MariaDB Connector/C 2.3.4 Changelog

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/C is:
MariaDB Connector/C 3.3.8

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Release date: 4 Dec 2017

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  • Revision #4bbcced 2017-10-02 09:08:03 +0200
    • CONC-282: Connector/C now provides additional information for package version mariadb_config --cc_version lists the package version Beside MARIADB_PACKAGE_VERSION numeric representation MARIADB_PACKAGE_VERSION_ID can be used now within preprocessor directives
  • Revision #b3c8de2 2017-10-02 09:07:14 +0200
    • Fix test case number
  • Revision #a028307 2017-09-25 13:51:01 +0200
    • Fix for CONC-282: mysql_stmt_fetch_column doesn't work with prior call to mysql_stmt_store_result - If no bind variables were bound or the function mysql_stmt_store_result was not called before, the internal bind variables (stmt->bind) was not filled (lengths and null values)
  • Revision #86c4488 2017-09-22 06:49:36 +0200
    • OpenSSL fixes: - When negotiating tls protocol during handshake, use server preferences instead of client preferences. This will allow to use TLSv12 (OpenSSL server) and/or TLSv1.1 (Yassl server) - Don't check server ca unless verification flag was set. This will allow Connector/C to establish a tls/ssl connection without certificates. Bumped version number to 2.3.4


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