MariaDB Error Code Reference

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MariaDB shares error codes with MySQL, as well as adding a number of new error codes specific to MariaDB.

An example of an error code is as follows:

ERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected

There are three pieces of information returned in an error:

  • A numeric error code, in this case 1046. Error codes from 1900 and up are specific to MariaDB, while error codes from 1000 to 1800 are shared by MySQL and MariaDB.
  • An SQLSTATE value, consisting of five characters, in this case 3D000. These codes are standard to ODBC and ANSI SQL. When MariaDB cannot allocate a standard SQLSTATE code, a generic HY000, or general error, is used.
  • A string describing the error, in this case No database selected.

New error codes are being continually being added as new features are added. For a definitive list, see the file sql/share/errmsg-utf8.txt, as well as include/mysqld_error.h in the build directory, generated by the comp_err tool. Also, the perror tool can be used to get the error message which is associated with a given error code.

Shared MariaDB/MySQL error codes

Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1004HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_FILECan't create file '%s' (errno: %d)
1005HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_TABLECan't create table '%s' (errno: %d)
1006HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_DBCan't create database '%s' (errno: %d)
1007HY000ER_DB_CREATE_EXISTSCan't create database '%s'; database exists
1008HY000ER_DB_DROP_EXISTSCan't drop database '%s'; database doesn't exist
1009HY000ER_DB_DROP_DELETEError dropping database (can't delete '%s', errno: %d)
1010HY000ER_DB_DROP_RMDIRError dropping database (can't rmdir '%s', errno: %d)
1011HY000ER_CANT_DELETE_FILEError on delete of '%s' (errno: %d)
1012HY000ER_CANT_FIND_SYSTEM_RECCan't read record in system table
1013HY000ER_CANT_GET_STATCan't get status of '%s' (errno: %d)
1014HY000ER_CANT_GET_WDCan't get working directory (errno: %d)
1015HY000ER_CANT_LOCKCan't lock file (errno: %d)
1016HY000ER_CANT_OPEN_FILECan't open file: '%s' (errno: %d)
1017HY000ER_FILE_NOT_FOUNDCan't find file: '%s' (errno: %d)
1018HY000ER_CANT_READ_DIRCan't read dir of '%s' (errno: %d)
1019HY000ER_CANT_SET_WDCan't change dir to '%s' (errno: %d)
1020HY000ER_CHECKREADRecord has changed since last read in table '%s'
1021HY000ER_DISK_FULLDisk full (%s); waiting for someone to free some space...
102223000ER_DUP_KEYCan't write; duplicate key in table '%s'
1023HY000ER_ERROR_ON_CLOSEError on close of '%s' (errno: %d)
1024HY000ER_ERROR_ON_READError reading file '%s' (errno: %d)
1025HY000ER_ERROR_ON_RENAMEError on rename of '%s' to '%s' (errno: %d)
1026HY000ER_ERROR_ON_WRITEError writing file '%s' (errno: %d)
1027HY000ER_FILE_USED'%s' is locked against change
1028HY000ER_FILSORT_ABORTSort aborted
1029HY000ER_FORM_NOT_FOUNDView '%s' doesn't exist for '%s'
1030HY000ER_GET_ERRNGot error %d from storage engine
1031HY000ER_ILLEGAL_HATable storage engine for '%s' doesn't have this option
1032HY000ER_KEY_NOT_FOUNDCan't find record in '%s'
1033HY000ER_NOT_FORM_FILEIncorrect information in file: '%s'
1034HY000ER_NOT_KEYFILEIncorrect key file for table '%s'; try to repair it
1035HY000ER_OLD_KEYFILEOld key file for table '%s'; repair it!
1036HY000ER_OPEN_AS_READONLYTable '%s' is read only
1037HY001ER_OUTOFMEMORYOut of memory; restart server and try again (needed %d bytes)
1038HY001ER_OUT_OF_SORTMEMORYOut of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size
1039HY000ER_UNEXPECTED_EOFUnexpected EOF found when reading file '%s' (Errno: %d)
104008004ER_CON_COUNT_ERRORToo many connections
1041HY000ER_OUT_OF_RESOURCESOut of memory; check if mysqld or some other process uses all available memory; if not, you may have to use 'ulimit' to allow mysqld to use more memory or you can add more swap space
104208S01ER_BAD_HOST_ERRORCan't get hostname for your address
104308S01ER_HANDSHAKE_ERRORBad handshake
104442000ER_DBACCESS_DENIED_ERRORAccess denied for user '%s'@'%s' to database '%s'
104528000ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERRORAccess denied for user '%s'@'%s' (using password: %s)
10463D000ER_NO_DB_ERRORNo database selected
104708S01ER_UNKNOWN_COM_ERRORUnknown command
104823000ER_BAD_NULL_ERRORColumn '%s' cannot be null
104942000ER_BAD_DB_ERRORUnknown database '%s'
105042S01ER_TABLE_EXISTS_ERRORTable '%s' already exists
105142S02ER_BAD_TABLE_ERRORUnknown table '%s'
105223000ER_NON_UNIQ_ERRORColumn '%s' in %s is ambiguous
105308S01ER_SERVER_SHUTDOWNServer shutdown in progress
105442S22ER_BAD_FIELD_ERRORUnknown column '%s' in '%s'
105542000ER_WRONG_FIELD_WITH_GROUP'%s' isn't in GROUP BY
105642000ER_WRONG_GROUP_FIELDCan't group on '%s'
105742000ER_WRONG_SUM_SELECTStatement has sum functions and columns in same statement
105821S01ER_WRONG_VALUE_COUNTColumn count doesn't match value count
105942000ER_TOO_LONG_IDENTIdentifier name '%s' is too long
106042S21ER_DUP_FIELDNAMEDuplicate column name '%s'
106142000ER_DUP_KEYNAMEDuplicate key name '%s'
106223000ER_DUP_ENTRYDuplicate entry '%s' for key %d
106342000ER_WRONG_FIELD_SPECIncorrect column specifier for column '%s'
106442000ER_PARSE_ERROR%s near '%s' at line %d
106542000ER_EMPTY_QUERYQuery was empty
106642000ER_NONUNIQ_TABLENot unique table/alias: '%s'
106742000ER_INVALID_DEFAULTInvalid default value for '%s'
106842000ER_MULTIPLE_PRI_KEYMultiple primary key defined
106942000ER_TOO_MANY_KEYSToo many keys specified; max %d keys allowed
107042000ER_TOO_MANY_KEY_PARTSToo many key parts specified; max %d parts allowed
107142000ER_TOO_LONG_KEYSpecified key was too long; max key length is %d bytes
107242000ER_KEY_COLUMN_DOES_NOT_EXITSKey column '%s' doesn't exist in table
107342000ER_BLOB_USED_AS_KEYBLOB column '%s' can't be used in key specification with the used table type
107442000ER_TOO_BIG_FIELDLENGTHColumn length too big for column '%s' (max = %lu); use BLOB or TEXT instead
107542000ER_WRONG_AUTO_KEYIncorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key
1076HY000ER_READY%s: ready for connections. Version: '%s' socket: '%s' port: %d
1077HY000ER_NORMAL_SHUTDOWN%s: Normal shutdown
1078HY000ER_GOT_SIGNAL%s: Got signal %d. Aborting!
1079HY000ER_SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE%s: Shutdown complete
108008S01ER_FORCING_CLOSE%s: Forcing close of thread %ld user: '%s'
108108S01ER_IPSOCK_ERRORCan't create IP socket
108242S12ER_NO_SUCH_INDEXTable '%s' has no index like the one used in CREATE INDEX; recreate the table
108342000ER_WRONG_FIELD_TERMINATORSField separator argument is not what is expected; check the manual
108442000ER_BLOBS_AND_NO_TERMINATEDYou can't use fixed rowlength with BLOBs; please use 'fields terminated by'
1085HY000ER_TEXTFILE_NOT_READABLEThe file '%s' must be in the database directory or be readable by all
1086HY000ER_FILE_EXISTS_ERRORFile '%s' already exists
1087HY000ER_LOAD_INFRecords: %ld Deleted: %ld Skipped: %ld Warnings: %ld
1088HY000ER_ALTER_INFRecords: %ld Duplicates: %ld
1089HY000ER_WRONG_SUB_KEYIncorrect prefix key; the used key part isn't a string, the used length is longer than the key part, or the storage engine doesn't support unique prefix keys
109042000ER_CANT_REMOVE_ALL_FIELDSYou can't delete all columns with ALTER TABLE; use DROP TABLE instead
109142000ER_CANT_DROP_FIELD_OR_KEYCan't DROP '%s'; check that column/key exists
1092HY000ER_INSERT_INFRecords: %ld Duplicates: %ld Warnings: %ld
1093HY000ER_UPDATE_TABLE_USEDYou can't specify target table '%s' for update in FROM clause
1094HY000ER_NO_SUCH_THREADUnknown thread id: %lu
1095HY000ER_KILL_DENIED_ERRORYou are not owner of thread %lu
1096HY000ER_NO_TABLES_USEDNo tables used
1097HY000ER_TOO_BIG_SETToo many strings for column %s and SET
1098HY000ER_NO_UNIQUE_LOGFILECan't generate a unique log-filename %s.(1-999)
1099HY000ER_TABLE_NOT_LOCKED_FOR_WRITETable '%s' was locked with a READ lock and can't be updated
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1100HY000ER_TABLE_NOT_LOCKEDTable '%s' was not locked with LOCK TABLES
1101ER_UNUSED_17You should never see it
110242000ER_WRONG_DB_NAMEIncorrect database name '%s'
110342000ER_WRONG_TABLE_NAMEIncorrect table name '%s'
110442000ER_TOO_BIG_SELECTThe SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET MAX_JOIN_SIZE=# if the SELECT is okay
1105HY000ER_UNKNOWN_ERRORUnknown error
110642000ER_UNKNOWN_PROCEDUREUnknown procedure '%s'
110742000ER_WRONG_PARAMCOUNT_TO_PROCEDUREIncorrect parameter count to procedure '%s'
1108HY000ER_WRONG_PARAMETERS_TO_PROCEDUREIncorrect parameters to procedure '%s'
110942S02ER_UNKNOWN_TABLEUnknown table '%s' in %s
111042000ER_FIELD_SPECIFIED_TWICEColumn '%s' specified twice
1111HY000ER_INVALID_GROUP_FUNC_USEInvalid use of group function
111242000ER_UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSIONTable '%s' uses an extension that doesn't exist in this MariaDB version
111342000ER_TABLE_MUST_HAVE_COLUMNSA table must have at least 1 column
1114HY000ER_RECORD_FILE_FULLThe table '%s' is full
111542000ER_UNKNOWN_CHARACTER_SETUnknown character set: '%s'
1116HY000ER_TOO_MANY_TABLESToo many tables; MariaDB can only use %d tables in a join
1117HY000ER_TOO_MANY_FIELDSToo many columns
111842000ER_TOO_BIG_ROWSIZERow size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is %ld. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs
1119HY000ER_STACK_OVERRUNThread stack overrun: Used: %ld of a %ld stack. Use 'mysqld --thread_stack=#' to specify a bigger stack if needed
112042000ER_WRONG_OUTER_JOINCross dependency found in OUTER JOIN; examine your ON conditions
112142000ER_NULL_COLUMN_IN_INDEXTable handler doesn't support NULL in given index. Please change column '%s' to be NOT NULL or use another handler
1122HY000ER_CANT_FIND_UDFCan't load function '%s'
1123HY000ER_CANT_INITIALIZE_UDFCan't initialize function '%s'; %s
1124HY000ER_UDF_NO_PATHSNo paths allowed for shared library
1125HY000ER_UDF_EXISTSFunction '%s' already exists
1126HY000ER_CANT_OPEN_LIBRARYCan't open shared library '%s' (Errno: %d %s)
1127HY000ER_CANT_FIND_DL_ENTRYCan't find symbol '%s' in library
1128HY000ER_FUNCTION_NOT_DEFINEDFunction '%s' is not defined
1129HY000ER_HOST_IS_BLOCKEDHost '%s' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'
1130HY000ER_HOST_NOT_PRIVILEGEDHost '%s' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server
113142000ER_PASSWORD_ANONYMOUS_USERYou are using MariaDB as an anonymous user and anonymous users are not allowed to change passwords
113242000ER_PASSWORD_NOT_ALLOWEDYou must have privileges to update tables in the mysql database to be able to change passwords for others
113342000ER_PASSWORD_NO_MATCHCan't find any matching row in the user table
1134HY000ER_UPDATE_INFRows matched: %ld Changed: %ld Warnings: %ld
1135HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_THREADCan't create a new thread (Errno %d); if you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug
113621S01ER_WRONG_VALUE_COUNT_ON_ROWColumn count doesn't match value count at row %ld
1137HY000ER_CANT_REOPEN_TABLECan't reopen table: '%s'
113822004ER_INVALID_USE_OF_NULLInvalid use of NULL value
113942000ER_REGEXP_ERRORGot error '%s' from regexp
114042000ER_MIX_OF_GROUP_FUNC_AND_FIELDSMixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT(),...) with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause
114142000ER_NONEXISTING_GRANTThere is no such grant defined for user '%s' on host '%s'
114242000ER_TABLEACCESS_DENIED_ERROR%s command denied to user '%s'@'%s' for table '%s'
114342000ER_COLUMNACCESS_DENIED_ERROR%s command denied to user '%s'@'%s' for column '%s' in table '%s'
114442000ER_ILLEGAL_GRANT_FOR_TABLEIllegal GRANT/REVOKE command; please consult the manual to see which privileges can be used
114542000ER_GRANT_WRONG_HOST_OR_USERThe host or user argument to GRANT is too long
114642S02ER_NO_SUCH_TABLETable '%s.%s' doesn't exist
114742000ER_NONEXISTING_TABLE_GRANTThere is no such grant defined for user '%s' on host '%s' on table '%s'
114842000ER_NOT_ALLOWED_COMMANDThe used command is not allowed with this MariaDB version
114942000ER_SYNTAX_ERRORYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use
1150HY000ER_DELAYED_CANT_CHANGE_LOCKDelayed insert thread couldn't get requested lock for table %s
1151HY000ER_TOO_MANY_DELAYED_THREADSToo many delayed threads in use
115208S01ER_ABORTING_CONNECTIONAborted connection %ld to db: '%s' user: '%s' (%s)
115308S01ER_NET_PACKET_TOO_LARGEGot a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
115408S01ER_NET_READ_ERROR_FROM_PIPEGot a read error from the connection pipe
115508S01ER_NET_FCNTL_ERRORGot an error from fcntl()
115608S01ER_NET_PACKETS_OUT_OF_ORDERGot packets out of order
115708S01ER_NET_UNCOMPRESS_ERRORCouldn't uncompress communication packet
115808S01ER_NET_READ_ERRORGot an error reading communication packets
115908S01ER_NET_READ_INTERRUPTEDGot timeout reading communication packets
116008S01ER_NET_ERROR_ON_WRITEGot an error writing communication packets
116108S01ER_NET_WRITE_INTERRUPTEDGot timeout writing communication packets
116242000ER_TOO_LONG_STRINGResult string is longer than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
116342000ER_TABLE_CANT_HANDLE_BLOBThe used table type doesn't support BLOB/TEXT columns
