MariaDB 11.1.3 Release Notes

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Release date: 13 Nov 2023

MariaDB 11.1 is a current short-term stable series of MariaDB, maintained until August 2024. It is an evolution of MariaDB 11.1 with several entirely new features.

MariaDB 11.1.3 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 11.1 see the What is MariaDB 11.1? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Items


  • DROP INDEX followed by CREATE INDEX may corrupt data (MDEV-32132)
  • ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table: InnoDB: 2048 bytes should have been read. Only 0 bytes read. (MDEV-31875)
  • Server aborts during alter operation when table doesn't have foreign index (MDEV-32527)
  • row_merge_fts_doc_tokenize() handles FTS plugin parser inconsistently (MDEV-32578)
  • InnoDB: tried to purge non-delete-marked record of an index on a virtual column prefix (MDEV-30024)
  • lock_row_lock_current_waits counter in information_schema.innodb_metrics may become negative (MDEV-30658)
  • SET GLOBAL innodb_max_purge_lag_wait=… hangs if innodb_read_only=ON (MDEV-31813)
  • Auto-increment no longer works for explicit FTS_DOC_ID (MDEV-32017)
  • Assertion `pos < table->n_def' failed in dict_table_get_nth_col (MDEV-32337)
  • innochecksum man pages seem to be inconsistent with the binary (10.2.25) (MDEV-20583)
  • innodb_compression_algorithm=0 (none) increments Innodb_num_pages_page_compression_error (MDEV-30825)
  • wrong table name in innodb's "row too big" errors (MDEV-32128)
  • Optimize is_file_on_ssd() to speedup opening tablespaces on Windows (MDEV-32228)
  • Race condition between page write completion and log checkpoint (MDEV-32511)
  • After crash recovery, Checksum mismatch + Failing assertion: !i || prev_id + 1 == space_id, (MDEV-31851)
  • Deadlock due to log_free_check(), involving trx_purge_truncate_rseg_history() and trx_undo_assign_low() (MDEV-32049)
  • Write-ahead logging is broken for freed pages (MDEV-32552)
  • X-lock on supremum for prepared transaction for RR (MDEV-30165)
  • Assertion failures in log_sort_flush_list upon crash recovery (MDEV-32029)
  • Race condition between page write completion and log checkpoint (MDEV-32511)
  • Assertion `purge_sys.tail.trx_no <= purge_sys.rseg->last_trx_no()' (MDEV-30100)
  • Assertion `index->is_btree() || index->is_ibuf()' failed in btr_search_guess_on_hash (MDEV-30802)
  • InnoDB hang in buf_flush_wait_LRU_batch_end() (MDEV-32134)
  • InnoDB may hang when running out of buffer pool (MDEV-32588)
  • Corrupt index(es) on busy table when using FOREIGN KEY (MDEV-30531)
  • InnoDB Recovery doesn't display encryption message when no encryption configuration passed (MDEV-31098)
  • Wrong information about innodb_checksum_algorithm in the information_schema.SYSTEM_VARIABLES (MDEV-31473)
  • InnoDB may fail to recover after being killed in fil_delete_tablespace() (MDEV-31826)
  • Create separate tpool thread for async aio (MDEV-31095)
  • UNDO logs still growing for write-intensive workloads (MDEV-32050)
  • Slow full index scan in 10.6 vs 10.5 for the (slow) I/O-bound case (MDEV-30986)
  • LOAD DATA into InnoDB w/partitions: huge performance loss, affected 10.6+ (MDEV-31835)
  • Disable read-ahead for temporary tablespace (MDEV-32145)


  • New optimizer_switch setting, cset_narrowing, to enable the Charset Narrowing Optimization (MDEV-32113)
  • Crash when HAVING in a correlated subquery references columns in the outer query (MDEV-29731)
  • Server crashes at TABLE::add_tmp_key (MDEV-32320)
  • Server crashes inside filesort at my_decimal::to_binary (MDEV-32324)
  • Assertion `bitmap_is_set(&m_part_info->read_partitions, m_part_spec.start_part)' failed in ha_partition::handle_ordered_index_scan (MDEV-24283)
  • Crash when searching for the best split of derived table (MDEV-32064)
  • Test case from opt_tvc.test fails with statement memory protection (MDEV-32225)
  • Significant slowdown for query with many outer joins (MDEV-32351)
  • test_if_skip_sort_order() should catch the join types JT_EQ_REF, JT_CONST and JT_SYSTEM and skip sort order for these (MDEV-32475)
  • jointable materialization subquery optimization ignoring errors, then failing ASSERT. (MDEV-31983)
  • Server crashes in JOIN::cleanup after erroneous query with view (MDEV-32164)
  • Prepared statement return wrong result (missing row) (MDEV-9938)
  • Assertion `range->rows >= s->found_records' failed in best_access_path (MDEV-32682)


