MariaDB 10.11.1 Release Notes

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Release date: 17 Nov 2022

Do not use non-stable (non-GA) releases in production!

MariaDB 10.11 is a current development series of MariaDB. It is an evolution of MariaDB 10.10 with several entirely new features.

For an overview of MariaDB 10.11 see the What is MariaDB 10.11? page.

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Notable Items





  • Beginning with the next release (Q1 2023), our Yum, DNF, and Zypper repositories for Red Hat, Fedora, and SUSE will be migrated to being signed with a new GPG key. The key we are migrating to is the same one we already use for our Debian and Ubuntu Repositories.
    • The short Key ID is: 0xC74CD1D8
    • The long Key ID is: 0xF1656F24C74CD1D8
    • The full fingerprint of the key is: 177F 4010 FE56 CA33 3630 0305 F165 6F24 C74C D1D8
    • The key can be imported now in preparation for this change using the following command:
sudo rpm --import

Docker Official Image

The following changes have been made to the container image.

  • The number of gpg packages packages has been removed, leaving enough to apt-get update, but dirmngr that would fetch keys has been removed. (inspired by issue #469)
  • The environment variable LANG=C.UTF-8 has been added for those that exec into containers and copy paste UTF8 characters (fixes issue #468).
  • Adds OCI labels to image (fixes issue 436 and users need for version)
  • MariaDB config: skip-host-cache and skip-name-resolve moved to /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/05-skipcache.cnf


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 10.11.1, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

Do not use non-stable (non-GA) releases in production!

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MariaDB may already be included in your favorite OS distribution. More information can be found on the Distributions which Include MariaDB page.


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