116442000ER_TABLE_CANT_HANDLE_AUTO_INCREMENTThe used table type doesn't support AUTO_INCREMENT columns
1165HY000ER_DELAYED_INSERT_TABLE_LOCKEDINSERT DELAYED can't be used with table '%s' because it is locked with LOCK TABLES
116642000ER_WRONG_COLUMN_NAMEIncorrect column name '%s'
116742000ER_WRONG_KEY_COLUMNThe used storage engine can't index column '%s'
1168HY000ER_WRONG_MRG_TABLEUnable to open underlying table which is differently defined or of non-MyISAM type or doesn't exist
116923000ER_DUP_UNIQUECan't write, because of unique constraint, to table '%s'
117042000ER_BLOB_KEY_WITHOUT_LENGTHBLOB/TEXT column '%s' used in key specification without a key length
117142000ER_PRIMARY_CANT_HAVE_NULLAll parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; if you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead
117242000ER_TOO_MANY_ROWSResult consisted of more than one row
117342000ER_REQUIRES_PRIMARY_KEYThis table type requires a primary key
1174HY000ER_NO_RAID_COMPILEDThis version of MariaDB is not compiled with RAID support
1175HY000ER_UPDATE_WITHOUT_KEY_IN_SAFE_MODEYou are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses a KEY column
117642000ER_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXITSKey '%s' doesn't exist in table '%s'
117742000ER_CHECK_NO_SUCH_TABLECan't open table
117842000ER_CHECK_NOT_IMPLEMENTEDThe storage engine for the table doesn't support %s
117925000ER_CANT_DO_THIS_DURING_AN_TRANSACTIONYou are not allowed to execute this command in a transaction
1180HY000ER_ERROR_DURING_COMMITGot error %d during COMMIT
118408S01ER_NEW_ABORTING_CONNECTIONAborted connection %ld to db: '%s' user: '%s' host: '%s' (%s)
1185ER_UNUSED_10You should never see it
1187HY000ER_INDEX_REBUILDFailed rebuilding the index of dumped table '%s'
1188HY000ER_MASTERError from master: '%s'
118908S01ER_MASTER_NET_READNet error reading from master
119008S01ER_MASTER_NET_WRITENet error writing to master
1191HY000ER_FT_MATCHING_KEY_NOT_FOUNDCan't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
1192HY000ER_LOCK_OR_ACTIVE_TRANSACTIONCan't execute the given command because you have active locked tables or an active transaction
1193HY000ER_UNKNOWN_SYSTEM_VARIABLEUnknown system variable '%s'
1194HY000ER_CRASHED_ON_USAGETable '%s' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
1195HY000ER_CRASHED_ON_REPAIRTable '%s' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed
1196HY000ER_WARNING_NOT_COMPLETE_ROLLBACKSome non-transactional changed tables couldn't be rolled back
1197HY000ER_TRANS_CACHE_FULLMulti-statement transaction required more than 'max_binlog_cache_size' bytes of storage; increase this mysqld variable and try again
1198HY000ER_SLAVE_MUST_STOPThis operation cannot be performed with a running slave; run STOP SLAVE first
1199HY000ER_SLAVE_NOT_RUNNINGThis operation requires a running slave; configure slave and do START SLAVE
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1200HY000ER_BAD_SLAVEThe server is not configured as slave; fix in config file or with CHANGE MASTER TO
1201HY000ER_MASTER_INFOCould not initialize master info structure; more error messages can be found in the MariaDB error log
1202HY000ER_SLAVE_THREADCould not create slave thread; check system resources
120342000ER_TOO_MANY_USER_CONNECTIONSUser %s already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections
1204HY000ER_SET_CONSTANTS_ONLYYou may only use constant expressions with SET
1205HY000ER_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUTLock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
1206HY000ER_LOCK_TABLE_FULLThe total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
120725000ER_READ_ONLY_TRANSACTIONUpdate locks cannot be acquired during a READ UNCOMMITTED transaction
1208HY000ER_DROP_DB_WITH_READ_LOCKDROP DATABASE not allowed while thread is holding global read lock
1209HY000ER_CREATE_DB_WITH_READ_LOCKCREATE DATABASE not allowed while thread is holding global read lock
1210HY000ER_WRONG_ARGUMENTSIncorrect arguments to %s
121142000ER_NO_PERMISSION_TO_CREATE_USER'%s'@'%s' is not allowed to create new users
1212HY000ER_UNION_TABLES_IN_DIFFERENT_DIRIncorrect table definition; all MERGE tables must be in the same database
121340001ER_LOCK_DEADLOCKDeadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction
1214HY000ER_TABLE_CANT_HANDLE_FTThe used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes
1215HY000ER_CANNOT_ADD_FOREIGNCannot add foreign key constraint
121623000ER_NO_REFERENCED_ROWCannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
121723000ER_ROW_IS_REFERENCEDCannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails
121808S01ER_CONNECT_TO_MASTERError connecting to master: %s
1219HY000ER_QUERY_ON_MASTERError running query on master: %s
1220HY000ER_ERROR_WHEN_EXECUTING_COMMANDError when executing command %s: %s
1221HY000ER_WRONG_USAGEIncorrect usage of %s and %s
122221000ER_WRONG_NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS_IN_SELECTThe used SELECT statements have a different number of columns
1223HY000ER_CANT_UPDATE_WITH_READLOCKCan't execute the query because you have a conflicting read lock
1224HY000ER_MIXING_NOT_ALLOWEDMixing of transactional and non-transactional tables is disabled
1225HY000ER_DUP_ARGUMENTOption '%s' used twice in statement
122642000ER_USER_LIMIT_REACHEDUser '%s' has exceeded the '%s' resource (current value: %ld)
122742000ER_SPECIFIC_ACCESS_DENIED_ERRORAccess denied; you need (at least one of) the %s privilege(s) for this operation
1228HY000ER_LOCAL_VARIABLEVariable '%s' is a SESSION variable and can't be used with SET GLOBAL
1229HY000ER_GLOBAL_VARIABLEVariable '%s' is a GLOBAL variable and should be set with SET GLOBAL
123042000ER_NO_DEFAULTVariable '%s' doesn't have a default value
123142000ER_WRONG_VALUE_FOR_VARVariable '%s' can't be set to the value of '%s'
123242000ER_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_VARIncorrect argument type to variable '%s'
1233HY000ER_VAR_CANT_BE_READVariable '%s' can only be set, not read
123442000ER_CANT_USE_OPTION_HEREIncorrect usage/placement of '%s'
123542000ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_YETThis version of MariaDB doesn't yet support '%s'
1236HY000ER_MASTER_FATAL_ERROR_READING_BINLOGGot fatal error %d from master when reading data from binary log: '%s'
1237HY000ER_SLAVE_IGNORED_TABLESlave SQL thread ignored the query because of replicate-*-table rules
1238HY000ER_INCORRECT_GLOBAL_LOCAL_VARVariable '%s' is a %s variable
123942000ER_WRONG_FK_DEFIncorrect foreign key definition for '%s': %s
1240HY000ER_KEY_REF_DO_NOT_MATCH_TABLE_REFKey reference and table reference don't match
124121000ER_OPERAND_COLUMNSOperand should contain %d column(s)
124221000ER_SUBQUERY_NO_1_ROWSubquery returns more than 1 row
1243HY000ER_UNKNOWN_STMT_HANDLERUnknown prepared statement handler (%.*s) given to %s
1244HY000ER_CORRUPT_HELP_DBHelp database is corrupt or does not exist
1245HY000ER_CYCLIC_REFERENCECyclic reference on subqueries
1246HY000ER_AUTO_CONVERTConverting column '%s' from %s to %s
124742S22ER_ILLEGAL_REFERENCEReference '%s' not supported (%s)
124842000ER_DERIVED_MUST_HAVE_ALIASEvery derived table must have its own alias
124901000ER_SELECT_REDUCEDSelect %u was reduced during optimization
125042000ER_TABLENAME_NOT_ALLOWED_HERETable '%s' from one of the SELECTs cannot be used in %s
125108004ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_AUTH_MODEClient does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MariaDB client
125242000ER_SPATIAL_CANT_HAVE_NULLAll parts of a SPATIAL index must be NOT NULL
1254HY000ER_SLAVE_WAS_RUNNINGSlave is already running
1255HY000ER_SLAVE_WAS_NOT_RUNNINGSlave already has been stopped
1256HY000ER_TOO_BIG_FOR_UNCOMPRESSUncompressed data size too large; the maximum size is %d (probably, length of uncompressed data was corrupted)
1257HY000ER_ZLIB_Z_MEM_ERRORZLIB: Not enough memory
1258HY000ER_ZLIB_Z_BUF_ERRORZLIB: Not enough room in the output buffer (probably, length of uncompressed data was corrupted)
1259HY000ER_ZLIB_Z_DATA_ERRORZLIB: Input data corrupted
126101000ER_WARN_TOO_FEW_RECORDSRow %ld doesn't contain data for all columns
126201000ER_WARN_TOO_MANY_RECORDSRow %ld was truncated; it contained more data than there were input columns
126322004ER_WARN_NULL_TO_NOTNULLColumn set to default value; NULL supplied to NOT NULL column '%s' at row %ld
126422003ER_WARN_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGEOut of range value for column '%s' at row %ld
126501000WARN_DATA_TRUNCATEDData truncated for column '%s' at row %ld
1266HY000ER_WARN_USING_OTHER_HANDLERUsing storage engine %s for table '%s'
1267HY000ER_CANT_AGGREGATE_2COLLATIONSIllegal mix of collations (%s,%s) and (%s,%s) for operation '%s'
1268HY000ER_DROP_USERCannot drop one or more of the requested users
1269HY000ER_REVOKE_GRANTSCan't revoke all privileges for one or more of the requested users
1270HY000ER_CANT_AGGREGATE_3COLLATIONSIllegal mix of collations (%s,%s), (%s,%s), (%s,%s) for operation '%s'
1271HY000ER_CANT_AGGREGATE_NCOLLATIONSIllegal mix of collations for operation '%s'
1272HY000ER_VARIABLE_IS_NOT_STRUCTVariable '%s' is not a variable component (can't be used as XXXX.variable_name)
1273HY000ER_UNKNOWN_COLLATIONUnknown collation: '%s'
1274HY000ER_SLAVE_IGNORED_SSL_PARAMSSSL parameters in CHANGE MASTER are ignored because this MariaDB slave was compiled without SSL support; they can be used later if MariaDB slave with SSL is started
1275HY000ER_SERVER_IS_IN_SECURE_AUTH_MODEServer is running in --secure-auth mode, but '%s'@'%s' has a password in the old format; please change the password to the new format
1276HY000ER_WARN_FIELD_RESOLVEDField or reference '%s%s%s%s%s' of SELECT #%d was resolved in SELECT #%d
1277HY000ER_BAD_SLAVE_UNTIL_CONDIncorrect parameter or combination of parameters for START SLAVE UNTIL
1278HY000ER_MISSING_SKIP_SLAVEIt is recommended to use --skip-slave-start when doing step-by-step replication with START SLAVE UNTIL; otherwise, you will get problems if you get an unexpected slave's mysqld restart
1279HY000ER_UNTIL_COND_IGNOREDSQL thread is not to be started so UNTIL options are ignored
128042000ER_WRONG_NAME_FOR_INDEXIncorrect index name '%s'
128142000ER_WRONG_NAME_FOR_CATALOGIncorrect catalog name '%s'
1282HY000ER_WARN_QC_RESIZEQuery cache failed to set size %lu; new query cache size is %lu
1283HY000ER_BAD_FT_COLUMNColumn '%s' cannot be part of FULLTEXT index
1284HY000ER_UNKNOWN_KEY_CACHEUnknown key cache '%s'
1285HY000ER_WARN_HOSTNAME_WONT_WORKMariaDB is started in --skip-name-resolve mode; you must restart it without this switch for this grant to work
128642000ER_UNKNOWN_STORAGE_ENGINEUnknown storage engine '%s'
1287HY000ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX'%s' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use %s instead
1288HY000ER_NON_UPDATABLE_TABLEThe target table %s of the %s is not updatable
1289HY000ER_FEATURE_DISABLEDThe '%s' feature is disabled; you need MariaDB built with '%s' to have it working
1290HY000ER_OPTION_PREVENTS_STATEMENTThe MariaDB server is running with the %s option so it cannot execute this statement
1291HY000ER_DUPLICATED_VALUE_IN_TYPEColumn '%s' has duplicated value '%s' in %s
129222007ER_TRUNCATED_WRONG_VALUETruncated incorrect %s value: '%s'
1293HY000ER_TOO_MUCH_AUTO_TIMESTAMP_COLSIncorrect table definition; there can be only one TIMESTAMP column with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in DEFAULT or ON UPDATE clause
1294HY000ER_INVALID_ON_UPDATEInvalid ON UPDATE clause for '%s' column
1295HY000ER_UNSUPPORTED_PSThis command is not supported in the prepared statement protocol yet
1296HY000ER_GET_ERRMSGGot error %d '%s' from %s
1297HY000ER_GET_TEMPORARY_ERRMSGGot temporary error %d '%s' from %s
1298HY000ER_UNKNOWN_TIME_ZONEUnknown or incorrect time zone: '%s'
1299HY000ER_WARN_INVALID_TIMESTAMPInvalid TIMESTAMP value in column '%s' at row %ld
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1300HY000ER_INVALID_CHARACTER_STRINGInvalid %s character string: '%s'
1301HY000ER_WARN_ALLOWED_PACKET_OVERFLOWEDResult of %s() was larger than max_allowed_packet (%ld) - truncated
1302HY000ER_CONFLICTING_DECLARATIONSConflicting declarations: '%s%s' and '%s%s'
13032F003ER_SP_NO_RECURSIVE_CREATECan't create a %s from within another stored routine
130442000ER_SP_ALREADY_EXISTS%s %s already exists
130542000ER_SP_DOES_NOT_EXIST%s %s does not exist
1306HY000ER_SP_DROP_FAILEDFailed to DROP %s %s
1307HY000ER_SP_STORE_FAILEDFailed to CREATE %s %s
130842000ER_SP_LILABEL_MISMATCH%s with no matching label: %s
130942000ER_SP_LABEL_REDEFINERedefining label %s
131042000ER_SP_LABEL_MISMATCHEnd-label %s without match
131101000ER_SP_UNINIT_VARReferring to uninitialized variable %s
13120A000ER_SP_BADSELECTPROCEDURE %s can't return a result set in the given context
131342000ER_SP_BADRETURNRETURN is only allowed in a FUNCTION
13140A000ER_SP_BADSTATEMENT%s is not allowed in stored procedures
131542000ER_UPDATE_LOG_DEPRECATED_IGNOREDThe update log is deprecated and replaced by the binary log; SET SQL_LOG_UPDATE has been ignored. This option will be removed in MariaDB 5.6.
131642000ER_UPDATE_LOG_DEPRECATED_TRANSLATEDThe update log is deprecated and replaced by the binary log; SET SQL_LOG_UPDATE has been translated to SET SQL_LOG_BIN. This option will be removed in MariaDB 5.6.