  • rpl.rpl_parallel_temptable failure due to incorrect commit optimization of temptables (MDEV-10356)
  • Lock wait timeout with INSERT-SELECT, autoinc, and statement-based replication (MDEV-31482)
  • strings/ctype-ucs2.c:2336: my_vsnprintf_utf32: Assertion `(n % 4) == 0' failed in my_vsnprintf_utf32 on INSERT (MDEV-32249)
  • Assertion fails in MDL_context::acquire_lock upon parallel replication of CREATE SEQUENCE (MDEV-31792)
  • SHOW SLAVE STATUS Last_SQL_Errno Race Condition on Errored Slave Restart (MDEV-31177)
  • seconds_behind_master is inaccurate for Delayed replication (MDEV-32265)
  • detailize the semisync replication magic number error (MDEV-32365)
  • Parallel replication deadlock victim preference code errorneously removed (MDEV-31655)
  • Parallel replication lags because innobase_kill_query() may fail to interrupt a lock wait (MDEV-32096)


  • Assertion `state() == s_executing || state() == s_prepared || state() == s_committing || state() == s_must_abort || state() == s_replaying' failed. (MDEV-24912)
  • Assertion `state() == s_executing || state() == s_preparing || state() == s_prepared || state() == s_must_abort || state() == s_aborting || state() == s_cert_failed || state() == s_must_replay' failed (MDEV-31285)
  • wsrep_sst_mariabackup not working on FreeBSD (MDEV-31467)
  • Galera library 26.4.16 fails with every server version (MDEV-32024)
  • Galera node remains paused after interleaving FTWRLs (MDEV-32282)
  • Failed to insert streaming client (MDEV-32051)
  • When set at runtime, wsrep_sst_method accepts any value (MDEV-31470)
  • galera needs packaging script changes to successfully build (MDEV-32642)
  • replication breaks when using optimistic replication and replica is a galera node (MDEV-31833)
  • McAfee database vulnerability scan caused MariaDB crash with signal 6 (system abort) (MDEV-27004)
  • Assertion `mode_ == m_local || transaction_.is_streaming()' failed in int wsrep::client_state::bf_abort(wsrep::seqno) (MDEV-30217)

Data Definition

  • MariaDB crash on calling function (MDEV-23902)
  • ASAN errors in grn_obj_unlink / ha_mroonga::clear_indexes upon index operations (MDEV-31970)
  • vcol circular references lead to stack overflow (MDEV-31112)
  • OPTIMIZE TABLE crash (MDEV-28122)
  • Server crashes in Alter_info::add_stat_drop_index upon CREATE TABLE (MDEV-32449)

Scripts and Clients


  • main.events_stress or events.events_stress fails with view-protocol (MDEV-31455)
  • main.delete_use_source fails (hangs) with view-protocol (MDEV-31457)
  • main.sum_distinct-big and main.merge-big fail with timeout with view-protocol (MDEV-31465)
  • main.secure_file_priv_win fails with 2nd execution PS protocol (MDEV-32023)
  • Windows : mtr output on is messed up with large MTR_PARALLEL (MDEV-32387)
  • main.mysql_client_test_comp failed in buildbot, error on exec (MDEV-16641)
  • main.order_by_pack_big fails with view-protocol (MDEV-31460)
  • mysql_install_db_win.test fails on second execution (MDEV-32232)


  • MariaBackup full backup failed with InnoDB: Failing assertion: success in storage/innobase/fil/ line 657 (MDEV-18200)
  • mbstream breaks page compression on XFS (MDEV-25734)

Character Sets, Data Types, Collations

  • Prefix keys for CHAR work differently for MyISAM vs InnoDB (MDEV-30048)
  • Inconsistent results of DISTINCT with NOPAD (MDEV-30050)
  • Assertion `(length % 4) == 0' failed in my_lengthsp_utf32 on INSERT (MDEV-28835)
  • Compressed varchar values lost on joins when sorting on columns from joined table(s) (MDEV-31724)
  • UBSAN shift exponent X is too large for 64-bit type 'long long int' in sql/ (MDEV-32226)
  • Wrong bit encoding using COALESCE (MDEV-32244)


  • Spider UBSAN runtime error: applying non-zero offset x to null pointer in st_spider_param_string_parse::restore_delims (MDEV-31117)
  • Segfault when setting spider_delete_all_rows to 0 and delete all rows of a spider table, ASAN heap-use-after-free in spider_db_delete_all_rows (MDEV-31996)
  • ASAN errors in spider_fields::free_conn_holder or spider_create_group_by_handler (MDEV-28998)
  • ASAN: heap-buffer-overflow & stack-buffer-overflow in spider_db_mbase_row::append_to_str | SIGSEGV's in memmove_avx_unaligned_erms from memcpy in Binary_string::q_append, in Static_binary_string::q_append and my_strntoull10rnd_8bit | Unknown error 12801 (MDEV-29502)


