MariaDB 11.1.4 Release Notes

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Release date: 7 Feb 2024

MariaDB 11.1 is a current short-term stable series of MariaDB, maintained until August 2024. It is an evolution of MariaDB 11.1 with several entirely new features.

MariaDB 11.1.4 is a Stable (GA) release.

For an overview of MariaDB 11.1 see the What is MariaDB 11.1? page.

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

Notable Items

  • Windows packages were delayed but have now been added to the downloads site


  • Unique hash key on column prefix is computed incorrectly (MDEV-29954)
  • Query from I_S.INNODB_SYS_INDEXES exceeding LIMIT ROWS EXAMINED causes ER_UNKNOWN_ERROR and LeakSanitizer errors in rec_copy_prefix_to_buf_old (MDEV-28613)
  • Assertion `0' failed in row_sel_convert_mysql_key_to_innobase upon UPDATE using a partial-field key prefix in search (MDEV-21245)
  • Assertion failure on REPLACE on ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table (MDEV-31574)
  • Crash emitting "Unsupported meta-data version number" error message (MDEV-29972)
  • LeakSanitizer errors in mem_heap_create_block_func upon query from I_S.INNODB_SYS_TABLES with LIMIT ROWS EXAMINED (MDEV-32890)
  • Inplace alter rebuild increases file size (MDEV-26740)
  • BLOB corruption on UPDATE of PRIMARY KEY with FOREIGN KEY (MDEV-31441)
  • GNU libc posix_fallocate() may be extremely slow (MDEV-32268)
  • InnoDB wrong error message (MDEV-32833)
  • Assertion failure on ALTER TABLE…PAGE_COMPRESSED=1 (MDEV-31000)
  • InnoDB after ALTER TABLE…IMPORT TABLESPACE may not be crash safe (MDEV-32269)
  • InnoDB fails to restore tablespace first page from doublewrite buffer when page is empty (MDEV-32968)
  • innodb_fast_shutdown=0 hang after incomplete startup (MDEV-32798)
  • innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON prevents fast shutdown (MDEV-33062)
  • Adaptive flush recommendation ignores dirty ratio and checkpoint age (MDEV-31939)
  • gcol.gcol_purge contaminates further execution of innodb.gap_locks (MDEV-28682)
  • LPAD in vcol created in ORACLE mode makes table corrupted in non-ORACLE (MDEV-27744)
  • Adaptive flushing is still not getting invoked in 10.5.11 (MDEV-26055)
  • History list is not shrunk unless there is a pause in the workload (MDEV-33213)
  • path separator near ib_buffer_pool incorrect (MDEV-32983)
  • Deadlock between buf_page_get_zip() and buf_pool_t::corrupted_evict() on InnoDB ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED table corruption (MDEV-32371)
  • Empty INSERT crashes with innodb_force_recovery=6 or innodb_read_only=ON (MDEV-31861)
  • Assertion `end_lsn == page_lsn' failed in recv_recover_page (MDEV-33137)
  • Some calls to buf_read_ahead_linear() seem to be useless (MDEV-32068)
  • Opening all .ibd files on InnoDB startup can be slow (MDEV-32027)
  • InnoDB LRU flushing does not run before running out of buffer pool (MDEV-33053)
  • innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON is blocking page writes (MDEV-33112)


  • mariabackup has wrong or missing plugin-dir default? (MDEV-29110)
  • mariabackup fails when innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct contains a fraction (is not an integer) (MDEV-20286)
  • Missing required privilege CONNECTION ADMIN (MDEV-33006)
  • If tables are frequently created, renamed, dropped, a backup cannot be restored (MDEV-32939)
  • BACKUP LOCKS on table to be accessible to those with database LOCK TABLES privileges (MDEV-28367)


  • Wrong function name in ER_JSON_PATH_NO_WILDCARD error message for JSON_REPLACE (MDEV-24541)
  • JSON_VALID fail to validate integer zero in scientific notation (MDEV-32587)
  • ASAN errors in Item_func_json_contains_path::val_int upon PS execution (MDEV-32867)
  • mysql_json cannot be used on newly created table (MDEV-32235)
  • Problems with a stored function EMPTY() on upgrade to 10.6 (MDEV-31616)