131770100ER_QUERY_INTERRUPTEDQuery execution was interrupted
131842000ER_SP_WRONG_NO_OF_ARGSIncorrect number of arguments for %s %s; expected %u, got %u
132242000ER_SP_BAD_CURSOR_QUERYCursor statement must be a SELECT
132342000ER_SP_BAD_CURSOR_SELECTCursor SELECT must not have INTO
132442000ER_SP_CURSOR_MISMATCHUndefined CURSOR: %s
132524000ER_SP_CURSOR_ALREADY_OPENCursor is already open
132624000ER_SP_CURSOR_NOT_OPENCursor is not open
132742000ER_SP_UNDECLARED_VARUndeclared variable: %s
1328HY000ER_SP_WRONG_NO_OF_FETCH_ARGSIncorrect number of FETCH variables
132902000ER_SP_FETCH_NO_DATANo data - zero rows fetched, selected, or processed
133042000ER_SP_DUP_PARAMDuplicate parameter: %s
133142000ER_SP_DUP_VARDuplicate variable: %s
133242000ER_SP_DUP_CONDDuplicate condition: %s
133342000ER_SP_DUP_CURSDuplicate cursor: %s
1334HY000ER_SP_CANT_ALTERFailed to ALTER %s %s
13350A000ER_SP_SUBSELECT_NYISubquery value not supported
13360A000ER_STMT_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_SF_OR_TRG%s is not allowed in stored function or trigger
133742000ER_SP_VARCOND_AFTER_CURSHNDLRVariable or condition declaration after cursor or handler declaration
133842000ER_SP_CURSOR_AFTER_HANDLERCursor declaration after handler declaration
133920000ER_SP_CASE_NOT_FOUNDCase not found for CASE statement
1340HY000ER_FPARSER_TOO_BIG_FILEConfiguration file '%s' is too big
1341HY000ER_FPARSER_BAD_HEADERMalformed file type header in file '%s'
1342HY000ER_FPARSER_EOF_IN_COMMENTUnexpected end of file while parsing comment '%s'
1343HY000ER_FPARSER_ERROR_IN_PARAMETERError while parsing parameter '%s' (line: '%s')
1344HY000ER_FPARSER_EOF_IN_UNKNOWN_PARAMETERUnexpected end of file while skipping unknown parameter '%s'
1345HY000ER_VIEW_NO_EXPLAINEXPLAIN/SHOW can not be issued; lacking privileges for underlying table
1346HY000ER_FRM_UNKNOWN_TYPEFile '%s' has unknown type '%s' in its header
1347HY000ER_WRONG_OBJECT'%s.%s' is not %s
1348HY000ER_NONUPDATEABLE_COLUMNColumn '%s' is not updatable
1349HY000ER_VIEW_SELECT_DERIVEDView's SELECT contains a subquery in the FROM clause
1350HY000ER_VIEW_SELECT_CLAUSEView's SELECT contains a '%s' clause
1351HY000ER_VIEW_SELECT_VARIABLEView's SELECT contains a variable or parameter
1352HY000ER_VIEW_SELECT_TMPTABLEView's SELECT refers to a temporary table '%s'
1353HY000ER_VIEW_WRONG_LISTView's SELECT and view's field list have different column counts
1354HY000ER_WARN_VIEW_MERGEView merge algorithm can't be used here for now (assumed undefined algorithm)
1355HY000ER_WARN_VIEW_WITHOUT_KEYView being updated does not have complete key of underlying table in it
1356HY000ER_VIEW_INVALIDView '%s.%s' references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them
1357HY000ER_SP_NO_DROP_SPCan't drop or alter a %s from within another stored routine
1358HY000ER_SP_GOTO_IN_HNDLRGOTO is not allowed in a stored procedure handler
1359HY000ER_TRG_ALREADY_EXISTSTrigger already exists
1360HY000ER_TRG_DOES_NOT_EXISTTrigger does not exist
1361HY000ER_TRG_ON_VIEW_OR_TEMP_TABLETrigger's '%s' is view or temporary table
1362HY000ER_TRG_CANT_CHANGE_ROWUpdating of %s row is not allowed in %strigger
1363HY000ER_TRG_NO_SUCH_ROW_IN_TRGThere is no %s row in %s trigger
1364HY000ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_FIELDField '%s' doesn't have a default value
136522012ER_DIVISION_BY_ZERDivision by 0
1366HY000ER_TRUNCATED_WRONG_VALUE_FOR_FIELDIncorrect %s value: '%s' for column '%s' at row %ld
136722007ER_ILLEGAL_VALUE_FOR_TYPEIllegal %s '%s' value found during parsing
1368HY000ER_VIEW_NONUPD_CHECKCHECK OPTION on non-updatable view '%s.%s'
137042000ER_PROCACCESS_DENIED_ERROR%s command denied to user '%s'@'%s' for routine '%s'
1371HY000ER_RELAY_LOG_FAILFailed purging old relay logs: %s
1372HY000ER_PASSWD_LENGTHPassword hash should be a %d-digit hexadecimal number
1373HY000ER_UNKNOWN_TARGET_BINLOGTarget log not found in binlog index
1374HY000ER_IO_ERR_LOG_INDEX_READI/O error reading log index file
1375HY000ER_BINLOG_PURGE_PROHIBITEDServer configuration does not permit binlog purge
1376HY000ER_FSEEK_FAILFailed on fseek()
1377HY000ER_BINLOG_PURGE_FATAL_ERRFatal error during log purge
1378HY000ER_LOG_IN_USEA purgeable log is in use, will not purge
1379HY000ER_LOG_PURGE_UNKNOWN_ERRUnknown error during log purge
1380HY000ER_RELAY_LOG_INITFailed initializing relay log position: %s
1381HY000ER_NO_BINARY_LOGGINGYou are not using binary logging
1382HY000ER_RESERVED_SYNTAXThe '%s' syntax is reserved for purposes internal to the MariaDB server
1383HY000ER_WSAS_FAILEDWSAStartup Failed
1384HY000ER_DIFF_GROUPS_PROCCan't handle procedures with different groups yet
1385HY000ER_NO_GROUP_FOR_PROCSelect must have a group with this procedure
1386HY000ER_ORDER_WITH_PROCCan't use ORDER clause with this procedure
1387HY000ER_LOGGING_PROHIBIT_CHANGING_OFBinary logging and replication forbid changing the global server %s
1388HY000ER_NO_FILE_MAPPINGCan't map file: %s, errno: %d
1389HY000ER_WRONG_MAGICWrong magic in %s
1390HY000ER_PS_MANY_PARAMPrepared statement contains too many placeholders
1391HY000ER_KEY_PART_0Key part '%s' length cannot be 0
1392HY000ER_VIEW_CHECKSUMView text checksum failed
1393HY000ER_VIEW_MULTIUPDATECan not modify more than one base table through a join view '%s.%s'
1394HY000ER_VIEW_NO_INSERT_FIELD_LISTCan not insert into join view '%s.%s' without fields list
1395HY000ER_VIEW_DELETE_MERGE_VIEWCan not delete from join view '%s.%s'
1396HY000ER_CANNOT_USEROperation %s failed for %s
1398XAE05ER_XAER_INVALXAER_INVAL: Invalid arguments (or unsupported command)
1399XAE07ER_XAER_RMFAILXAER_RMFAIL: The command cannot be executed when global transaction is in the %s state
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1400XAE09ER_XAER_OUTSIDEXAER_OUTSIDE: Some work is done outside global transaction
1401XAE03ER_XAER_RMERRXAER_RMERR: Fatal error occurred in the transaction branch - check your data for consistency
1402XA100ER_XA_RBROLLBACKXA_RBROLLBACK: Transaction branch was rolled back
140342000ER_NONEXISTING_PROC_GRANTThere is no such grant defined for user '%s' on host '%s' on routine '%s'
1404HY000ER_PROC_AUTO_GRANT_FAILFailed to grant EXECUTE and ALTER ROUTINE privileges
1405HY000ER_PROC_AUTO_REVOKE_FAILFailed to revoke all privileges to dropped routine
140622001ER_DATA_TOO_LONGData too long for column '%s' at row %ld
1408HY000ER_STARTUP%s: ready for connections. Version: '%s' socket: '%s' port: %d %s
1409HY000ER_LOAD_FROM_FIXED_SIZE_ROWS_TO_VARCan't load value from file with fixed size rows to variable
141042000ER_CANT_CREATE_USER_WITH_GRANTYou are not allowed to create a user with GRANT
1411HY000ER_WRONG_VALUE_FOR_TYPEIncorrect %s value: '%s' for function %s
1412HY000ER_TABLE_DEF_CHANGEDTable definition has changed, please retry transaction
141342000ER_SP_DUP_HANDLERDuplicate handler declared in the same block
141442000ER_SP_NOT_VAR_ARGOUT or INOUT argument %d for routine %s is not a variable or NEW pseudo-variable in BEFORE trigger
14150A000ER_SP_NO_RETSETNot allowed to return a result set from a %s
141622003ER_CANT_CREATE_GEOMETRY_OBJECTCannot get geometry object from data you send to the GEOMETRY field
1417HY000ER_FAILED_ROUTINE_BREAK_BINLOGA routine failed and has neither NO SQL nor READS SQL DATA in its declaration and binary logging is enabled; if non-transactional tables were updated, the binary log will miss their changes
1418HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_ROUTINEThis function has none of DETERMINISTIC, NO SQL, or READS SQL DATA in its declaration and binary logging is enabled (you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable)
1419HY000ER_BINLOG_CREATE_ROUTINE_NEED_SUPERYou do not have the SUPER privilege and binary logging is enabled (you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable)
1420HY000ER_EXEC_STMT_WITH_OPEN_CURSORYou can't execute a prepared statement which has an open cursor associated with it. Reset the statement to re-execute it.
1421HY000ER_STMT_HAS_NO_OPEN_CURSORThe statement (%lu) has no open cursor.
1422HY000ER_COMMIT_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_SF_OR_TRGExplicit or implicit commit is not allowed in stored function or trigger.
1423HY000ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_VIEW_FIELDField of view '%s.%s' underlying table doesn't have a default value
1424HY000ER_SP_NO_RECURSIONRecursive stored functions and triggers are not allowed.
142542000ER_TOO_BIG_SCALEToo big scale %d specified for column '%s'. Maximum is %lu.
142642000ER_TOO_BIG_PRECISIONToo big precision %d specified for column '%s'. Maximum is %lu.
142742000ER_M_BIGGER_THAN_DFor float(M,D, double(M,D or decimal(M,D, M must be >= D (column '%s').
1428HY000ER_WRONG_LOCK_OF_SYSTEM_TABLEYou can't combine write-locking of system tables with other tables or lock types
1429HY000ER_CONNECT_TO_FOREIGN_DATA_SOURCEUnable to connect to foreign data source: %s
1430HY000ER_QUERY_ON_FOREIGN_DATA_SOURCEThere was a problem processing the query on the foreign data source. Data source error: %s
1431HY000ER_FOREIGN_DATA_SOURCE_DOESNT_EXISTThe foreign data source you are trying to reference does not exist. Data source error: %s
1432HY000ER_FOREIGN_DATA_STRING_INVALID_CANT_CREATECan't create federated table. The data source connection string '%s' is not in the correct format
1433HY000ER_FOREIGN_DATA_STRING_INVALIDThe data source connection string '%s' is not in the correct format
1434HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_FEDERATED_TABLECan't create federated table. Foreign data src error: %s
1435HY000ER_TRG_IN_WRONG_SCHEMATrigger in wrong schema
1436HY000ER_STACK_OVERRUN_NEED_MOREThread stack overrun: %ld bytes used of a %ld byte stack, and %ld bytes needed. Use 'mysqld --thread_stack=#' to specify a bigger stack.
143742000ER_TOO_LONG_BODYRoutine body for '%s' is too long
1438HY000ER_WARN_CANT_DROP_DEFAULT_KEYCACHECannot drop default keycache
143942000ER_TOO_BIG_DISPLAYWIDTHDisplay width out of range for column '%s' (max = %lu)
1440XAE08ER_XAER_DUPIDXAER_DUPID: The XID already exists
144122008ER_DATETIME_FUNCTION_OVERFLOWDatetime function: %s field overflow
1442HY000ER_CANT_UPDATE_USED_TABLE_IN_SF_OR_TRGCan't update table '%s' in stored function/trigger because it is already used by statement which invoked this stored function/trigger.
1443HY000ER_VIEW_PREVENT_UPDATEThe definition of table '%s' prevents operation %s on table '%s'.
1444HY000ER_PS_NO_RECURSIONThe prepared statement contains a stored routine call that refers to that same statement. It's not allowed to execute a prepared statement in such a recursive manner
1445HY000ER_SP_CANT_SET_AUTOCOMMITNot allowed to set autocommit from a stored function or trigger
1446HY000ER_MALFORMED_DEFINERDefiner is not fully qualified
1447HY000ER_VIEW_FRM_NO_USERView '%s'.'%s' has no definer information (old table format). Current user is used as definer. Please recreate the view!
1448HY000ER_VIEW_OTHER_USERYou need the SUPER privilege for creation view with '%s'@'%s' definer
1449HY000ER_NO_SUCH_USERThe user specified as a definer ('%s'@'%s') does not exist
1450HY000ER_FORBID_SCHEMA_CHANGEChanging schema from '%s' to '%s' is not allowed.
145123000ER_ROW_IS_REFERENCED_2Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (%s)
145223000ER_NO_REFERENCED_ROW_2Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (%s)
145342000ER_SP_BAD_VAR_SHADOWVariable '%s' must be quoted with `...`, or renamed
1454HY000ER_TRG_NO_DEFINERNo definer attribute for trigger '%s'.'%s'. The trigger will be activated under the authorization of the invoker, which may have insufficient privileges. Please recreate the trigger.
1455HY000ER_OLD_FILE_FORMAT'%s' has an old format, you should re-create the '%s' object(s)
1456HY000ER_SP_RECURSION_LIMITRecursive limit %d (as set by the max_sp_recursion_depth variable) was exceeded for routine %s
1457HY000ER_SP_PROC_TABLE_CORRUPTFailed to load routine %s. The table mysql.proc is missing, corrupt, or contains bad data (internal code %d)
145842000ER_SP_WRONG_NAMEIncorrect routine name '%s'
1459HY000ER_TABLE_NEEDS_UPGRADETable upgrade required. Please do "REPAIR TABLE `%s`" or dump/reload to fix it!
146042000ER_SP_NO_AGGREGATEAGGREGATE is not supported for stored functions
146142000ER_MAX_PREPARED_STMT_COUNT_REACHEDCan't create more than max_prepared_stmt_count statements (current value: %lu)
1462HY000ER_VIEW_RECURSIVE`%s`.`%s` contains view recursion
146342000ER_NON_GROUPING_FIELD_USEDNon-grouping field '%s' is used in %s clause
1464HY000ER_TABLE_CANT_HANDLE_SPKEYSThe used table type doesn't support SPATIAL indexes
1465HY000ER_NO_TRIGGERS_ON_SYSTEM_SCHEMATriggers can not be created on system tables
1466HY000ER_REMOVED_SPACESLeading spaces are removed from name '%s'
1467HY000ER_AUTOINC_READ_FAILEDFailed to read auto-increment value from storage engine
1468HY000ER_USERNAMEuser name
1469HY000ER_HOSTNAMEhost name
1470HY000ER_WRONG_STRING_LENGTHString '%s' is too long for %s (should be no longer than %d)
1471HY000ER_NON_INSERTABLE_TABLEThe target table %s of the %s is not insertable-into
1472HY000ER_ADMIN_WRONG_MRG_TABLETable '%s' is differently defined or of non-MyISAM type or doesn't exist
1473HY000ER_TOO_HIGH_LEVEL_OF_NESTING_FOR_SELECTToo high level of nesting for select
1474HY000ER_NAME_BECOMES_EMPTYName '%s' has become ''
1475HY000ER_AMBIGUOUS_FIELD_TERMFirst character of the FIELDS TERMINATED string is ambiguous; please use non-optional and non-empty FIELDS ENCLOSED BY
1476HY000ER_FOREIGN_SERVER_EXISTSThe foreign server, %s, you are trying to create already exists.
