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Databases are key to the success of any business. They are the heartbeat of all applications, whether it’s mobile, web or IoT. If you’re using a cellphone, filling a prescription or making a financial transaction, you will find a MariaDB database behind it. With over 1 billion downloads, nearly 200,000 open source contributions and by reaching over 1 billion users through Linux distributions, MariaDB is not only serving the relational database market, we are helping to shape its future.


Nasdaq congratulates MariaDB on its announcement, February 2022


Who we are

Headquartered in Redwood City, California and Dublin, Ireland, MariaDB collaborates with customers to solve their data storage and access challenges at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases. MariaDB has more than 600 customers around the world.


MariaDB has been downloaded over 1 billion times


Over 600 customers trust their business to MariaDB


We have over 200 people contributing to our success

Our history

The MariaDB database was born after Oracle acquired MySQL. With the original core MySQL team, we have added functionality to the MariaDB database that competes with legacy database systems like Oracle at a fraction of the cost. We have added columnar analytics, JSON functionality and Oracle compatibility, and we offer a fully managed cloud database service that offers the full breadth of MariaDB database solutions supporting private, public, hybrid and multicloud strategies.

Today, the MariaDB database is recognized as a distinct database around the world. MariaDB is the new “M” in the LAMP stack, it’s the default over MySQL in the majority of Linux distributions, it’s replacing Oracle and other legacy databases at increasing rates and it’s available in every cloud. MariaDB is everywhere.


From startups to global companies, join these leading brands that trust their business to MariaDB.


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MariaDB Careers

Be part of the exceptional team building the database for all. MariaDBers for the most part work remotely with several hubs that offer a space for collaboration and face-to-face engagement. We offer many opportunities throughout the year for team building and skills development. Come work with us!

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