel processing (MPP) shared nothing architecture, transforming it into a standalone or distributed data warehouse for ad hoc SQL queries and advanced analytics without the need to create indexes. With MariaDB ColumnStore running in SkySQL you get a cloud data warehouse and DBaaS in one service.

Detailed information is available in MariaDB ColumnStore (Analytics) documentation.

About MaxScale

MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced proxy, router, and load balancer and includes features like:

  • Automated failover for MariaDB replication

  • Query-based load balancing

  • Connection-based load balancing

  • Import data from and export data to Kafka

  • Built-in mechanisms to perform server maintenance without disruption to applications or client

  • And more

Detailed information is available in MariaDB MaxScale documentation.

About MariaDB Connectors

MariaDB Connectors enable high-performance data access by applications. Detailed information is available in MariaDB Connectors documentation.