1477HY000ER_FOREIGN_SERVER_DOESNT_EXISTThe foreign server name you are trying to reference does not exist. Data source error: %s
1478HY000ER_ILLEGAL_HA_CREATE_OPTIONTable storage engine '%s' does not support the create option '%s'
1479HY000ER_PARTITION_REQUIRES_VALUES_ERRORSyntax error: %s PARTITIONING requires definition of VALUES %s for each partition
1480HY000ER_PARTITION_WRONG_VALUES_ERROROnly %s PARTITIONING can use VALUES %s in partition definition
1481HY000ER_PARTITION_MAXVALUE_ERRORMAXVALUE can only be used in last partition definition
1482HY000ER_PARTITION_SUBPARTITION_ERRORSubpartitions can only be hash partitions and by key
1483HY000ER_PARTITION_SUBPART_MIX_ERRORMust define subpartitions on all partitions if on one partition
1484HY000ER_PARTITION_WRONG_NO_PART_ERRORWrong number of partitions defined, mismatch with previous setting
1485HY000ER_PARTITION_WRONG_NO_SUBPART_ERRORWrong number of subpartitions defined, mismatch with previous setting
1486HY000ER_CONST_EXPR_IN_PARTITION_FUNC_ERRORConstant/Random expression in (sub)partitioning function is not allowed
1486HY000ER_WRONG_EXPR_IN_PARTITION_FUNC_ERRORConstant, random or timezone-dependent expressions in (sub)partitioning function are not allowed
1488HY000ER_FIELD_NOT_FOUND_PART_ERRORField in list of fields for partition function not found in table
1489HY000ER_LIST_OF_FIELDS_ONLY_IN_HASH_ERRORList of fields is only allowed in KEY partitions
1490HY000ER_INCONSISTENT_PARTITION_INFO_ERRORThe partition info in the frm file is not consistent with what can be written into the frm file
1491HY000ER_PARTITION_FUNC_NOT_ALLOWED_ERRORThe %s function returns the wrong type
1492HY000ER_PARTITIONS_MUST_BE_DEFINED_ERRORFor %s partitions each partition must be defined
1493HY000ER_RANGE_NOT_INCREASING_ERRORVALUES LESS THAN value must be strictly increasing for each partition
1494HY000ER_INCONSISTENT_TYPE_OF_FUNCTIONS_ERRORVALUES value must be of same type as partition function
1495HY000ER_MULTIPLE_DEF_CONST_IN_LIST_PART_ERRORMultiple definition of same constant in list partitioning
1496HY000ER_PARTITION_ENTRY_ERRORPartitioning can not be used stand-alone in query
1497HY000ER_MIX_HANDLER_ERRORThe mix of handlers in the partitions is not allowed in this version of MariaDB
1498HY000ER_PARTITION_NOT_DEFINED_ERRORFor the partitioned engine it is necessary to define all %s
1499HY000ER_TOO_MANY_PARTITIONS_ERRORToo many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1500HY000ER_SUBPARTITION_ERRORIt is only possible to mix RANGE/LIST partitioning with HASH/KEY partitioning for subpartitioning
1501HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_HANDLER_FILEFailed to create specific handler file
1502HY000ER_BLOB_FIELD_IN_PART_FUNC_ERRORA BLOB field is not allowed in partition function
1503HY000ER_UNIQUE_KEY_NEED_ALL_FIELDS_IN_PFA %s must include all columns in the table's partitioning function
1504HY000ER_NO_PARTS_ERRORNumber of %s = 0 is not an allowed value
1505HY000ER_PARTITION_MGMT_ON_NONPARTITIONEDPartition management on a not partitioned table is not possible
1506HY000ER_FOREIGN_KEY_ON_PARTITIONEDForeign key clause is not yet supported in conjunction with partitioning
1507HY000ER_DROP_PARTITION_NON_EXISTENTError in list of partitions to %s
1508HY000ER_DROP_LAST_PARTITIONCannot remove all partitions, use DROP TABLE instead
1510HY000ER_REORG_HASH_ONLY_ON_SAME_NREORGANIZE PARTITION can only be used to reorganize partitions not to change their numbers
1511HY000ER_REORG_NO_PARAM_ERRORREORGANIZE PARTITION without parameters can only be used on auto-partitioned tables using HASH PARTITIONs
1512HY000ER_ONLY_ON_RANGE_LIST_PARTITION%s PARTITION can only be used on RANGE/LIST partitions
1513HY000ER_ADD_PARTITION_SUBPART_ERRORTrying to Add partition(s) with wrong number of subpartitions
1514HY000ER_ADD_PARTITION_NO_NEW_PARTITIONAt least one partition must be added
1515HY000ER_COALESCE_PARTITION_NO_PARTITIONAt least one partition must be coalesced
1516HY000ER_REORG_PARTITION_NOT_EXISTMore partitions to reorganize than there are partitions
1517HY000ER_SAME_NAME_PARTITIONDuplicate partition name %s
1518HY000ER_NO_BINLOG_ERRORIt is not allowed to shut off binlog on this command
1519HY000ER_CONSECUTIVE_REORG_PARTITIONSWhen reorganizing a set of partitions they must be in consecutive order
1520HY000ER_REORG_OUTSIDE_RANGEReorganize of range partitions cannot change total ranges except for last partition where it can extend the range
1521HY000ER_PARTITION_FUNCTION_FAILUREPartition function not supported in this version for this handler
1522HY000ER_PART_STATE_ERRORPartition state cannot be defined from CREATE/ALTER TABLE
1523HY000ER_LIMITED_PART_RANGEThe %s handler only supports 32 bit integers in VALUES
1524HY000ER_PLUGIN_IS_NOT_LOADEDPlugin '%s' is not loaded
1525HY000ER_WRONG_VALUEIncorrect %s value: '%s'
1526HY000ER_NO_PARTITION_FOR_GIVEN_VALUETable has no partition for value %s
1527HY000ER_FILEGROUP_OPTION_ONLY_ONCEIt is not allowed to specify %s more than once
1528HY000ER_CREATE_FILEGROUP_FAILEDFailed to create %s
1529HY000ER_DROP_FILEGROUP_FAILEDFailed to drop %s
1530HY000ER_TABLESPACE_AUTO_EXTEND_ERRORThe handler doesn't support autoextend of tablespaces
1531HY000ER_WRONG_SIZE_NUMBERA size parameter was incorrectly specified, either number or on the form 10M
1532HY000ER_SIZE_OVERFLOW_ERRORThe size number was correct but we don't allow the digit part to be more than 2 billion
1533HY000ER_ALTER_FILEGROUP_FAILEDFailed to alter: %s
1534HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_LOGGING_FAILEDWriting one row to the row-based binary log failed
1535HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_WRONG_TABLE_DEFTable definition on master and slave does not match: %s
1536HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_RBR_TO_SBRSlave running with --log-slave-updates must use row-based binary logging to be able to replicate row-based binary log events
1537HY000ER_EVENT_ALREADY_EXISTSEvent '%s' already exists
1538HY000ER_EVENT_STORE_FAILEDFailed to store event %s. Error code %d from storage engine.
1539HY000ER_EVENT_DOES_NOT_EXISTUnknown event '%s'
1540HY000ER_EVENT_CANT_ALTERFailed to alter event '%s'
1541HY000ER_EVENT_DROP_FAILEDFailed to drop %s
1542HY000ER_EVENT_INTERVAL_NOT_POSITIVE_OR_TOO_BIGINTERVAL is either not positive or too big
1543HY000ER_EVENT_ENDS_BEFORE_STARTSENDS is either invalid or before STARTS
1544HY000ER_EVENT_EXEC_TIME_IN_THE_PASTEvent execution time is in the past. Event has been disabled
1545HY000ER_EVENT_OPEN_TABLE_FAILEDFailed to open mysql.event
1546HY000ER_EVENT_NEITHER_M_EXPR_NOR_M_ATNo datetime expression provided
1547HY000ER_COL_COUNT_DOESNT_MATCH_CORRUPTEDColumn count of mysql.%s is wrong. Expected %d, found %d. The table is probably corrupted
1548HY000ER_CANNOT_LOAD_FROM_TABLECannot load from mysql.%s. The table is probably corrupted
1549HY000ER_EVENT_CANNOT_DELETEFailed to delete the event from mysql.event
1550HY000ER_EVENT_COMPILE_ERRORError during compilation of event's body
1551HY000ER_EVENT_SAME_NAMESame old and new event name
1552HY000ER_EVENT_DATA_TOO_LONGData for column '%s' too long
1553HY000ER_DROP_INDEX_FKCannot drop index '%s': needed in a foreign key constraint
1554HY000ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX_WITH_VERThe syntax '%s' is deprecated and will be removed in MariaDB %s. Please use %s instead
1555HY000ER_CANT_WRITE_LOCK_LOG_TABLEYou can't write-lock a log table. Only read access is possible
1556HY000ER_CANT_LOCK_LOG_TABLEYou can't use locks with log tables.
155723000ER_FOREIGN_DUPLICATE_KEYUpholding foreign key constraints for table '%s', entry '%s', key %d would lead to a duplicate entry
1558HY000ER_COL_COUNT_DOESNT_MATCH_PLEASE_UPDATEColumn count of mysql.%s is wrong. Expected %d, found %d. Created with MariaDB %d, now running %d. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.
1559HY000ER_TEMP_TABLE_PREVENTS_SWITCH_OUT_OF_RBRCannot switch out of the row-based binary log format when the session has open temporary tables
1560HY000ER_STORED_FUNCTION_ PREVENTS_SWITCH_BINLOG_FORMATCannot change the binary logging format inside a stored function or trigger
1561ER_UNUSED_13You should never see it
1562HY000ER_PARTITION_NO_TEMPORARYCannot create temporary table with partitions
1563HY000ER_PARTITION_CONST_DOMAIN_ERRORPartition constant is out of partition function domain
1564HY000ER_PARTITION_FUNCTION_IS_NOT_ALLOWEDThis partition function is not allowed
1565HY000ER_DDL_LOG_ERRORError in DDL log
1567HY000ER_WRONG_PARTITION_NAMEIncorrect partition name
156825001ER_CANT_CHANGE_TX_ISOLATIONTransaction isolation level can't be changed while a transaction is in progress
1569HY000ER_DUP_ENTRY_AUTOINCREMENT_CASEALTER TABLE causes auto_increment resequencing, resulting in duplicate entry '%s' for key '%s'
1570HY000ER_EVENT_MODIFY_QUEUE_ERRORInternal scheduler error %d
1571HY000ER_EVENT_SET_VAR_ERRORError during starting/stopping of the scheduler. Error code %u
1572HY000ER_PARTITION_MERGE_ERROREngine cannot be used in partitioned tables
1573HY000ER_CANT_ACTIVATE_LOGCannot activate '%s' log
1574HY000ER_RBR_NOT_AVAILABLEThe server was not built with row-based replication
1575HY000ER_BASE64_DECODE_ERRORDecoding of base64 string failed
1576HY000ER_EVENT_RECURSION_FORBIDDENRecursion of EVENT DDL statements is forbidden when body is present
1577HY000ER_EVENTS_DB_ERRORCannot proceed because system tables used by Event Scheduler were found damaged at server start
1578HY000ER_ONLY_INTEGERS_ALLOWEDOnly integers allowed as number here
1579HY000ER_UNSUPORTED_LOG_ENGINEThis storage engine cannot be used for log tables"
1580HY000ER_BAD_LOG_STATEMENTYou cannot '%s' a log table if logging is enabled
1581HY000ER_CANT_RENAME_LOG_TABLECannot rename '%s'. When logging enabled, rename to/from log table must rename two tables: the log table to an archive table and another table back to '%s'
158242000ER_WRONG_PARAMCOUNT_TO_NATIVE_FCTIncorrect parameter count in the call to native function '%s'
158342000ER_WRONG_PARAMETERS_TO_NATIVE_FCTIncorrect parameters in the call to native function '%s'
158442000ER_WRONG_PARAMETERS_TO_STORED_FCTIncorrect parameters in the call to stored function '%s'
1585HY000ER_NATIVE_FCT_NAME_COLLISIONThis function '%s' has the same name as a native function
158623000ER_DUP_ENTRY_WITH_KEY_NAMEDuplicate entry '%s' for key '%s'
1587HY000ER_BINLOG_PURGE_EMFILEToo many files opened, please execute the command again
1588HY000ER_EVENT_CANNOT_CREATE_IN_THE_PASTEvent execution time is in the past and ON COMPLETION NOT PRESERVE is set. The event was dropped immediately after creation.
1589HY000ER_EVENT_CANNOT_ALTER_IN_THE_PASTEvent execution time is in the past and ON COMPLETION NOT PRESERVE is set. The event was dropped immediately after creation.
1590HY000ER_SLAVE_INCIDENTThe incident %s occured on the master. Message: %s
1591HY000ER_NO_PARTITION_FOR_GIVEN_VALUE_SILENTTable has no partition for some existing values
1592HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_STATEMENTUnsafe statement written to the binary log using statement format since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT. %s
1593HY000ER_SLAVE_FATAL_ERRORFatal error: %s
1594HY000ER_SLAVE_RELAY_LOG_READ_FAILURERelay log read failure: %s
1595HY000ER_SLAVE_RELAY_LOG_WRITE_FAILURERelay log write failure: %s
1596HY000ER_SLAVE_CREATE_EVENT_FAILUREFailed to create %s
1597HY000ER_SLAVE_MASTER_COM_FAILUREMaster command %s failed: %s
1598HY000ER_BINLOG_LOGGING_IMPOSSIBLEBinary logging not possible. Message: %s
1599HY000ER_VIEW_NO_CREATION_CTXView `%s`.`%s` has no creation context
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1600HY000ER_VIEW_INVALID_CREATION_CTXCreation context of view `%s`.`%s' is invalid
1601HY000ER_SR_INVALID_CREATION_CTXCreation context of stored routine `%s`.`%s` is invalid
1602HY000ER_TRG_CORRUPTED_FILECorrupted TRG file for table `%s`.`%s`
1603HY000ER_TRG_NO_CREATION_CTXTriggers for table `%s`.`%s` have no creation context
1604HY000ER_TRG_INVALID_CREATION_CTXTrigger creation context of table `%s`.`%s` is invalid
1605HY000ER_EVENT_INVALID_CREATION_CTXCreation context of event `%s`.`%s` is invalid
1606HY000ER_TRG_CANT_OPEN_TABLECannot open table for trigger `%s`.`%s`
1607HY000ER_CANT_CREATE_SROUTINECannot create stored routine `%s`. Check warnings
1608ER_UNUSED_11You should never see it
1609HY000ER_NO_FORMAT_DESCRIPTION_EVENT _BEFORE_BINLOG_STATEMENTThe BINLOG statement of type `%s` was not preceded by a format description BINLOG statement.
1610HY000ER_SLAVE_CORRUPT_EVENTCorrupted replication event was detected
1611HY000ER_LOAD_DATA_INVALID_COLUMNInvalid column reference (%s) in LOAD DATA
1612HY000ER_LOG_PURGE_NO_FILEBeing purged log %s was not found
1613XA106ER_XA_RBTIMEOUTXA_RBTIMEOUT: Transaction branch was rolled back: took too long
1614XA102ER_XA_RBDEADLOCKXA_RBDEADLOCK: Transaction branch was rolled back: deadlock was detected
1615HY000ER_NEED_REPREPAREPrepared statement needs to be re-prepared
1616HY000ER_DELAYED_NOT_SUPPORTEDDELAYED option not supported for table '%s'
1617HY000WARN_NO_MASTER_INFThe master info structure does not exist
1618HY000WARN_OPTION_IGNORED<%s> option ignored
1619HY000WARN_PLUGIN_DELETE_BUILTINBuilt-in plugins cannot be deleted
1620HY000WARN_PLUGIN_BUSYPlugin is busy and will be uninstalled on shutdown
1621HY000ER_VARIABLE_IS_READONLY%s variable '%s' is read-only. Use SET %s to assign the value
1622HY000ER_WARN_ENGINE_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACKStorage engine %s does not support rollback for this statement. Transaction rolled back and must be restarted
1623HY000ER_SLAVE_HEARTBEAT_FAILUREUnexpected master's heartbeat data: %s
1624HY000ER_SLAVE_HEARTBEAT_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGEThe requested value for the heartbeat period is either negative or exceeds the maximum allowed (%s seconds).
1625ER_UNUSED_14You should never see it
1626HY000ER_CONFLICT_FN_PARSE_ERRORError in parsing conflict function. Message: %s
1627HY000ER_EXCEPTIONS_WRITE_ERRORWrite to exceptions table failed. Message: %s"
1628HY000ER_TOO_LONG_TABLE_COMMENTComment for table '%s' is too long (max = %lu)
1629HY000ER_TOO_LONG_FIELD_COMMENTComment for field '%s' is too long (max = %lu)
163042000ER_FUNC_INEXISTENT_NAME_COLLISIONFUNCTION %s does not exist. Check the 'Function Name Parsing and Resolution' section in the Reference Manual
1637HY000ER_TOO_MANY_CONCURRENT_TRXSToo many active concurrent transactions
1638HY000WARN_NON_ASCII_SEPARATOR_NOT_IMPLEMENTEDNon-ASCII separator arguments are not fully supported
1639HY000ER_DEBUG_SYNC_TIMEOUTdebug sync point wait timed out
1640HY000ER_DEBUG_SYNC_HIT_LIMITdebug sync point hit limit reached
164142000ER_DUP_SIGNAL_SETDuplicate condition information item '%s'
164201000ER_SIGNAL_WARNUnhandled user-defined warning condition
164302000ER_SIGNAL_NOT_FOUNDUnhandled user-defined not found condition
1644HY000ER_SIGNAL_EXCEPTIONUnhandled user-defined exception condition
1647HY000WARN_COND_ITEM_TRUNCATEDData truncated for condition item '%s'
1648HY000ER_COND_ITEM_TOO_LONGData too long for condition item '%s'
1649HY000ER_UNKNOWN_LOCALEUnknown locale: '%s'
1650HY000ER_SLAVE_IGNORE_SERVER_IDSThe requested server id %d clashes with the slave startup option --replicate-same-server-id
1651HY000ER_QUERY_CACHE_DISABLEDQuery cache is disabled; restart the server with query_cache_type=1 to enable it
1652HY000ER_SAME_NAME_PARTITION_FIELDDuplicate partition field name '%s'
1653HY000ER_PARTITION_COLUMN_LIST_ERRORInconsistency in usage of column lists for partitioning
1654HY000ER_WRONG_TYPE_COLUMN_VALUE_ERRORPartition column values of incorrect type
1657HY000ER_TOO_MANY_VALUES_ERRORCannot have more than one value for this type of %s partitioning
1658HY000ER_ROW_SINGLE_PARTITION_FIELD_ERRORRow expressions in VALUES IN only allowed for multi-field column partitioning
1659HY000ER_FIELD_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED_AS_PARTITION_FIELDField '%s' is of a not allowed type for this type of partitioning
1660HY000ER_PARTITION_FIELDS_TOO_LONGThe total length of the partitioning fields is too large
1661HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_ENGINE_AND_STMT_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since both row-incapable engines and statement-incapable engines are involved.
