MariaDB Community Server

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MariaDB Community Server is the open source relational database loved by developers all over the world. Created by MySQL’s original developers, MariaDB is compatible with MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source forever. MariaDB powers some of the world’s most popular websites such as Wikipedia and It is also the core engine behind banking, social media, mobile and e-commerce sites worldwide.

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Key Features

Modern SQL

Support for modern SQL features such as common table expressions (CTEs), Window functions, temporal data tables and JSON functions. MariaDB’s SQL dialect is compatible with MySQL but extends it with columnar storage and other functionality.

Pluggable Storage Engines

InnoDB, Aria, ColumnStore, MyRocks, and countless third-party engines allow the MariaDB frontend to extend beyond pure transaction processing.

Columnar Storage for Analytics

MariaDB ColumnStore plugs into MariaDB Community Server for columnar analytics (MPP) or hybrid smart transactions (HTAP).


Galera Cluster engine for replication and state transfer.

High Availability

MariaDB MaxScale provides a database proxy capable of failover and transaction replay.

Open Source

MariaDB Community Server is released under the GNU Public License v2. Throughout its history, MariaDB has shown its commitment to open source and the open source community. MariaDB Community Server is guaranteed open source, forever and free. In addition, commercially developed components such as MariaDB’s MaxScale are released under the Business Software License. The source code is always available, after some time the license converts to GPL assuring the software is forever available to the community.


Community Supported

MariaDB sports a vibrant community with countless resources to learn and get involved. You can fork MariaDB on GitHub, join the mailing lists or read the documentation.



Getting Started with MariaDB by Daniel Bartholomew

Getting Started with MariaDB

Daniel Bartholomew

MariaDB Essentials by Emilien Kenler and Federico Razzoli

MariaDB Essentials

Emilien Kenler and Federico Razzoli

Migrating to MariaDB by William Wood

Migrating to MariaDB

William Wood

R2DBC Revealed by Robert Hedgpeth

R2DBC Revealed

Robert Hedgpeth


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Training Courses

MariaDB Standard DBA

Teaches the essentials of DBA tasks, and extends administration skills. Besides concepts, essential tools, and optimal use of resources, you’ll thoroughly review core administrative tasks: backups and restoration, monitoring and maintaining databases, and user security.

Course Fact Sheet
MariaDB Cluster

Covers everything you need to set up and run a highly available, multi-master cluster using MariaDB Cluster. We’ll train you in the basics of MariaDB Cluster architecture and functionality, as well as more advanced techniques for configuring and administering a MariaDB Cluster.

Course Fact Sheet
MariaDB MaxScale

Teaches DBAs how to set up and use MariaDB MaxScale to manage a cluster of database servers. You’ll see how to split database traffic between servers, automatically manage database failover, and stream large amounts of data to other applications using MaxScale.

Course Fact Sheet

Go Pro(duction)

Looking for a supported version with backports, CVEs, and features designed for low operational cost, extra security and massive scale?

Learn about MariaDB Enterprise

Go Cloud

Want to get started with MariaDB right this very second? Try MariaDB SkySQL in the cloud with a $500 credit.

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