  • Thread (10.6+) and server hangs (10.4/10.5) in 'Opening tables' (on optimized builds) and SIGABRT in safe_mutex_lock (on debug) on I_S read when using Spider (MDEV-29421)
  • SIGSEGV in spider_db_mbase::append_lock_tables on LOCK TABLES (MDEV-29963)
  • ASAN heap-use-after-free in spider_link_get_key on LOCK TABLES (MDEV-31357)
  • Crash when lateral derived is guaranteed to return no rows (MDEV-31279)
  • Bogus error executing PS for query using CTE with renaming of columns (MDEV-31995)
  • Spider: Valid LEFT JOIN results in ERROR 1064 (MDEV-26247)
  • Trying to lock uninitialized mutex or hang upon shutdown after using Spider with query_cache (MDEV-28739)
  • Spider tests failing in asan/valgrind builds (MDEV-32849)
  • Backport fixes to spider init bugs to 10.4-10.6 once they have SQL service (MDEV-29870)
  • Server crash with SIGSEGV or dynamic-stack-buffer-overflow in spider_db_mbase_util::append_table (MDEV-29163)
  • heap-use-after-free in ha_spider::lock_tables(), highly sporadic SIGSEGV in intern_close_table (MDEV-30014)
  • Syntax error upon query with subquery from Spider table (MDEV-30392)
  • Spider doesn't recognize semi JOIN (MDEV-31645)
  • MariaDB, SPIDER engine, usage of REGEXP (MDEV-32986)
  • Spider: variable spider_same_server_link not functioning correctly (MDEV-29718)
  • Spider fails to autodiscover structure (did in <=10.5) and reports ERROR 12500 (HY000): unknown (MDEV-33008)
  • Spider spawns unnecessarily many system threads for stats synchronization (MDEV-29020)
  • SIGSEGV in spider_db_delete_all_rows on TRUNCATE, UBSAN: member call on null pointer of type 'struct spider_db_handler' in spider_db_delete_all_rows (MDEV-33191)
  • mariadb-upgrade fails with 'System table spider_tables is different version' => Can't create database 'performance_schema' (MDEV-27103)
  • Spider: SIGSEGV in spider_db_direct_delete, SIGSEGV in spider_db_connect, ASAN: heap-use-after-free in spider_db_direct_delete (MDEV-28683)
  • No error for DROP TABLE and no warning for DROP TABLE IF EXISTS with absent table when Spider plugin is included (MDEV-30170)
  • ASAN errors in spider_conn_queue_and_merge_loop_check (MDEV-29002)


  • Crash caused by multi-table UPDATE over derived with hanging CTE (MDEV-28615)
  • Crash on query using CTE with the same name as a base table (MDEV-31657)
  • Crash with query using constant subquery as left part of IN subquery (MDEV-29362)
  • Incorrect result interceptor passed to mysql_explain_union() (MDEV-33165)
  • Add optimizer_adjust_secondary_key_costs variable to influence how costs for secondary keys are calculated. (MDEV-33118)
  • INSERT ... SELECT Does not produce an optimizer trace (MDEV-29298)
  • Unusable key notes do not get reported for some operations (MDEV-32958)
  • Unusable key notes report wrong predicates for > and >= (MDEV-32957)

Data Definition, Data Manipulation

  • ALTER SEQUENCE IF NOT EXISTS non_existing_seq Errors rather than note (MDEV-32795)
  • Unexpected ER_ERROR_ON_RENAME upon DROP non-existing FOREIGN KEY with ALGORITHM=COPY (MDEV-22230)
  • FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS does not prevent non-copy alter from creating invalid FK structure (MDEV-29092)
  • Assertion `!"wrong page type"' or Assertion `"wrong page type" == 0' failed in innobase_instant_try on ALTER (MDEV-18322)
  • Assertion (col.vers_sys_end()) upon inplace ALTER with virtual columns (MDEV-20545)
  • DELETE with ORDER BY and semijoin optimization causing crash (MDEV-32212)
  • Invalid expr in cleanup_session_expr() upon INSERT DELAYED (MDEV-29932)
  • SIGSEGV in my_decimal::operator= and Assertion `0' failed in Item_type_holder::val_decimal on SELECT (MDEV-29070)
  • LONG UNIQUE does not work like unique key when using replace (MDEV-32837)
  • LONG UNIQUE gives error when used with REPLACE (MDEV-32839)
  • Backport MDEV-32532 to 10.6 (MDEV-32903)
  • Assertion `0' failed in Item_type_holder::val_int (MDEV-29494)

Character Sets, Data Types

  • InnoDB: CHAR+nopad does not work well (MDEV-26743)
  • CAST(AS UNSIGNED) fails with --view-protocol (MDEV-32645)
  • JSON_ARRAYAGG charset issue (MDEV-24784)
  • Server crash in my_decimal::operator= or unexpected ER_DUP_ENTRY upon comparison with INET6 and similar types (MDEV-32879)



