perror is a utility that displays descriptions for system or storage engine error codes.

See MariaDB Error Codes for a full list of MariaDB error codes, and Operating System Error Codes for a list of Linux and Windows error codes.



If you need to describe a negative error code, use -- before the first error code to end the options.


-?, --helpDisplay help and exit.
-I, --infoSynonym for --help.
-s, --silentOnly print the error message.
-v, --verbosePrint error code and message (default). (Defaults to on; use --skip-verbose to disable.)
-V, --versionDisplays version information and exits.


System error code:

shell> perror 96
OS error code  96:  Protocol family not supported

MariaDB/MySQL error code:

shell> perror 1005 1006
MySQL error code 1005 (ER_CANT_CREATE_TABLE): Can't create table %`s.%`s (errno: %M)
MySQL error code 1006 (ER_CANT_CREATE_DB): Can't create database '%-.192s' (errno: %M)
shell> perror --silent 1979
You are not owner of query %lu


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