1662HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_MODE_AND_STMT_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT = ROW and at least one table uses a storage engine limited to statement-based logging.
1663HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_AND_STMT_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since statement is unsafe, storage engine is limited to statement-based logging, and BINLOG_FORMAT = MIXED. %s
1664HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_INJECTION_AND_STMT_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since statement is in row format and at least one table uses a storage engine limited to statement-based logging.
1665HY000ER_BINLOG_STMT_MODE_AND_ROW_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT and at least one table uses a storage engine limited to row-based logging.%s
1666HY000ER_BINLOG_ROW_INJECTION_AND_STMT_MODECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since statement is in row format and BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT.
1667HY000ER_BINLOG_MULTIPLE_ENGINES _AND_SELF_LOGGING_ENGINECannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since more than one engine is involved and at least one engine is self-logging.
1668HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_LIMITThe statement is unsafe because it uses a LIMIT clause. This is unsafe because the set of rows included cannot be predicted.
1669HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_INSERT_DELAYEDThe statement is unsafe because it uses INSERT DELAYED. This is unsafe because the times when rows are inserted cannot be predicted.
1670HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_SYSTEM_TABLEThe statement is unsafe because it uses the general log, slow query log, or performance_schema table(s). This is unsafe because system tables may differ on slaves.
1671HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_AUTOINC_COLUMNSStatement is unsafe because it invokes a trigger or a stored function that inserts into an AUTO_INCREMENT column. Inserted values cannot be logged correctly.
1672HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_UDFStatement is unsafe because it uses a UDF which may not return the same value on the slave.
1673HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_SYSTEM_VARIABLEStatement is unsafe because it uses a system variable that may have a different value on the slave.
1674HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_SYSTEM_FUNCTIONStatement is unsafe because it uses a system function that may return a different value on the slave.
1675HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_NONTRANS_AFTER_TRANSStatement is unsafe because it accesses a non-transactional table after accessing a transactional table within the same transaction.
1676HY000ER_MESSAGE_AND_STATEMENT%s Statement: %s
1677HY000ER_SLAVE_CONVERSION_FAILEDColumn %d of table '%s.%s' cannot be converted from type '%s' to type '%s'
1678HY000ER_SLAVE_CANT_CREATE_CONVERSIONCan't create conversion table for table '%s.%s'
1679HY000ER_INSIDE_TRANSACTION _PREVENTS_SWITCH_BINLOG_FORMATCannot modify @@session.binlog_format inside a transaction
1680HY000ER_PATH_LENGTHThe path specified for %s is too long.
1681HY000ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX_NO_REPLACEMENT'%s' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
1682HY000ER_WRONG_NATIVE_TABLE_STRUCTURENative table '%s'.'%s' has the wrong structure
1683HY000ER_WRONG_PERFSCHEMA_USAGEInvalid performance_schema usage.
1684HY000ER_WARN_I_S_SKIPPED_TABLETable '%s'.'%s' was skipped since its definition is being modified by concurrent DDL statement
1685HY000ER_INSIDE_TRANSACTION _PREVENTS_SWITCH_BINLOG_DIRECTCannot modify @@session.binlog_direct_non_transactional_updates inside a transaction
1686HY000ER_STORED_FUNCTION_PREVENTS _SWITCH_BINLOG_DIRECTCannot change the binlog direct flag inside a stored function or trigger
168742000ER_SPATIAL_MUST_HAVE_GEOM_COLA SPATIAL index may only contain a geometrical type column
1688HY000ER_TOO_LONG_INDEX_COMMENTComment for index '%s' is too long (max = %lu)
1689HY000ER_LOCK_ABORTEDWait on a lock was aborted due to a pending exclusive lock
169022003ER_DATA_OUT_OF_RANGE%s value is out of range in '%s'
1691HY000ER_WRONG_SPVAR_TYPE_IN_LIMITA variable of a non-integer based type in LIMIT clause
1692HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_MULTIPLE_ENGINES _AND_SELF_LOGGING_ENGINEMixing self-logging and non-self-logging engines in a statement is unsafe.
1693HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_MIXED_STATEMENTStatement accesses nontransactional table as well as transactional or temporary table, and writes to any of them.
1694HY000ER_INSIDE_TRANSACTION_ PREVENTS_SWITCH_SQL_LOG_BINCannot modify @@session.sql_log_bin inside a transaction
1695HY000ER_STORED_FUNCTION_ PREVENTS_SWITCH_SQL_LOG_BINCannot change the sql_log_bin inside a stored function or trigger
1696HY000ER_FAILED_READ_FROM_PAR_FILEFailed to read from the .par file
1697HY000ER_VALUES_IS_NOT_INT_TYPE_ERRORVALUES value for partition '%s' must have type INT
169828000ER_ACCESS_DENIED_NO_PASSWORD_ERRORAccess denied for user '%s'@'%s'
1699HY000ER_SET_PASSWORD_AUTH_PLUGINSET PASSWORD has no significance for users authenticating via plugins
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1700HY000ER_GRANT_PLUGIN_USER_EXISTSGRANT with IDENTIFIED WITH is illegal because the user %-.*s already exists
170142000ER_TRUNCATE_ILLEGAL_FKCannot truncate a table referenced in a foreign key constraint (%s)
1702HY000ER_PLUGIN_IS_PERMANENTPlugin '%s' is force_plus_permanent and can not be unloaded
1703HY000ER_SLAVE_HEARTBEAT_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE_MINThe requested value for the heartbeat period is less than 1 millisecond. The value is reset to 0, meaning that heartbeating will effectively be disabled.
1704HY000ER_SLAVE_HEARTBEAT_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE_MAXThe requested value for the heartbeat period exceeds the value of slave_net_timeout seconds. A sensible value for the period should be less than the timeout.
1705HY000ER_STMT_CACHE_FULLMulti-row statements required more than 'max_binlog_stmt_cache_size' bytes of storage; increase this mysqld variable and try again
1706HY000ER_MULTI_UPDATE_KEY_CONFLICTPrimary key/partition key update is not allowed since the table is updated both as '%s' and '%s'.
1707HY000ER_TABLE_NEEDS_REBUILDTable rebuild required. Please do "ALTER TABLE `%s` FORCE" or dump/reload to fix it!
1708HY000WARN_OPTION_BELOW_LIMITThe value of '%s' should be no less than the value of '%s'
1709HY000ER_INDEX_COLUMN_TOO_LONGIndex column size too large. The maximum column size is %lu bytes.
1710HY000ER_ERROR_IN_TRIGGER_BODYTrigger '%s' has an error in its body: '%s'
1711HY000ER_ERROR_IN_UNKNOWN_TRIGGER_BODYUnknown trigger has an error in its body: '%s'
1712HY000ER_INDEX_CORRUPTIndex %s is corrupted
1713HY000ER_UNDO_RECORD_TOO_BIGUndo log record is too big.
1714HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_INSERT_IGNORE_SELECTINSERT IGNORE... SELECT is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are ignored. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1715HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_INSERT_SELECT_UPDATEINSERT... SELECT... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are updated. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1716HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_REPLACE_SELECTREPLACE... SELECT is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are replaced. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1717HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_CREATE_IGNORE_SELECTCREATE... IGNORE SELECT is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are ignored. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1718HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_CREATE_REPLACE_SELECTCREATE... REPLACE SELECT is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are replaced. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1719HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_UPDATE_IGNOREUPDATE IGNORE is unsafe because the order in which rows are updated determines which (if any) rows are ignored. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1720ER_UNUSED_15You should never see it
1721ER_UNUSED_16You should never see it
1722HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_WRITE_AUTOINC_SELECTStatements writing to a table with an auto-increment column after selecting from another table are unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved determines what (if any) rows will be written. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1723HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_CREATE_SELECT_AUTOINCCREATE TABLE... SELECT... on a table with an auto-increment column is unsafe because the order in which rows are retrieved by the SELECT determines which (if any) rows are inserted. This order cannot be predicted and may differ on master and the slave.
1725HY000ER_TABLE_IN_FK_CHECKTable is being used in foreign key check.
1726HY000ER_UNSUPPORTED_ENGINEStorage engine '%s' does not support system tables. [%s.%s]
1727HY000ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_AUTOINC_NOT_FIRSTINSERT into autoincrement field which is not the first part in the composed primary key is unsafe.
1728HY000ER_CANNOT_LOAD_FROM_TABLE_V2Cannot load from %s.%s. The table is probably corrupted
1729HY000ER_MASTER_DELAY_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGEThe requested value %s for the master delay exceeds the maximum %u
1730HY000ER_ONLY_FD_AND_RBR_EVENTS_ALLOWED_IN_BINLOG_STATEMENTOnly Format_description_log_event and row events are allowed in BINLOG statements (but %s was provided
1731HY000ER_PARTITION_EXCHANGE_DIFFERENT_OPTIONNon matching attribute '%s' between partition and table
1732HY000ER_PARTITION_EXCHANGE_PART_TABLETable to exchange with partition is partitioned: '%s'
1733HY000ER_PARTITION_EXCHANGE_TEMP_TABLETable to exchange with partition is temporary: '%s'
1734HY000ER_PARTITION_INSTEAD_OF_SUBPARTITIONSubpartitioned table, use subpartition instead of partition
1735HY000ER_UNKNOWN_PARTITIONUnknown partition '%s' in table '%s'
1736HY000ER_TABLES_DIFFERENT_METADATATables have different definitions
1737HY000ER_ROW_DOES_NOT_MATCH_PARTITIONFound a row that does not match the partition
1738HY000ER_BINLOG_CACHE_SIZE_GREATER_THAN_MAXOption binlog_cache_size (%lu) is greater than max_binlog_cache_size (%lu); setting binlog_cache_size equal to max_binlog_cache_size.
1739HY000ER_WARN_INDEX_NOT_APPLICABLECannot use %s access on index '%s' due to type or collation conversion on field '%s'
1740HY000ER_PARTITION_EXCHANGE_FOREIGN_KEYTable to exchange with partition has foreign key references: '%s'
1741HY000ER_NO_SUCH_KEY_VALUEKey value '%s' was not found in table '%s.%s'
1742HY000ER_RPL_INFO_DATA_TOO_LONGData for column '%s' too long
1743HY000ER_NETWORK_READ_EVENT_CHECKSUM_FAILUREReplication event checksum verification failed while reading from network.
1744HY000ER_BINLOG_READ_EVENT_CHECKSUM_FAILUREReplication event checksum verification failed while reading from a log file.
1745HY000ER_BINLOG_STMT_CACHE_SIZE_GREATER_THAN_MAXOption binlog_stmt_cache_size (%lu) is greater than max_binlog_stmt_cache_size (%lu); setting binlog_stmt_cache_size equal to max_binlog_stmt_cache_size.
1746HY000ER_CANT_UPDATE_TABLE_IN_CREATE_TABLE_SELECTCan't update table '%s' while '%s' is being created.
1747HY000ER_PARTITION_CLAUSE_ON_NONPARTITIONEDPARTITION () clause on non partitioned table
1748HY000ER_ROW_DOES_NOT_MATCH_GIVEN_PARTITION_SETFound a row not matching the given partition set
1749HY000ER_NO_SUCH_PARTITION_UNUSEDpartition '%s' doesn't exist
1750HY000ER_CHANGE_RPL_INFO_REPOSITORY_FAILUREFailure while changing the type of replication repository: %s.
1751HY000ER_WARNING_NOT_COMPLETE_ROLLBACK_WITH_CREATED_TEMP_TABLEThe creation of some temporary tables could not be rolled back.
1752HY000ER_WARNING_NOT_COMPLETE_ROLLBACK_WITH_DROPPED_TEMP_TABLESome temporary tables were dropped, but these operations could not be rolled back.
1753HY000ER_MTS_FEATURE_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED%s is not supported in multi-threaded slave mode. %s
1754HY000ER_MTS_UPDATED_DBS_GREATER_MAXThe number of modified databases exceeds the maximum %d; the database names will not be included in the replication event metadata.
1755HY000ER_MTS_CANT_PARALLELCannot execute the current event group in the parallel mode. Encountered event %s, relay-log name %s, position %s which prevents execution of this event group in parallel mode. Reason: %s.
1757HY000ER_FULLTEXT_NOT_SUPPORTED_WITH_PARTITIONINGFULLTEXT index is not supported for partitioned tables.
175835000ER_DA_INVALID_CONDITION_NUMBERInvalid condition number
1759HY000ER_INSECURE_PLAIN_TEXTSending passwords in plain text without SSL/TLS is extremely insecure.
1760HY000ER_INSECURE_CHANGE_MASTERStoring MariaDB user name or password information in the repository is not secure and is therefore not recommended. Please see the MariaDB Manual for more about this issue and possible alternatives
176123000ER_FOREIGN_DUPLICATE_KEY_WITH_CHILD_INFOForeign key constraint for table '%s', record '%s' would lead to a duplicate entry in table '%s', key '%s'
176223000ER_FOREIGN_DUPLICATE_KEY_WITHOUT_CHILD_INFOForeign key constraint for table '%s', record '%s' would lead to a duplicate entry in a child table
1763HY000ER_SQLTHREAD_WITH_SECURE_SLAVESetting authentication options is not possible when only the Slave SQL Thread is being started.
1764HY000ER_TABLE_HAS_NO_FTThe table does not have FULLTEXT index to support this query
1765HY000ER_VARIABLE_NOT_SETTABLE_IN_SF_OR_TRIGGERThe system variable %s cannot be set in stored functions or triggers.
1766HY000ER_VARIABLE_NOT_SETTABLE_IN_TRANSACTIONThe system variable %s cannot be set when there is an ongoing transaction.
1767HY000ER_GTID_NEXT_IS_NOT_IN_GTID_NEXT_LISTThe system variable @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT has the value %s, which is not listed in @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT_LIST.
1768HY000ER_CANT_CHANGE_GTID_NEXT_IN_TRANSACTION_WHEN_GTID_NEXT_LIST_IS_NULLThe system variable @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT cannot change inside a transaction.
1769HY000ER_SET_STATEMENT_CANNOT_INVOKE_FUNCTIONThe statement 'SET %s' cannot invoke a stored function.
1771HY000ER_SKIPPING_LOGGED_TRANSACTIONSkipping transaction %s because it has already been executed and logged.
1772HY000ER_MALFORMED_GTID_SET_SPECIFICATIONMalformed GTID set specification '%s'.
1773HY000ER_MALFORMED_GTID_SET_ENCODINGMalformed GTID set encoding.
1774HY000ER_MALFORMED_GTID_SPECIFICATIONMalformed GTID specification '%s'.
1775HY000ER_GNO_EXHAUSTEDImpossible to generate Global Transaction Identifier: the integer component reached the maximal value. Restart the server with a new server_uuid.
1778HY000ER_CANT_DO_IMPLICIT_COMMIT_IN_TRX_WHEN_GTID_NEXT_IS_SETCannot execute statements with implicit commit inside a transaction when @@SESSION.GTID_NEXT != AUTOMATIC.
1780HY000ER_GTID_MODE_REQUIRES_BINLOG@@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = ON or UPGRADE_STEP_1 or UPGRADE_STEP_2 requires --log-bin and --log-slave-updates.
1784HY000ER_FOUND_GTID_EVENT_WHEN_GTID_MODE_IS_OFFFound a Gtid_log_event or Previous_gtids_log_event when @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = OFF.