  • binlog_do_db option breaks importing sql dumps (MDEV-29989)
  • Crashes in MDL_key::mdl_key_init with lower-case-table-names=2 (MDEV-32025)
  • getting error 'Illegal parameter data types row and bigint for operation '+' ' when using ITERATE in a FOR..DO (MDEV-32275)
  • Assertion `arena_for_set_stmt== 0' failed in LEX::set_arena_for_set_stmt upon SET STATEMENT (MDEV-17711)
  • main.mysqlcheck fails on ARM with ASAN use-after-poison in my_mb_wc_filename (MDEV-26494)
  • main.delayed fails with wrong error code or timeout when executed after main.deadlock_ftwrl (MDEV-27523)
  • Assertion failed: !pfs->m_idle || (state == PSI_SOCKET_STATE_ACTIVE) (MDEV-28561)
  • MyISAM wrong server status flags (MDEV-28820)
  • Server crashes in check_sequence_fields upon CREATE TABLE .. SEQUENCE=1 AS SELECT .. (MDEV-29771)
  • slow log Rows_examined out of range (MDEV-30820)
  • "rpm --setugids" breaks PAM authentication (MDEV-30904)
  • incorrect examined rows in case of stored function usage (MDEV-31742)
  • Compilation failing on MacOS (unknown warning option -Wno-unused-but-set-variable) (MDEV-31890)
  • Server crash upon inserting into Mroonga table with compressed column (MDEV-31966)
  • hash unique corrupts index on virtual blobs (MDEV-32012)
  • insert into an empty table fails with hash unique (MDEV-32015)
  • Valgrind/MSAN warnings in dynamic_column_update_move_left (MDEV-32140)
  • Memory leak showed in MDEV-6146 test suite (MDEV-32223)
  • Test from subselect.test fails with statement memory protection (MDEV-32245)
  • Memory leak when executing PS for query with IN subquery (MDEV-32369)
  • Allow the setting of Auto_increment on FK referenced columns (MDEV-32018)
  • mariadb-upgrade fails with sql_safe_updates = on (MDEV-29914)
  • Assertion `!(thd->server_status & (1U | 8192U))' failed in MDL_context::release_transactional_locks (MDEV-32541)
  • Information schema leaks table names and structure to unauthorized users (MDEV-32500)
  • Missing CHACHA20-POLY1305 support in WolfSSL (MDEV-31653)
  • incorrect error about cyclic reference about JSON type virtual column (MDEV-32586)
  • Disable TLS v1.0 and 1.1 for MariaDB (MDEV-31369)
  • Better indication of refusing to start because of ProtectHome (MDEV-25177)
  • Database upgrade fails: slow_log table (MDEV-27757)
  • myrocks_hotbackup.1 and test suite files installed when engine is disabled (MDEV-29993)
  • client_ed25519.dll isn't inluded for HeidiSQL. (MDEV-31315)
  • Assertion `!m_null_value' failed in int FixedBinTypeBundle<FbtImpl>::cmp_item_fbt::compare or in cmp_item_inet6::compare (MDEV-27207)
  • type_test.type_test_double fails with 'NUMERIC_SCALE NULL' (MDEV-22243)
  • LeakSanitizer errors in get_quick_select or Assertion `status_var.local_memory_used == 0 || !debug_assert_on_not_freed_memory' failed (MDEV-32476)
  • Update signal hander user info more compassion and correct url (MDEV-32535)
  • maria-install-db fails on MacOS (MDEV-31871)
  • MSAN / Valgrind errors in Item_func_like::get_mm_leaf upon query from partitioned table (MDEV-32388)
  • MSAN / Valgrind errors in Item_func_like::get_mm_leaf with temporal field (MDEV-32531)
  • ASAN errors in base_list_iterator::next / setup_table_map upon 2nd execution of PS (MDEV-32656)
  • safe_mutex: Found wrong usage of mutex 'LOCK_thd_data' and 'wait_mutex' (MDEV-32728)

Docker Official Images

  • Invert single and double quotes for sql command definitions in due to failure under sql_mode=ANSI_QUOTES - contribution by Dominik Häckel
  • --no-defaults behaviour was corrected - reported by Dominik Häckel
  • Added /docker-entrypoint-init.d for tar{,compression} from mariadb-backup - instructions
  • Refactor docker_mariadb_init in the entrypoint for extending the MariaDB image
  • CIS failure due to world-writable directory /var/run/mysqld, added sticky bit - reported by @ollie1
  • Add PROXY privileges for root@MARIADB_ROOT_HOST - reported by Matthieu Gusmini
  • added --galera_online test, to match what the mariadb-operator does.




For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 11.1.3, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


For a full list of contributors to MariaDB 11.1.3, see the MariaDB Foundation release announcement.

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