MariaDB Customers


MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – developing innovative, customer-facing applications rapidly. Trusted by organizations like Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, Nasdaq, Red Hat, ServiceNow, Verizon and Walgreens – MariaDB meets the same core requirements as proprietary databases, but at a fraction of the cost.

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MariaDB Customer Stories


América Móvil

Leading telecom develops new applications with MariaDB’s enterprise open source DBMS

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Ansell Healthcare

Global data replication with Galera for Ansell Guardian

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Auto Europe

Learn about Auto Europe’s first and ongoing projects with MariaDB

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BlaBlaCar uses open source database cluster to meet scalability and availability needs

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“The MariaDB technology is proven, the service is excellent and we can trust the MariaDB team.”

Nicolas Blanc, Head of Platform Architecture, BlaBlaCar


CCV migrates to MariaDB to meet critical high availability requirements

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How Copart switched to MariaDB and reduced costs during growth

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DataDock Solutions

How DataDock Solutions launched MariaDB ColumnStore and lessons learned

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Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)

Southeast Asia’s largest bank migrates to open source database MariaDB

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Financial Network, Inc.

How Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) migrated to MariaDB from Oracle

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“Open source is a smarter approach for future-proofing our business.”

William Wood, Director of Database Architecture, FNI

Gaming Innovation Group

How Gaming Innovation Group deployed a highly available setup on Microsoft Azure

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Greetz’s successful migration from Oracle RAC to MariaDB Galera Cluster

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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Global Health Initiative relies on MariaDB to manage and analyze multi-billion-row tables

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InfoArmor shares how they use MariaDB for threat intelligence & data ingestion

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Ingenico Financial Solutions

Ingenico Financial Solutions provides high availability e-Money solutions with MariaDB

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How the latest Intel technical collaboration with MariaDB is transforming transaction performance

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Deploying MariaDB databases with containers at Nokia Networks

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Orwell Group

How Orwell built a geo-distributed Bank-as-a-Service with microservices

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How Pixid dropped Oracle and went hybrid with MariaDB

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How QBerg scaled to store data longer and query it faster

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“Using MariaDB to connect transactions and analytics gave us the ability to offer a new level of excellence to our customers.”

Germán Castro Pérez, Chief Technology Officer, QBerg


How Quotient uses MariaDB to help customers save money

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Red Hat

Red Hat builds secure enterprise applications with MariaDB

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How Samsung uses ClustrixDB to handle fast-growing data without manual database sharding

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How SelectQuote migrated to the cloud with open source

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ServiceNow: Accomplishing massive scale with MariaDB

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How SpendHQ made the move to a columnar database with MariaDB

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How DBAs at TradingScreen make life easier with automation

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Walgreens turns to MariaDB as part of open source push

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  • With MariaDB, we get a fast, well-oiled and secure solution with top-notch support.

    William Wood, Director of Database Architecture, Financial Network, Inc.

  • The MariaDB technology is proven, the service is excellent and we can trust the MariaDB team.

    Nicolas Blanc, Head of Platform Architecture, BlaBlaCar

  • MariaDB’s technology provides us with the high availability and auto-failover capabilities we were searching for.

    Rick Lane, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Nokia

  • We are running more than 25 billion queries per hour on MariaDB … the query patterns change every hour.

    Tim Yim, Director of Operations, ServiceNow