1785HY000ER_GTID_UNSAFE_NON_TRANSACTIONAL_TABLEWhen @@GLOBAL.ENFORCE_GTID_CONSISTENCY = 1, updates to non-transactional tables can only be done in either autocommitted statements or single-statement transactions, and never in the same statement as updates to transactional tables.
1787HY000ER_GTID_UNSAFE_CREATE_DROP_TEMPORARY_TABLE_IN_TRANSACTIONWhen @@GLOBAL.ENFORCE_GTID_CONSISTENCY = 1, the statements CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE and DROP TEMPORARY TABLE can be executed in a non-transactional context only, and require that AUTOCOMMIT = 1.
1788HY000ER_GTID_MODE_CAN_ONLY_CHANGE_ONE_STEP_AT_A_TIMEThe value of @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE can only change one step at a time: OFF <-> UPGRADE_STEP_1 <-> UPGRADE_STEP_2 <-> ON. Also note that this value must be stepped up or down simultaneously on all servers; see the Manual for instructions.
1789HY000ER_MASTER_HAS_PURGED_REQUIRED_GTIDSThe slave is connecting using CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_AUTO_POSITION = 1, but the master has purged binary logs containing GTIDs that the slave requires.
1790HY000ER_CANT_SET_GTID_NEXT_WHEN_OWNING_GTID@@SESSION.GTID_NEXT cannot be changed by a client that owns a GTID. The client owns %s. Ownership is released on COMMIT or ROLLBACK.
1791HY000ER_UNKNOWN_EXPLAIN_FORMATUnknown EXPLAIN format name: '%s'
179225006ER_CANT_EXECUTE_IN_READ_ONLY_TRANSACTIONCannot execute statement in a READ ONLY transaction.
1793HY000ER_TOO_LONG_TABLE_PARTITION_COMMENTComment for table partition '%s' is too long (max = %lu
1794HY000ER_SLAVE_CONFIGURATIONSlave is not configured or failed to initialize properly. You must at least set --server-id to enable either a master or a slave. Additional error messages can be found in the MariaDB error log
1795HY000ER_INNODB_FT_LIMITInnoDB presently supports one FULLTEXT index creation at a time
1796HY000ER_INNODB_NO_FT_TEMP_TABLECannot create FULLTEXT index on temporary InnoDB table
1797HY000ER_INNODB_FT_WRONG_DOCID_COLUMNColumn '%s' is of wrong type for an InnoDB FULLTEXT index
1798HY000ER_INNODB_FT_WRONG_DOCID_INDEXIndex '%s' is of wrong type for an InnoDB FULLTEXT index
1799HY000ER_INNODB_ONLINE_LOG_TOO_BIGCreating index '%s' required more than 'innodb_online_alter_log_max_size' bytes of modification log. Please try again.
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1801HY000ER_UNKNOWN_ALTER_LOCKUnknown LOCK type '%s'
1802HY000ER_MTS_CHANGE_MASTER_CANT_RUN_WITH_GAPSCHANGE MASTER cannot be executed when the slave was stopped with an error or killed in MTS mode. Consider using RESET SLAVE or START SLAVE UNTIL.
1803HY000ER_MTS_RECOVERY_FAILURECannot recover after SLAVE errored out in parallel execution mode. Additional error messages can be found in the MariaDB error log
1804HY000ER_MTS_RESET_WORKERSCannot clean up worker info tables. Additional error messages can be found in the MariaDB error log
1805HY000ER_COL_COUNT_DOESNT_MATCH_CORRUPTED_V2Column count of %s.%s is wrong. Expected %d, found %d. The table is probably corrupted
1806HY000ER_SLAVE_SILENT_RETRY_TRANSACTIONSlave must silently retry current transaction
1807HY000ER_DISCARD_FK_CHECKS_RUNNINGThere is a foreign key check running on table '%s'. Cannot discard the table.
1808HY000ER_TABLE_SCHEMA_MISMATCHSchema mismatch (%s
1809HY000ER_TABLE_IN_SYSTEM_TABLESPACETable '%s' in system tablespace
1810HY000ER_IO_READ_ERRORIO Read error: (%lu, %s) %s
1811HY000ER_IO_WRITE_ERRORIO Write error: (%lu, %s) %s
1812HY000ER_TABLESPACE_MISSINGTablespace is missing for table '%s'
1813HY000ER_TABLESPACE_EXISTSTablespace for table '%s' exists. Please DISCARD the tablespace before IMPORT.
1814HY000ER_TABLESPACE_DISCARDEDTablespace has been discarded for table '%s'
1815HY000ER_INTERNAL_ERRORInternal error: %s
1816HY000ER_INNODB_IMPORT_ERRORALTER TABLE '%s' IMPORT TABLESPACE failed with error %lu : '%s'
1817HY000ER_INNODB_INDEX_CORRUPTIndex corrupt: %s
1818HY000ER_INVALID_YEAR_COLUMN_LENGTHYEAR(%lu) column type is deprecated. Creating YEAR(4) column instead.
1819HY000ER_NOT_VALID_PASSWORDYour password does not satisfy the current policy requirements
1820HY000ER_MUST_CHANGE_PASSWORDYou must SET PASSWORD before executing this statement
1821HY000ER_FK_NO_INDEX_CHILDFailed to add the foreign key constaint. Missing index for constraint '%s' in the foreign table '%s'
1822HY000ER_FK_NO_INDEX_PARENTFailed to add the foreign key constaint. Missing index for constraint '%s' in the referenced table '%s'
1823HY000ER_FK_FAIL_ADD_SYSTEMFailed to add the foreign key constraint '%s' to system tables
1824HY000ER_FK_CANNOT_OPEN_PARENTFailed to open the referenced table '%s'
1825HY000ER_FK_INCORRECT_OPTIONFailed to add the foreign key constraint on table '%s'. Incorrect options in FOREIGN KEY constraint '%s'
1826HY000ER_FK_DUP_NAMEDuplicate foreign key constraint name '%s'
1827HY000ER_PASSWORD_FORMATThe password hash doesn't have the expected format. Check if the correct password algorithm is being used with the PASSWORD() function.
1828HY000ER_FK_COLUMN_CANNOT_DROPCannot drop column '%s': needed in a foreign key constraint '%s'
1829HY000ER_FK_COLUMN_CANNOT_DROP_CHILDCannot drop column '%s': needed in a foreign key constraint '%s' of table '%s'
1830HY000ER_FK_COLUMN_NOT_NULLColumn '%s' cannot be NOT NULL: needed in a foreign key constraint '%s' SET NULL
1831HY000ER_DUP_INDEXDuplicate index '%s' defined on the table '%s.%s'. This is deprecated and will be disallowed in a future release.
1832HY000ER_FK_COLUMN_CANNOT_CHANGECannot change column '%s': used in a foreign key constraint '%s'
1833HY000ER_FK_COLUMN_CANNOT_CHANGE_CHILDCannot change column '%s': used in a foreign key constraint '%s' of table '%s'
1834HY000ER_FK_CANNOT_DELETE_PARENTCannot delete rows from table which is parent in a foreign key constraint '%s' of table '%s'
1835HY000ER_MALFORMED_PACKETMalformed communication packet.
1836HY000ER_READ_ONLY_MODERunning in read-only mode
1837HY000ER_GTID_NEXT_TYPE_UNDEFINED_GROUPWhen GTID_NEXT is set to a GTID, you must explicitly set it again after a COMMIT or ROLLBACK. If you see this error message in the slave SQL thread, it means that a table in the current transaction is transactional on the master and non-transactional on the slave. In a client connection, it means that you executed SET GTID_NEXT before a transaction and forgot to set GTID_NEXT to a different identifier or to 'AUTOMATIC' after COMMIT or ROLLBACK. Current GTID_NEXT is '%s'
1838HY000ER_VARIABLE_NOT_SETTABLE_IN_SPThe system variable %s cannot be set in stored procedures.
1841HY000ER_CANT_SET_GTID_PURGED_WHEN_OWNED_GTIDS_IS_NOT_EMPTY@@GLOBAL.GTID_PURGED can only be set when there are no ongoing transactions (not even in other clients).
1842HY000ER_GTID_PURGED_WAS_CHANGED@@GLOBAL.GTID_PURGED was changed from '%s' to '%s'.
1843HY000ER_GTID_EXECUTED_WAS_CHANGED@@GLOBAL.GTID_EXECUTED was changed from '%s' to '%s'.
1844HY000ER_BINLOG_STMT_MODE_AND_NO_REPL_TABLESCannot execute statement: impossible to write to binary log since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT, and both replicated and non replicated tables are written to.
18450A000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED%s is not supported for this operation. Try %s.
18460A000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON%s is not supported. Reason: %s. Try %s.
1848HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_PARTITIONPartition specific operations do not yet support LOCK/ALGORITHM
1849HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_FK_RENAMEColumns participating in a foreign key are renamed
1851HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_FK_CHECKAdding foreign keys needs foreign_key_checks=OFF
1852HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_IGNORECreating unique indexes with IGNORE requires COPY algorithm to remove duplicate rows
1853HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_NOPKDropping a primary key is not allowed without also adding a new primary key
1854HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_AUTOINCAdding an auto-increment column requires a lock
1855HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_HIDDEN_FTSCannot replace hidden FTS_DOC_ID with a user-visible one
1857HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_FTSFulltext index creation requires a lock
1858HY000ER_SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER_NOT_SETTABLE_IN_GTID_MODEsql_slave_skip_counter can not be set when the server is running with @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = ON. Instead, for each transaction that you want to skip, generate an empty transaction with the same GTID as the transaction
185923000ER_DUP_UNKNOWN_IN_INDEXDuplicate entry for key '%s'
1860HY000ER_IDENT_CAUSES_TOO_LONG_PATHLong database name and identifier for object resulted in path length exceeding %d characters. Path: '%s'.
1861HY000ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_NOT_NULLcannot silently convert NULL values, as required in this SQL_MODE
1862HY000ER_MUST_CHANGE_PASSWORD_LOGINYour password has expired. To log in you must change it using a client that supports expired passwords.
1863HY000ER_ROW_IN_WRONG_PARTITIONFound a row in wrong partition %s
1864HY000ER_MTS_EVENT_BIGGER_PENDING_JOBS_SIZE_MAXCannot schedule event %s, relay-log name %s, position %s to Worker thread because its size %lu exceeds %lu of slave_pending_jobs_size_max.
1866HY000ER_BINLOG_LOGICAL_CORRUPTIONThe binary log file '%s' is logically corrupted: %s
1867HY000ER_WARN_PURGE_LOG_IN_USEfile %s was not purged because it was being read by %d thread(s), purged only %d out of %d files.
1868HY000ER_WARN_PURGE_LOG_IS_ACTIVEfile %s was not purged because it is the active log file.
1869HY000ER_AUTO_INCREMENT_CONFLICTAuto-increment value in UPDATE conflicts with internally generated values
1870HY000WARN_ON_BLOCKHOLE_IN_RBRRow events are not logged for %s statements that modify BLACKHOLE tables in row format. Table(s): '%s'
1871HY000ER_SLAVE_MI_INIT_REPOSITORYSlave failed to initialize master info structure from the repository
1872HY000ER_SLAVE_RLI_INIT_REPOSITORYSlave failed to initialize relay log info structure from the repository
187328000ER_ACCESS_DENIED_CHANGE_USER_ERRORAccess denied trying to change to user '%s'@'%s' (using password: %s). Disconnecting.
1874HY000ER_INNODB_READ_ONLYInnoDB is in read only mode.
1875HY000ER_STOP_SLAVE_SQL_THREAD_TIMEOUTSTOP SLAVE command execution is incomplete: Slave SQL thread got the stop signal, thread is busy, SQL thread will stop once the current task is complete.
1876HY000ER_STOP_SLAVE_IO_THREAD_TIMEOUTSTOP SLAVE command execution is incomplete: Slave IO thread got the stop signal, thread is busy, IO thread will stop once the current task is complete.
1877HY000ER_TABLE_CORRUPTOperation cannot be performed. The table '%s.%s' is missing, corrupt or contains bad data.
1878HY000ER_TEMP_FILE_WRITE_FAILURETemporary file write failure.
1879HY000ER_INNODB_FT_AUX_NOT_HEX_IDUpgrade index name failed, please use create index(alter table) algorithm copy to rebuild index.

MariaDB-specific error codes

Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
1901ER_GENERATED_COLUMN_FUNCTION_IS_NOT_ALLOWEDFunction or expression '%s' cannot be used in the %s clause of %`s
1903ER_PRIMARY_KEY_BASED_ON_GENERATED_COLUMNPrimary key cannot be defined upon a generated column
1904ER_KEY_BASED_ON_GENERATED_VIRTUAL_COLUMNKey/Index cannot be defined on a virtual generated column
1905ER_WRONG_FK_OPTION_FOR_GENERATED_COLUMNCannot define foreign key with %s clause on a generated column
1906ER_WARNING_NON_DEFAULT_VALUE_FOR_GENERATED_COLUMNThe value specified for generated column '%s' in table '%s' has been ignored
1907ER_UNSUPPORTED_ACTION_ON_GENERATED_COLUMNThis is not yet supported for generated columns
1910ER_UNSUPPORTED_ENGINE_FOR_GENERATED_COLUMNS%s storage engine does not support generated columns
1911ER_UNKNOWN_OPTIONUnknown option '%-.64s'
1912ER_BAD_OPTION_VALUEIncorrect value '%-.64s' for option '%-.64s'
1913ER_UNUSED_6You should never see it
1914ER_UNUSED_7You should never see it
1915ER_UNUSED_8You should never see it
1916ER_DATA_OVERFLOW 22003Got overflow when converting '%-.128s' to %-.32s. Value truncated.
1917ER_DATA_TRUNCATED 22003Truncated value '%-.128s' when converting to %-.32s
1918ER_BAD_DATA 22007Encountered illegal value '%-.128s' when converting to %-.32s
1919ER_DYN_COL_WRONG_FORMATEncountered illegal format of dynamic column string
1920ER_DYN_COL_IMPLEMENTATION_LIMITDynamic column implementation limit reached
1921ER_DYN_COL_DATA 22007Illegal value used as argument of dynamic column function
1922ER_DYN_COL_WRONG_CHARSETDynamic column contains unknown character set
1923ER_ILLEGAL_SUBQUERY_OPTIMIZER_SWITCHESAt least one of the 'in_to_exists' or 'materialization' optimizer_switch flags must be 'on'.
1924ER_QUERY_CACHE_IS_DISABLEDQuery cache is disabled (resize or similar command in progress); repeat this command later
1925ER_QUERY_CACHE_IS_GLOBALY_DISABLEDQuery cache is globally disabled and you can't enable it only for this session
1926ER_VIEW_ORDERBY_IGNOREDView '%-.192s'.'%-.192s' ORDER BY clause ignored because there is other ORDER BY clause already.
192770100ER_CONNECTION_KILLEDConnection was killed
1928ER_UNUSED_11You should never see it
1929ER_INSIDE_TRANSACTION_PREVENTS_SWITCH_SKIP_REPLICATIONCannot modify @@session.skip_replication inside a transaction
1930ER_STORED_FUNCTION_PREVENTS_SWITCH_SKIP_REPLICATIONCannot modify @@session.skip_replication inside a stored function or trigger
1931ER_QUERY_EXCEEDED_ROWS_EXAMINED_LIMITQuery execution was interrupted. The query examined at least %llu rows, which exceeds LIMIT ROWS EXAMINED (%llu). The query result may be incomplete.