  • Node has been dropped from the cluster on Startup / Shutdown with async replica (MDEV-31413)
  • Inconsistency in Galera caused by ALTER being aborted before entering TOI mode (MDEV-32938)
  • Assertion `total_length + thd->wsrep_sr().log_position() == saved_pos' failed in int wsrep_write_cache_inc(THD*, IO_CACHE*, size_t*) (MDEV-28971)
  • wsrep_provider_options can be truncated on deep and long directory paths (MDEV-32634)
  • Server crashes in rpl_sql_thread_info::cached_charset_compare / wsrep_apply_events (MDEV-22232)
  • Galera crash when "create a table as select" (MDEV-27806)
  • Cluster is inconsistent after SAVEPOINT statement is rolled back (MDEV-32549)
  • WSREP GTID MODE is inconsistent (MDEV-31905)
  • IST "Donor does not know my secret" with ssl-mode=VERIFY_CA (MDEV-32344)


  • Server crashes in Item_func_binlog_gtid_pos::val_str / Binary_string::c_ptr_safe (MDEV-33045)
  • binlog corruption (/tmp no space left on device at the same moment) (MDEV-27436)
  • multi source replication filters breaking GTID semantic (MDEV-26632)
  • SHOW SLAVE STATUS Can Deadlock an Errored Slave (MDEV-10653)
  • main.rpl_mysqldump_slave Fails with "Master binlog wasn't deleted" Assertion (MDEV-32953)
  • rpl_seconds_behind_master_spike Sensitive to IO Thread Stop Position (MDEV-33327)
  • Binlog Checksum is Zeroed by Zlib if Part of Event Data is Empty (MDEV-33283)
  • "Read semi-sync reply magic number error" warnings on master (MDEV-32551)
  • Second Semi-sync Replica Can Hang at Connect Time (MDEV-32792)
  • Semi-sync ACKed Transaction can Timeout and Switch Off Semi-sync with Multiple Replicas (MDEV-32960)
  • Semi-Sync Ack_Receiver Thread Should Allow COM_QUIT Command (MDEV-32385)


  • As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 11.1 for Fedora 37 and Ubuntu 23.04 "Lunar"
  • s3_debug is now dynamic, and s3_protocol_version contains new options, and old options have been deprecated (MDEV-32884)
  • New OLD_MODE value, NO_NULL_COLLATION_IDS, a compatibility setting to support connectors (in particular MySQL Connector/NET) that give an exception when collation ids returned by SHOW COLLATION are NULL. It is automatically set when a MySQL Connector/NET connection is determined.
  • Upgrade HeidiSQL to 12.6.
  • Using two temporary tables in OPTIMIZE TABLE lead to crash (MDEV-31523)
  • REGEXP_REPLACE treats empty strings different than REPLACE in ORACLE mode (MDEV-29095)
  • CREATE UNIQUE INDEX fails with "ERROR 1286 (42000): Unknown storage engine 'partition'" (MDEV-21618)
  • Failure when executing PS for query using IN subquery (MDEV-32569)
  • Potential memory leak on execuing of create view statement (MDEV-32466)
  • Assertion failures (MDEV-32965)
  • Two JSON related tests running in PS mode fail on server built with -DWITH_PROTECT_STATEMENT_MEMROOT=YES (MDEV-32733)
  • Alter sequence 2nd ps fails while alter sequence 2nd time (no ps) succeeds (MDEV-33169)
  • Set TaskMax=inifinity in the MariaDB systemd unit (MDEV-30236)
  • Unreliable autocommit flag on connection creation (MDEV-32875)
  • A connection can control RAND() in following connection (MDEV-33148)
  • THD::rli_fake/rgi_fake not cleared on new connection (MDEV-32844)
  • Assertion failures in tdc_remove_table upon interrupted CREATE TABLE LIKE <sequence> (MDEV-20471)
  • Server crash in find_field_in_table (MDEV-32082)
  • LPAD in vcol created in ORACLE mode makes table corrupted in non-ORACLE (MDEV-27744)
  • Failure to call SP invoking another SP with parameter requiring type conversion (MDEV-33270)
  • The database part is not case sensitive in SP names (MDEV-33019)
  • EXCHANGE PARTITION with non-matching vcol expression segfault (MDEV-28127)
  • Wrong user in SET DEFAULT ROLE error (MDEV-26875)
  • quote(NULL) returns incorrect result in view ('NU' instead of 'NULL') (MDEV-28651)
  • mysql.slow_log reports incorrect start time (MDEV-11628)
  • Update federated table and column privileges (MDEV-32984)
  • Disable transparent huge pages after page buffers have been allocated (MDEV-33279)
  • Deprecate secure_auth=0 (MDEV-32617)
  • sys schema view session_ssl_status is empty (MDEV-32751)
  • Memory pressure (MDEV-24670)


For a complete list of changes made in MariaDB 11.1.4, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.


For a full list of contributors to MariaDB 11.1.4, see the MariaDB Foundation release announcement.

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