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Release date: 22 Sep 2011

For the highlights of this release, see the release notes.

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  • Revision #3033 [merge] : Fri 2011-09-16 18:30:46 +0200
  • Revision #3032 : Thu 2011-09-15 16:56:06 +0300
    • Fixed race condition that could cause diff to fail.
      • (Code taken from 5.5)
  • Revision #3031 : Thu 2011-09-15 10:36:17 +0300
    • Fixed test to be repeatable
  • Revision #3030 : Wed 2011-09-14 12:48:08 +0300
    • Reset variable to not access it uninitialized
  • Revision #3029 : Tue 2011-09-13 18:46:47 +0300
    • Increased version number
    • Give proper error to client on shutdown.
  • Revision #3028 [merge] : Sat 2011-09-10 09:37:55 +0300
    • Automatic merge
      • Revision #3024.1.2 Fri 2011-09-09 19:44:07 +0300
        • Fixed that automatic killing of delayed insert thread (in flush, alter table etc) will not abort auto-repair of MyISAM table.
        • Give more information when finding an error in a MyISAM table.
        • When killing system thread, use KILL_SYSTEM_THREAD instead of KILL_CONNECTION to make it easier to ignore the signal in sensitive context (like auto-repair)
        • Added new kill level: KILL_SERVER that will in the future to be used to signal killed by shutdown.
        • Add more warnings about killed connections when warning level > 3
      • Revision #3024.1.1 Fri 2011-09-02 12:41:20 +0300
        • Fixed Bug #814238 "safe_mutex issues must be assertions in debug binary"
        • Added --debug-assert-on-error variable which, if set, will cause safe_mutex to assert if it founds an error.
  • Revision #3027 : Thu 2011-09-08 16:57:46 +0300
    • Bug #813418 fix.
      • The problem was that optimization code did not take into account later feature when instad of NOT before BETWEEN it has negated flag into the Item_func_between inherited from Item_func_neg_opt. So optimizer tried process NOT BETWEEN as BETWEEN.
      • The patch just switches off the optimisation for NOT BETWEEN as it was before when NOT function was really used.
  • Revision #3026 : Mon 2011-09-05 09:29:49 +0300
    • Fix of Bug #780386.
      • ALL subquery should return TRUE if subquery rowa set is empty independently of left part. The problem was that Item_func_(eq,ne,gt,ge,lt,le) do not call execution of second argument if first is NULL no in this case subquery will not be executed and when Item_func_not_all calls any_value() of the subquery or aggregation function which report that there was rows. So for NULL < ALL (SELECT...) result was FALSE instead of TRUE.
      • Fix is just swapping of arguments of Item_func_(eq,ne,gt,ge,lt,le) (with changing the operation if it is needed) so that result will be the same (for examole a < b is equal to b > a). This fix exploit the fact that first argument will be executed in any case.
  • Revision #3025 : Mon 2011-09-05 08:15:46 +0300
    • Fix pbxt suite to keep the same opti9misation it was before.
  • Revision #3024 : Fri 2011-09-02 10:11:13 +0300
    • Bug #823169 fix.
      • For ANY subqueries NULLs should be ignored (if there is other values) when finding max min.
      • For ALL subqueries NULLs should be saved if they found.
      • Optimisation for ALL suqbueries if NULL is possible in the SELECT list with max/min aggregate function switched off.
      • Some test changed where NULL is not used but optimization with max/min aggregate function important so NOT NULL added.
  • Revision #3023 : Fri 2011-09-02 01:22:34 +0300
    • Added logging of all errors from my_read/my_write/my_pread/my_pwrite/my_open & my_malloc to mysqld error log if one sets log-warning to 10 or 11
      • The idea is that my_global_flags is ored to the MyFlags parameter for the above functions if the MY_WME flag is not set.
      • As the my_global_flags has ME_JUST_INFO (mark error as 'note') and possible ME_NOREFRESH (write error to log) this will force mysqld to log the not critical error to the log as a note.
  • Revision #3022 : Thu 2011-09-01 21:18:29 +0300
    • Fixed non critical buffer overflow bug in open_binary_frm() that could cause ASSERT
    • Added more printing of errors to myisamchk.
  • Revision #3021 : Thu 2011-09-01 21:13:09 +0300
    • Added variable ARIA_CHECKPOINT_LOG_ACTIVITY to allow one to specify how often we should do a checkpoint.
    • Added more error printing to log if log_warnings > 2
    • Give an error if checkpoint record is not correct,
  • Revision #3020 : Mon 2011-08-29 20:38:21 +0300
    • Added logging of all messages (also system warnings) one gets during a MyISAM recovery or auto-recovery.


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