1932ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE_IN_ENGINE 42S02Table '%-.192s.%-.192s' doesn't exist in engine
1933ER_TARGET_NOT_EXPLAINABLETarget is not running an EXPLAINable command
1934ER_CONNECTION_ALREADY_EXISTSConnection '%.*s' conflicts with existing connection '%.*s'
1935ER_MASTER_LOG_PREFIXMaster '%.*s':
1937ER_SLAVE_STARTEDSLAVE '%.*s' started
1938ER_SLAVE_STOPPEDSLAVE '%.*s' stopped
1939ER_SQL_DISCOVER_ERROREngine %s failed to discover table %`-.192s.%`-.192s with '%s'
1940ER_FAILED_GTID_STATE_INITFailed initializing replication GTID state
1941ER_INCORRECT_GTID_STATECould not parse GTID list
1942ER_CANNOT_UPDATE_GTID_STATECould not update replication slave gtid state
1943ER_DUPLICATE_GTID_DOMAINGTID %u-%u-%llu and %u-%u-%llu conflict (duplicate domain id %u)
1944ER_GTID_OPEN_TABLE_FAILEDFailed to open %s.%s
1945ER_GTID_POSITION_NOT_FOUND_IN_BINLOGConnecting slave requested to start from GTID %u-%u-%llu, which is not in the master's binlog
1946ER_CANNOT_LOAD_SLAVE_GTID_STATEFailed to load replication slave GTID position from table %s.%s
1947ER_MASTER_GTID_POS_CONFLICTS_WITH_BINLOGSpecified GTID %u-%u-%llu conflicts with the binary log which contains a more recent GTID %u-%u-%llu. If MASTER_GTID_POS=CURRENT_POS is used, the binlog position will override the new value of @@gtid_slave_pos.
1948ER_MASTER_GTID_POS_MISSING_DOMAINSpecified value for @@gtid_slave_pos contains no value for replication domain %u. This conflicts with the binary log which contains GTID %u-%u-%llu. If MASTER_GTID_POS=CURRENT_POS is used, the binlog position will override the new value of @@gtid_slave_pos.
1949ER_UNTIL_REQUIRES_USING_GTIDSTART SLAVE UNTIL master_gtid_pos requires that slave is using GTID
1950ER_GTID_STRICT_OUT_OF_ORDERAn attempt was made to binlog GTID %u-%u-%llu which would create an out-of-order sequence number with existing GTID %u-%u-%llu, and gtid strict mode is enabled.
1951ER_GTID_START_FROM_BINLOG_HOLEThe binlog on the master is missing the GTID %u-%u-%llu requested by the slave (even though a subsequent sequence number does exist), and GTID strict mode is enabled
1952ER_SLAVE_UNEXPECTED_MASTER_SWITCHUnexpected GTID received from master after reconnect. This normally indicates that the master server was replaced without restarting the slave threads. %s
1953ER_INSIDE_TRANSACTION_PREVENTS_SWITCH_GTID_DOMAIN_ID_SEQ_NOCannot modify @@session.gtid_domain_id or @@session.gtid_seq_no inside a transaction
1954ER_STORED_FUNCTION_PREVENTS_SWITCH_GTID_DOMAIN_ID_SEQ_NOCannot modify @@session.gtid_domain_id or @@session.gtid_seq_no inside a stored function or trigger
1955ER_GTID_POSITION_NOT_FOUND_IN_BINLOG2Connecting slave requested to start from GTID %u-%u-%llu, which is not in the master's binlog. Since the master's binlog contains GTIDs with higher sequence numbers, it probably means that the slave has diverged due to executing extra errorneous transactions
1956ER_BINLOG_MUST_BE_EMPTYThis operation is not allowed if any GTID has been logged to the binary log. Run RESET MASTER first to erase the log
1957ER_NO_SUCH_QUERYUnknown query id: %lld
1958ER_BAD_BASE64_DATABad base64 data as position %u
1959ER_INVALID_ROLEInvalid role specification %`s.
1960ER_INVALID_CURRENT_USERThe current user is invalid.
1961ER_CANNOT_GRANT_ROLECannot grant role '%s' to: %s.
1962ER_CANNOT_REVOKE_ROLECannot revoke role '%s' from: %s.
1963ER_CHANGE_SLAVE_PARALLEL_THREADS_ACTIVECannot change @@slave_parallel_threads while another change is in progress
1964ER_PRIOR_COMMIT_FAILEDCommit failed due to failure of an earlier commit on which this one depends
1965ER_IT_IS_A_VIEW'%-.192s' is a view
1966ER_SLAVE_SKIP_NOT_IN_GTIDWhen using GTID, @@sql_slave_skip_counter can not be used. Instead, setting @@gtid_slave_pos explicitly can be used to skip to after a given GTID position.
1967ER_TABLE_DEFINITION_TOO_BIGThe definition for table %`s is too big
1968ER_PLUGIN_INSTALLEDPlugin '%-.192s' already installed
1969ER_STATEMENT_TIMEOUTQuery execution was interrupted (max_statement_time exceeded)
1970ER_SUBQUERIES_NOT_SUPPORTED%s does not support subqueries or stored functions.
1971ER_SET_STATEMENT_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe system variable %.200s cannot be set in SET STATEMENT.
1972ER_UNUSED_9You should never see it
1973ER_USER_CREATE_EXISTSCan't create user '%-.64s'@'%-.64s'; it already exists
1974ER_USER_DROP_EXISTSCan't drop user '%-.64s'@'%-.64s'; it doesn't exist
1975ER_ROLE_CREATE_EXISTSCan't create role '%-.64s'; it already exists
1976ER_ROLE_DROP_EXISTSCan't drop role '%-.64s'; it doesn't exist
1977ER_CANNOT_CONVERT_CHARACTERCannot convert '%s' character 0x%-.64s to '%s'
1978ER_INVALID_DEFAULT_VALUE_FOR_FIELDIncorrect default value '%-.128s' for column '%.192s'
1979ER_KILL_QUERY_DENIED_ERRORYou are not owner of query %lu
1980ER_NO_EIS_FOR_FIELDEngine-independent statistics are not collected for column '%s'
1981ER_WARN_AGGFUNC_DEPENDENCEAggregate function '%-.192s)' of SELECT #%d belongs to SELECT #%d
1982WARN_INNODB_PARTITION_OPTION_IGNORED<%-.64s> option ignored for InnoDB partition
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
3000ER_FILE_CORRUPTFile %s is corrupted
3001ER_ERROR_ON_MASTERQuery partially completed on the master (error on master: %d) and was aborted. There is a chance that your master is inconsistent at this point. If you are sure that your master is ok, run this query manually on the slave and then restart the slave with SET GLOBAL SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER=1; START SLAVE;. Query:'%s'"
3002ER_INCONSISTENT_ERRORQuery caused different errors on master and slave. Error on master: message (format)='%s' error code=%d; Error on slave:actual message='%s', error code=%d. Default database:'%s'. Query:'%s'
3003ER_STORAGE_ENGINE_NOT_LOADEDStorage engine for table '%s'.'%s' is not loaded.
3005ER_WARN_LEGACY_SYNTAX_CONVERTED%s is no longer supported. The statement was converted to %s.
3006ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_FULLTEXT_PLUGINStatement is unsafe because it uses a fulltext parser plugin which may not return the same value on the slave.
3007ER_CANNOT_DISCARD_TEMPORARY_TABLECannot DISCARD/IMPORT tablespace associated with temporary table
3008ER_FK_DEPTH_EXCEEDEDForeign key cascade delete/update exceeds max depth of %d.
3009ER_COL_COUNT_DOESNT_MATCH_PLEASE_UPDATE_V2Column count of %s.%s is wrong. Expected %d, found %d. Created with MariaDB %d, now running %d. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.
3010ER_WARN_TRIGGER_DOESNT_HAVE_CREATEDTrigger %s.%s.%s does not have CREATED attribute.
3011ER_REFERENCED_TRG_DOES_NOT_EXIST_MYSQLReferenced trigger '%s' for the given action time and event type does not exist.
3013ER_INVALID_FIELD_SIZEInvalid size for column '%-.192s'.
3014ER_MISSING_HA_CREATE_OPTIONTable storage engine '%-.64s' found required create option missing
3015ER_ENGINE_OUT_OF_MEMORYOut of memory in storage engine '%-.64s'.
3016ER_PASSWORD_EXPIRE_ANONYMOUS_USERThe password for anonymous user cannot be expired.
3017ER_SLAVE_SQL_THREAD_MUST_STOPThis operation cannot be performed with a running slave sql thread; run STOP SLAVE SQL_THREAD first
3018ER_NO_FT_MATERIALIZED_SUBQUERYCannot create FULLTEXT index on materialized subquery
3019ER_INNODB_UNDO_LOG_FULLUndo Log error: %s
3020ER_INVALID_ARGUMENT_FOR_LOGARITHMInvalid argument for logarithm
3021ER_SLAVE_CHANNEL_IO_THREAD_MUST_STOPThis operation cannot be performed with a running slave io thread; run STOP SLAVE IO_THREAD FOR CHANNEL '%s' first.
3022ER_WARN_OPEN_TEMP_TABLES_MUST_BE_ZEROThis operation may not be safe when the slave has temporary tables. The tables will be kept open until the server restarts or until the tables are deleted by any replicated DROP statement. Suggest to wait until slave_open_temp_tables = 0.
3023ER_WARN_ONLY_MASTER_LOG_FILE_NO_POSCHANGE MASTER TO with a MASTER_LOG_FILE clause but no MASTER_LOG_POS clause may not be safe. The old position value may not be valid for the new binary log file.
3024ER_QUERY_TIMEOUTQuery execution was interrupted, maximum statement execution time exceeded
3025ER_NON_RO_SELECT_DISABLE_TIMERSelect is not a read only statement, disabling timer
3026ER_DUP_LIST_ENTRYDuplicate entry '%-.192s'.
3027ER_SQL_MODE_NO_EFFECT'%s' mode no longer has any effect. Use STRICT_ALL_TABLES or STRICT_TRANS_TABLES instead.
3028ER_AGGREGATE_ORDER_FOR_UNIONExpression #%u of ORDER BY contains aggregate function and applies to a UNION
3029ER_AGGREGATE_ORDER_NON_AGG_QUERYExpression #%u of ORDER BY contains aggregate function and applies to the result of a non-aggregated query
3030ER_SLAVE_WORKER_STOPPED_PREVIOUS_THD_ERRORSlave worker has stopped after at least one previous worker encountered an error when slave-preserve-commit-order was enabled. To preserve commit order, the last transaction executed by this thread has not been committed. When restarting the slave after fixing any failed threads, you should fix this worker as well.
3031ER_DONT_SUPPORT_SLAVE_PRESERVE_COMMIT_ORDERslave_preserve_commit_order is not supported %s.
3032ER_SERVER_OFFLINE_MODEThe server is currently in offline mode
3033ER_GIS_DIFFERENT_SRIDSBinary geometry function %s given two geometries of different srids: %u and %u, which should have been identical.
3034ER_GIS_UNSUPPORTED_ARGUMENTCalling geometry function %s with unsupported types of arguments.
3035ER_GIS_UNKNOWN_ERRORUnknown GIS error occurred in function %s.
3036ER_GIS_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTIONUnknown exception caught in GIS function %s.
3037ER_GIS_INVALID_DATAInvalid GIS data provided to function %s.
3038ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_EMPTY_INPUT_EXCEPTIONThe geometry has no data in function %s.
3039ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_CENTROID_EXCEPTIONUnable to calculate centroid because geometry is empty in function %s.
3040ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_OVERLAY_INVALID_INPUT_EXCEPTIONGeometry overlay calculation error: geometry data is invalid in function %s.
3041ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_TURN_INFO_EXCEPTIONGeometry turn info calculation error: geometry data is invalid in function %s.
3042ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_SELF_INTERSECTION_POINT_EXCEPTIONAnalysis procedures of intersection points interrupted unexpectedly in function %s.
3043ER_BOOST_GEOMETRY_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTIONUnknown exception thrown in function %s.
3044ER_STD_BAD_ALLOC_ERRORMemory allocation error: %-.256s in function %s.
3045ER_STD_DOMAIN_ERRORDomain error: %-.256s in function %s.
3046ER_STD_LENGTH_ERRORLength error: %-.256s in function %s.
3047ER_STD_INVALID_ARGUMENTInvalid argument error: %-.256s in function %s.
3048ER_STD_OUT_OF_RANGE_ERROROut of range error: %-.256s in function %s.
3049ER_STD_OVERFLOW_ERROROverflow error error: %-.256s in function %s.
3050ER_STD_RANGE_ERRORRange error: %-.256s in function %s.
3051ER_STD_UNDERFLOW_ERRORUnderflow error: %-.256s in function %s.
3052ER_STD_LOGIC_ERRORLogic error: %-.256s in function %s.
3053ER_STD_RUNTIME_ERRORRuntime error: %-.256s in function %s.
3054ER_STD_UNKNOWN_EXCEPTIONUnknown exception: %-.384s in function %s.
3055ER_GIS_DATA_WRONG_ENDIANESSGeometry byte string must be little endian.
3056ER_CHANGE_MASTER_PASSWORD_LENGTHThe password provided for the replication user exceeds the maximum length of 32 characters
305742000ER_USER_LOCK_WRONG_NAMEIncorrect user-level lock name '%-.192s'.
3058ER_USER_LOCK_DEADLOCKDeadlock found when trying to get user-level lock; try rolling back transaction/releasing locks and restarting lock acquisition.
3059ER_REPLACE_INACCESSIBLE_ROWSREPLACE cannot be executed as it requires deleting rows that are not in the view
3060ER_ALTER_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_REASON_GISDo not support online operation on table with GIS index
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
40000A000ER_COMMULTI_BADCONTEXTCOM_MULTI can't return a result set in the given context
4001ER_BAD_COMMAND_IN_MULTICommand '%s' is not allowed for COM_MULTI
4002ER_WITH_COL_WRONG_LISTWITH column list and SELECT field list have different column counts
4004ER_DUP_QUERY_NAMEDuplicate query name %`-.64s in WITH clause
4005ER_RECURSIVE_WITHOUT_ANCHORSNo anchors for recursive WITH element '%s'
4006ER_UNACCEPTABLE_MUTUAL_RECURSIONUnacceptable mutual recursion with anchored table '%s'
4007ER_REF_TO_RECURSIVE_WITH_TABLE_IN_DERIVEDReference to recursive WITH table '%s' in materialized derived
4008ER_NOT_STANDARD_COMPLIANT_RECURSIVERestrictions imposed on recursive definitions are violated for table '%s'"R_WRONG_WINDOW_SPEC_NAME
4009ER_WRONG_WINDOW_SPEC_NAMEWindow specification with name '%s' is not defined
4010ER_DUP_WINDOW_NAMEMultiple window specifications with the same name '%s'
4011ER_PARTITION_LIST_IN_REFERENCING_WINDOW_SPECWindow specification referencing another one '%s' cannot contain partition list
4012ER_ORDER_LIST_IN_REFERENCING_WINDOW_SPECReferenced window specification '%s' already contains order list
4013ER_WINDOW_FRAME_IN_REFERENCED_WINDOW_SPECReferenced window specification '%s' cannot contain window frame
4014ER_BAD_COMBINATION_OF_WINDOW_FRAME_BOUND_SPECSUnacceptable combination of window frame bound specifications
4015ER_WRONG_PLACEMENT_OF_WINDOW_FUNCTIONWindow function is allowed only in SELECT list and ORDER BY clause
4016ER_WINDOW_FUNCTION_IN_WINDOW_SPECWindow function is not allowed in window specification
4017ER_NOT_ALLOWED_WINDOW_FRAMEWindow frame is not allowed with '%s'
4018ER_NO_ORDER_LIST_IN_WINDOW_SPECNo order list in window specification for '%s'
4019ER_RANGE_FRAME_NEEDS_SIMPLE_ORDERBYRANGE-type frame requires ORDER BY clause with single sort key
4020ER_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_ROWS_FRAMEInteger is required for ROWS-type frame
4021ER_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_RANGE_FRAMENumeric datatype is required for RANGE-type frame
4022ER_FRAME_EXCLUSION_NOT_SUPPORTEDFrame exclusion is not supported yet
4023ER_WINDOW_FUNCTION_DONT_HAVE_FRAMEThis window function may not have a window frame
4024ER_INVALID_NTILE_ARGUMENTArgument of NTILE must be greater than 0
402523000ER_CONSTRAINT_FAILEDCONSTRAINT %`s failed for %`-.192s.%`-.192s
4026ER_EXPRESSION_IS_TOO_BIGExpression in the %s clause is too big
4027ER_ERROR_EVALUATING_EXPRESSIONGot an error evaluating stored expression %s
4028ER_CALCULATING_DEFAULT_VALUEGot an error when calculating default value for %`s
4029ER_EXPRESSION_REFERS_TO_UNINIT_FIELDExpression for field %`-.64s is referring to uninitialized field %`s
4030ER_PARTITION_DEFAULT_ERROROnly one DEFAULT partition allowed
4031ER_REFERENCED_TRG_DOES_NOT_EXISTReferenced trigger '%s' for the given action time and event type does not exist
4032ER_INVALID_DEFAULT_PARAMDefault/ignore value is not supported for such parameter usage
4033ER_BINLOG_NON_SUPPORTED_BULKOnly row based replication supported for bulk operations
4034ER_BINLOG_UNCOMPRESS_ERRORUncompress the compressed binlog failed
4035ER_JSON_BAD_CHRBroken JSON string in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4036ER_JSON_NOT_JSON_CHRCharacter disallowed in JSON in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4037ER_JSON_EOSUnexpected end of JSON text in argument %d to function '%s'
4038ER_JSON_SYNTAXSyntax error in JSON text in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4039ER_JSON_ESCAPINGIncorrect escaping in JSON text in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4040ER_JSON_DEPTHLimit of %d on JSON nested strucures depth is reached in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4041ER_JSON_PATH_EOSUnexpected end of JSON path in argument %d to function '%s'
4042ER_JSON_PATH_SYNTAXSyntax error in JSON path in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4043ER_JSON_PATH_DEPTHLimit of %d on JSON path depth is reached in argument %d to function '%s' at position %d
4044ER_JSON_PATH_NO_WILDCARDWildcards in JSON path not allowed in argument %d to function '%s'
4045ER_JSON_PATH_ARRAYJSON path should end with an array identifier in argument %d to function '%s'
4046ER_JSON_ONE_OR_ALLArgument 2 to function '%s' must be "one" or "all".
