MariaDB 5.2.1 Changelog

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Release date: 18 Jun 2010

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

The revision number links will take you to the revision's page on Launchpad. On Launchpad you can view more details of the revision and view diffs of the code modified in that revision.

  • Revision #2784: don't hide old_password_plugin from embedded, it may be compiled with grant support
  • Revision #2785: Automerge mariadb 5.1 -> mariadb 5.2
  • Revision #2786: Merge OQGraph into MariaDB 5.2.
  • Revision #2787: small changes to [[mwl:43]]:
    • consistency: don't use "index" and "key" interchangeably
      • rename "key" to "index"
    • consistency: all option types are logical, besides ULL
      • rename ULL to NUMBER
    • don't accept floats where integers are expected
    • accept hexadecimal where integers are expected
  • Revision #2788: create table options bug: alter table does not reset HA_OPTION_TEXT_CREATE_OPTIONS when the last option value is removed
  • Revision #2789: create table options bug: parse_engine_table_options() was only called when there was at least option with a non-default value. otherwise it was not called and option structure was not allocated at all. NULL pointer dereference in ::open().
  • Revision #2790: A temporary solution to make CREATE TABLE attributes to work when a table is partitioned
  • Revision #2791: make table option reader more future-proof
  • Revision #2792: don't error out on unknown options in the replication thread or when opening a table
  • Revision #2793: crash on --with-embedded-privilege-control builds:
    1. fix broken change user handling (no restart should happen in the normal case)
    2. add assert to guarantee that we never send a request to change to the same plugin
    3. "fix" plugin string as sent by the client to be able to compare native plugins by pointers
    4. more complete MYSQL initialization in the embedded case
    5. change_user.test updated to handle -with-embedded-privilege-control builds
  • Revision #2794: oqgraph fix: not all gcc versions support -fvisibility-inlines-hidden
  • Revision #2795: merge 5.1->5.2
  • Revision #2796: mysql: don't crash when --show-warnings is enabled and the server suddenly goes away
  • Revision #2797: rename "partitioned key cache" to "segmented"
  • Revision #2798: first initialize variable, then use it, not the other way around
  • Revision #2799: only run maria tests if maria is compiled in
  • Revision #2800: MWL#43: initialize lex->option_list for foreign keys
  • Revision #2801: merge 5.1->5.2
  • Revision #2802: handle a case when a user connects with a password to a passwordless account
  • Revision #2803: fixes for test suite
  • Revision #2804: include guards
  • Revision #2805: fixes for a few small MySQL bugs/issues that impact the engines, as discussed in the Storage Engine summit
    • remove handler::index_read_last()
    • create handler::keyread_read_time() (was get_index_only_read_time() in
    • ha_show_status() allows engine's show_status() to fail
    • fix key_cmp_if_same() to work for floats and doubles
    • set table->status in the server, don't force engines to do it
    • increment status vars in the server, don't force engines to do it
  • Revision #2811: innodb_plugin needs to be built with -lmysqlservices
  • Revision #2812: bug in converting st_mysql_plugin to st_maria_plugin - all but the last plugins in a dl were lost
  • Revision #2814: --plugin-maturity command-line option
  • Revision #2815: fix for valgrind warning
  • Revision #2816: plugin_maturity.test needs example plugin to be built


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