MariaDB Connector/C 3.0.0 Release Notes

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/C is:
MariaDB Connector/C 3.3.10

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Release date: 20 Jan 2016

This is an Alpha release of MariaDB Connector/C, formerly known as the MariaDB Client Library for C. As with any other pre-production release, cautions should be taken when installing on production systems or systems with critical data. Not all of the features, planned for the final MariaDB Connector/C 3.0 release are implemented yet.

For a description of this library see the MariaDB Connector/C page.


Binary packages for Windows (32 and 64-bit) and generic Linux packages as well as source code packages are available from the MariaDB download page

New features


  • In addition to OpenSSL the following SSL libraries are supported in Connector/C 3.0:
    • GnuTLS
    • Windows Schannel. SChannel requires no other external libraries besides the Windows system libraries, and is the default for SSL Support on Windows operating systems.
  • Support of the TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocols.
  • Support of passphrase protected private keys.


All plugins can either be linked statically or built as shared objects (or dynamic link libraries on Windows)

  • pluggable Virtual IO (PVIO) for communication via socket, named pipe and shared memory
  • connection plugins, e.g for aurora failover or replication (master write, slave read)
  • remote IO plugin, which allows to access remote files (via http, https, ftp, ldap, ..)
  • Trace plugin (for analyzing and dumping network traffic)

New API functions

  • mariadb_get_info and mariadb_get_infov (variable argument list) for obtaining general and connection specific values.
  • mariadb_get_charset_by_name and mariadb_get_charset_by_nr which return charset information for a given internal number or name of character set. These functions have been previously used internally by MariaDB Connector/ODBC and are now exported, so they can be used also within plugins.
  • mysql_get_option and mysql_get_optionv (variable argument list) for obtaining option values for a given connection.
  • mysql_reconnect which was used internally before (if the option MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT was set) is now part of the API and can be used by applications and plugins to reestablish a failing connection

We will cover new functionality in detail with a couple of blog entries during the next days. The first one "What's new in Connector/C 3.0: Part I SSL" can be found here


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