4048ER_GEOJSON_INCORRECTIncorrect GeoJSON format specified for st_geomfromgeojson function.
4049ER_GEOJSON_TOO_FEW_POINTSIncorrect GeoJSON format - too few points for linestring specified.
4050ER_GEOJSON_NOT_CLOSEDIncorrect GeoJSON format - polygon not closed.
4051ER_JSON_PATH_EMPTYPath expression '$' is not allowed in argument %d to function '%s'.
4052ER_SLAVE_SAME_IDA slave with the same server_uuid/server_id as this slave has connected to the master
4053ER_FLASHBACK_NOT_SUPPORTEDFlashback does not support %s %s
4054ER_KEYS_OUT_OF_ORDERKeys are out order during bulk load
4055ER_OVERLAPPING_KEYSBulk load rows overlap existing rows
4056ER_REQUIRE_ROW_BINLOG_FORMATCan't execute updates on master with binlog_format != ROW.
4057ER_ISOLATION_MODE_NOT_SUPPORTEDMyRocks supports only READ COMMITTED and REPEATABLE READ isolation levels. Please change from current isolation level %s
4058ER_ON_DUPLICATE_DISABLEDWhen unique checking is disabled in MyRocks, INSERT,UPDATE,LOAD statements with clauses that update or replace the key (i.e. INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, REPLACE) are not allowed. Query: %s
4060ER_ROLLBACK_ONLYThis transaction was rolled back and cannot be committed. Only supported operation is to roll it back, so all pending changes will be discarded. Please restart another transaction.
4061ER_ROLLBACK_TO_SAVEPOINTMyRocks currently does not support ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT if modifying rows.
4063ER_UNSUPPORTED_COLLATIONUnsupported collation on string indexed column %s.%s Use binary collation (%s).
4064ER_METADATA_INCONSISTENCYTable '%s' does not exist, but metadata information exists inside MyRocks. This is a sign of data inconsistency. Please check if '%s.frm' exists, and try to restore it if it does not exist.
4065ER_CF_DIFFERENTColumn family ('%s') flag (%d) is different from an existing flag (%d). Assign a new CF flag, or do not change existing CF flag.
4066ER_RDB_TTL_DURATION_FORMATTTL duration (%s) in MyRocks must be an unsigned non-null 64-bit integer.
4067ER_RDB_STATUS_GENERALStatus error %d received from RocksDB: %s
4068ER_RDB_STATUS_MSG%s, Status error %d received from RocksDB: %s
4069ER_RDB_TTL_UNSUPPORTEDTTL support is currently disabled when table has a hidden PK.
4070ER_RDB_TTL_COL_FORMATTTL column (%s) in MyRocks must be an unsigned non-null 64-bit integer, exist inside the table, and have an accompanying ttl duration.
4071ER_PER_INDEX_CF_DEPRECATEDThe per-index column family option has been deprecated
4072ER_KEY_CREATE_DURING_ALTERMyRocks failed creating new key definitions during alter.
4073ER_SK_POPULATE_DURING_ALTERMyRocks failed populating secondary key during alter.
4074ER_SUM_FUNC_WITH_WINDOW_FUNC_AS_ARGWindow functions can not be used as arguments to group functions.
4075ER_NET_OK_PACKET_TOO_LARGEOK packet too large
4076ER_GEOJSON_EMPTY_COORDINATESIncorrect GeoJSON format - empty 'coordinates' array.
4077ER_MYROCKS_CANT_NOPAD_COLLATIONMyRocks doesn't currently support collations with \"No pad\" attribute.
4078ER_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_DATA_TYPES2_FOR_OPERATIONIllegal parameter data types %s and %s for operation '%s'
4079ER_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER_DATA_TYPE_FOR_OPERATIONIllegal parameter data type %s for operation '%s'
4080ER_WRONG_PARAMCOUNT_TO_CURSORIncorrect parameter count to cursor '%-.192s'
4081ER_UNKNOWN_STRUCTURED_VARIABLEUnknown structured system variable or ROW routine variable '%-.*s'
4082ER_ROW_VARIABLE_DOES_NOT_HAVE_FIELDRow variable '%-.192s' does not have a field '%-.192s'
4083ER_END_IDENTIFIER_DOES_NOT_MATCHEND identifier '%-.192s' does not match '%-.192s'
4084ER_SEQUENCE_RUN_OUTSequence '%-.64s.%-.64s' has run out
4085ER_SEQUENCE_INVALID_DATASequence '%-.64s.%-.64s' values are conflicting
4086ER_SEQUENCE_INVALID_TABLE_STRUCTURESequence '%-.64s.%-.64s' table structure is invalid (%s)
4087ER_SEQUENCE_ACCESS_ERRORSequence '%-.64s.%-.64s' access error
4088ER_SEQUENCE_BINLOG_FORMATSequences requires binlog_format mixed or row
4089ER_NOT_SEQUENCE'%-.64s.%-.64s' is not a SEQUENCE
4090ER_NOT_SEQUENCE2'%-.192s' is not a SEQUENCE
4092ER_UNKNOWN_VIEWUnknown VIEW: '%-.300s'
4093ER_WRONG_INSERT_INTO_SEQUENCEWrong INSERT into a SEQUENCE. One can only do single table INSERT into a sequence object (like with mysqldump). If you want to change the SEQUENCE, use ALTER SEQUENCE instead.
4094ER_SP_STACK_TRACEAt line %u in %s
4095ER_PACKAGE_ROUTINE_IN_SPEC_NOT_DEFINED_IN_BODYSubroutine '%-.192s' is declared in the package specification but is not defined in the package body
4096ER_PACKAGE_ROUTINE_FORWARD_DECLARATION_NOT_DEFINEDSubroutine '%-.192s' has a forward declaration but is not defined
4097ER_COMPRESSED_COLUMN_USED_AS_KEYCompressed column '%-.192s' can't be used in key specification
4098ER_UNKNOWN_COMPRESSION_METHODUnknown compression method: %s
4099ER_WRONG_NUMBER_OF_VALUES_IN_TVCThe used table value constructor has a different number of values
Error CodeSQLSTATEErrorDescription
4100ER_FIELD_REFERENCE_IN_TVCField reference '%-.192s' can't be used in table value constructor
4101ER_WRONG_TYPE_FOR_PERCENTILE_FUNCNumeric datatype is required for %s function
4102ER_ARGUMENT_NOT_CONSTANTArgument to the %s function is not a constant for a partition
4103ER_ARGUMENT_OUT_OF_RANGEArgument to the %s function does not belong to the range [0,1]
4104ER_WRONG_TYPE_OF_ARGUMENT%s function only accepts arguments that can be converted to numerical types
4105ER_NOT_AGGREGATE_FUNCTIONAggregate specific instruction (FETCH GROUP NEXT ROW) used in a wrong context
4106ER_INVALID_AGGREGATE_FUNCTIONAggregate specific instruction(FETCH GROUP NEXT ROW) missing from the aggregate function
4107ER_INVALID_VALUE_TO_LIMITLimit only accepts integer values
4108ER_INVISIBLE_NOT_NULL_WITHOUT_DEFAULTInvisible column %`s must have a default value
4109ER_UPDATE_INFO_WITH_SYSTEM_VERSIONINGRows matched: %ld Changed: %ld Inserted: %ld Warnings: %ld
4110ER_VERS_FIELD_WRONG_TYPE%`s must be of type %s for system-versioned table %`s
4111ER_VERS_ENGINE_UNSUPPORTEDTransaction-precise system versioning for %`s is not supported
4112ER_UNUSED_23You should never see it
4113ER_PARTITION_WRONG_TYPEWrong partitioning type, expected type: %`s
4114WARN_VERS_PART_FULLVersioned table %`s.%`s: last HISTORY partition (%`s) is out of %s, need more HISTORY partitions
4115WARN_VERS_PARAMETERSMaybe missing parameters: %s
4116ER_VERS_DROP_PARTITION_INTERVALCan only drop oldest partitions when rotating by INTERVAL
4117ER_UNUSED_25You should never see it
4118WARN_VERS_PART_NON_HISTORICALPartition %`s contains non-historical data
4119ER_VERS_ALTER_NOT_ALLOWEDNot allowed for system-versioned %`s.%`s. Change @@system_versioning_alter_history to proceed with ALTER.
4120ER_VERS_ALTER_ENGINE_PROHIBITEDNot allowed for system-versioned %`s.%`s. Change to/from native system versioning engine is not supported.
4121ER_VERS_RANGE_PROHIBITEDSYSTEM_TIME range selector is not allowed
4123ER_VERS_TABLE_MUST_HAVE_COLUMNSTable %`s must have at least one versioned column
4124ER_VERS_NOT_VERSIONEDTable %`s is not system-versioned
4125ER_MISSINGWrong parameters for %`s: missing '%s'
4126ER_VERS_PERIOD_COLUMNSPERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME must use columns %`s and %`s
4127ER_PART_WRONG_VALUEWrong parameters for partitioned %`s: wrong value for '%s'
4128ER_VERS_WRONG_PARTSWrong partitions for %`s: must have at least one HISTORY and exactly one last CURRENT
4129ER_VERS_NO_TRX_IDTRX_ID %llu not found in `mysql.transaction_registry`
4130ER_VERS_ALTER_SYSTEM_FIELDCan not change system versioning field %`s
4132ER_VERS_DB_NOT_SUPPORTEDSystem-versioned tables in the %`s database are not supported
4133ER_VERS_TRT_IS_DISABLEDTransaction registry is disabled
4134ER_VERS_DUPLICATE_ROW_START_ENDDuplicate ROW %s column %`s
4135ER_VERS_ALREADY_VERSIONEDTable %`s is already system-versioned
4136ER_UNUSED_24You should never see it
4137ER_VERS_NOT_SUPPORTEDSystem-versioned tables do not support %s
4138ER_VERS_TRX_PART_HISTORIC_ROW_NOT_SUPPORTEDTransaction-precise system-versioned tables do not support partitioning by ROW START or ROW END
4139ER_INDEX_FILE_FULLThe index file for table '%-.192s' is full
4140ER_UPDATED_COLUMN_ONLY_ONCEThe column %`s.%`s cannot be changed more than once in a single UPDATE statement
4141ER_EMPTY_ROW_IN_TVCRow with no elements is not allowed in table value constructor in this context
4142ER_VERS_QUERY_IN_PARTITIONSYSTEM_TIME partitions in table %`s does not support historical query
4143ER_KEY_DOESNT_SUPPORT%s index %`s does not support this operation
4144ER_ALTER_OPERATION_TABLE_OPTIONS_NEED_REBUILDChanging table options requires the table to be rebuilt
4145ER_BACKUP_LOCK_IS_ACTIVECan't execute the command as you have a BACKUP STAGE active
4146ER_BACKUP_NOT_RUNNINGYou must start backup with \"BACKUP STAGE START\"
4147ER_BACKUP_WRONG_STAGEBackup stage '%s' is same or before current backup stage '%s'
4148ER_BACKUP_STAGE_FAILEDBackup stage '%s' failed
4149ER_BACKUP_UNKNOWN_STAGEUnknown backup stage: '%s'. Stage should be one of START, FLUSH, BLOCK_DDL, BLOCK_COMMIT or END
4150ER_USER_IS_BLOCKEDUser is blocked because of too many credential errors; unblock with 'FLUSH PRIVILEGES'
4151ER_ACCOUNT_HAS_BEEN_LOCKEDAccess denied, this account is locked
4152ER_PERIOD_TEMPORARY_NOT_ALLOWEDApplication-time period table cannot be temporary
4153ER_PERIOD_TYPES_MISMATCHFields of PERIOD FOR %`s have different types
4154ER_MORE_THAN_ONE_PERIODCannot specify more than one application-time period
4155ER_PERIOD_FIELD_WRONG_ATTRIBUTESPeriod field %`s cannot be %s
4156ER_PERIOD_NOT_FOUNDPeriod %`s is not found in table
4157ER_PERIOD_COLUMNS_UPDATEDColumn %`s used in period %`s specified in update SET list
415942000 S1009ER_TOO_LONG_KEYPARTSpecified key part was too long; max key part length is %u bytes
4160ER_TOO_LONG_DATABASE_COMMENTComment for database '%-.64s' is too long (max = %u)
4161ER_UNKNOWN_DATA_TYPEUnknown data type: '%-.64s'
4162ER_UNKNOWN_OPERATOROperator does not exists: '%-.128s'
4163ER_WARN_HISTORY_ROW_START_TIMETable `%s.%s` history row start '%s' is later than row end '%s'
4164ER_PART_STARTS_BEYOND_INTERVAL%`s: STARTS is later than query time, first history partition may exceed INTERVAL value
4165ER_GALERA_REPLICATION_NOT_SUPPORTEDDDL-statement is forbidden as table storage engine does not support Galera replication
4166HY000ER_LOAD_INFILE_CAPABILITY_DISABLEDThe used command is not allowed because the MariaDB server or client has disabled the local infile capability
4167ER_NO_SECURE_TRANSPORTS_CONFIGUREDNo secure transports are configured, unable to set --require_secure_transport=ON
4168ER_SLAVE_IGNORED_SHARED_TABLESlave SQL thread ignored the '%s' because table is shared
4169ER_NO_AUTOINCREMENT_WITH_UNIQUEAUTO_INCREMENT column %`s cannot be used in the UNIQUE index %`s
4170ER_KEY_CONTAINS_PERIOD_FIELDSKey %`s cannot explicitly include column %`s
4172ER_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_THIS_CONTEXT'%-.128s' is not allowed in this context
4173ER_DATA_WAS_COMMITED_UNDER_ROLLBACKEngine %s does not support rollback. Changes where commited during rollback call
4174ER_PK_INDEX_CANT_BE_IGNOREDA primary key cannot be marked as IGNORE
4175ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_SKIP_LOCKEDSKIP LOCKED makes this statement unsafe
4176ER_JSON_TABLE_ERROR_ON_FIELDField '%s' can't be set for JSON_TABLE '%s'.
4177ER_JSON_TABLE_ALIAS_REQUIREDEvery table function must have an alias.
4178ER_JSON_TABLE_SCALAR_EXPECTEDCan't store an array or an object in the scalar column '%s' of JSON_TABLE '%s'.
4179ER_JSON_TABLE_MULTIPLE_MATCHESCan't store multiple matches of the path in the column '%s' of JSON_TABLE '%s'.
4180ER_WITH_TIES_NEEDS_ORDERFETCH ... WITH TIES requires ORDER BY clause to be present
4181ER_REMOVED_ORPHAN_TRIGGERDropped orphan trigger '%-.64s', originally created for table: '%-.192s'
4182ER_STORAGE_ENGINE_DISABLEDStorage engine %s is disabled


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